Cars are expensive, and that's why you want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Car owners often invest in car waxes, polishes, and other products that will protect the paint job on the vehicle. This is a smart investment if it helps maintain your new-car look for a longer period of time. If you have just purchased a new car, the last thing that you want to do is put money into repairs or maintenance.  Here are seven hacks that will help protect your car and maintain its brand new look.

1. Keep Your Car Clean From The Inside Out

Car owners know that keeping their cars clean is very important, but most don’t realize the importance of keeping it clean from the inside out. If you keep dirt and dust in your vehicle for too long, they will start to build up on windows which can cause damage when not properly maintained. The folks at Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector reiterate that you can hire an upholstery installation company to re-install the car cushions and design the interior of your car as per your inclinations.

2. Use A Cloth To Wipe Down Your Dashboard And Steering Wheel

This will eliminate dust build-up and protect your dashboard. It can also prevent your car from being damaged by the sun's UV rays. Car accidents are common, but it’s suggested that you can prevent car accidents with a clean windshield. If anything does happen to damage or scratch your vehicle, keep the damages to a minimum. 

3. Get Rid Of Any Food Spills As Soon As Possible

Spills can damage the paint of your car in time. To make sure you get rid of all spills, use a wet towel and clean every single spot on the exterior surface (the hood, trunk lid, doors). Do not let any food or drink spills accumulate as they will stick on your car’s upholstery. 

4. Vacuum Or Sweep The Floor Mats At Least Once A Week

Car mats can become dirty and stained very quickly, so you should clean them every time you notice that they are no longer in a good condition. If you need help, contact a professional car detailer or someone with experience in cleaning cars. Car detailing experts know the right tools and techniques for deep-cleaning your vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces to keep them free from dust and dirt. 
Car detailing includes vacuuming, shampooing the car upholstery, and cleaning its windows inside and out. They also clean exterior surfaces such as paintwork to remove tough stains like tar smears left by fallen leaves getting crushed under your wheels. Car washes offer proper treatment for both interior and exterior parts of your car. They are convenient because you usually don't have to leave the comfort of your home or office to get a full detail done on your vehicle. Car detailing is not just about removing dirt, but also includes protecting surfaces from further damage due to UV light exposure and pollution.

5. Check Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires reduce fuel economy and can result in loss of control over steering. If you have a TPMS, use the car’s monitor system to check tire pressure regularly. If your car doesn't have a TPMS system, purchase an air gauge or a digital tire gauge at any car supply store and test it every month.
Car brake pads are designed to last about 40,000 miles or more depending on your driving habits and car model. If you notice vibrations in the car when braking at high speeds, it might be time for new brakes. Excessively worn-out brake pads can overheat a car's rotors which cause uneven wear. Car manufacturers recommend brake pad replacement at least once a year. 

6. Change Air Filters Frequently

Car air filters should be changed once a year. It is a simple process that can be done by just about anyone. Car air filters should not be too expensive either, so there's really no reason to neglect this important part of your car's maintenance. Car air filters are designed to remove dirt and other particles from the air entering your vehicle.

7. Keep Windows Clean

Car washes will keep your car clean and shiny but they can also be expensive. By keeping the windows clean, you'll avoid any damage that occurs from rocks hitting them while driving down a windy road or highway with tall grass by the side of the road.
Sure, you might vacuum the carpet and make sure that the floor mats are in great shape, but what about all those little nooks and crannies? It’s important to keep a clean car for many reasons. For one thing, if you have kids or dogs at home then there will be more messes made when they get into your vehicle too. 


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