Email marketing revolutionized the way we do business; it took us all by surprise, honestly. Most people never considered that email communication would ever really gain traction, but that was way back when we all doubted modern technology and long before we realized how dependent would become on it. Think about your average day; you probably receive and then delete around 30 different promotional emails – some you open, some you don’t. Next time you’re going through your inbox, pay attention to the reasons why some of those emails get read while others just get sent straight to your trash. You will learn a lot from this simple exercise; in the meantime, you can follow these seven game-changing tips for your next email campaign:

Automation Is Key

The best thing about email promotional content is that you can schedule it way in advance. That means that your digital marketing teams can put together emailer content in advance; then schedule them to go out automatically on your chosen date and time. With advanced automation, you can use pre-defined rules to trigger email messages that get sent to your audience. These emails should include feedback surveys to new customers or a simple welcome emailer that goes out to each new subscriber of yours.

Get Personal

Emails should never be a one-size-fits-all type of deal. By the simple act of personalizing your emails, your audience can feel valued and appreciated. This is a proven way to deliver highly targeted campaigns and content to your audience of customers and prospective customers. Personalized emails can drive the highest level of engagement and audience participation. If your brand allows, get cute with your personalization techniques – almost everyone appreciates a good sense of humour. You can also get the attention of your readers with engaging video content from Zipinmedia, a top video production company.

Segmentation Is A Must

Email segmentation is a useful way of dividing your subscriber audience into smaller groups based on location, demographics, shopping behavior, or similar interests. This is vital to any email marketing campaign because it ensures that you deliver highly personalized and targeted content to your audience and your leads. Audience segmentation also allows your subscribers to choose what content they receive, so they can opt-in or out of receiving email communication from your company if the selected topic does not interest them. This will lower your chance of valuable subscribers opting out of your emailers because they don’t feel like you get them or understand their wants and needs.

Encourage Feedback

Customer feedback is vital for guiding and informing your decision making. Your marketing team needs this kind of feedback to know whether they are doing a good job or not. Customer feedback is the single most valuable aspect of customer surveys, companies don’t ask for your opinion unless they intend on doing something with it. Your business needs this kind of insight to know how customers view your product, your support, and ultimately, your business.

Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

The industry best practices for emailer subject lines include things like keeping it under 50 characters; TLDR is real, and it is out to get you and take away your business. Besides, there is a lot to be said for minimalism in advertising so stick to the simple, fuss-free approach. The next tip for choosing your email subject line is to avoid using capital letters, this isn’t the ‘90s, no one needs to wake up to someone yelling at them – that is not cool. Lastly, everyone needs a good laugh during their day, so it is better to keep it light and keep it funny.

Ask Your Audience

If you’re at a loss for what to send out for your next email campaign, just ask your audience. Compile an email with options of what they can vote on to see next. Not only will this give your team direction, but this insight will also help to influence promotions, sales, and will help you change your product or service accordingly. Be prepared for negative feedback, it is impossible to make everyone happy – if you use the negative feedback constructively then it can be a good thing.

Have A Clear CTA

Your email campaigns should always be designed and focused on your call to action. Your emails should be clear, concise and provide ways for your customers to take the desired action. The worst thing you could ever do is send out an email that is unclear and confusing because your audience will just ignore or delete them, or worse yet, unsubscribe completely.