Owning and operating a shop on ebay is easier than it sounds. Unless you find a niche product that is in high demand with low competition, it can be difficult to generate enough sales to be successful. If you are selling items, there are a few things that you can do to improve your ability to sell.

Details And Photographs

The first thing that you want to do when you are selling stuff on ebay is to ensure that you are providing all the information needed to your potential customers. The more information you can give up front, the better the shopping experience will be for the average consumer as it allows them to make smarter purchase decisions. You want to give all the product details that would be questioned or asked for. These would include the basics of what condition the product is in, how old or new it is, reason for selling, accessories that come with it, as well as the production or manufacturing information. You can easily update the basic information needed for your listing using an eBay bulk edit tool. Product photography also ensures that the items you are selling come as advertised. Pictures speak to consumers.

Digital Marketing

Just because you are limited to ebay doesn’t mean you can’t utilize other platforms to advertise and link to your items for sale. You have to treat this as if it were a store that you own and operate, and understand that your marketing efforts can help increase your ability to make sales. Using platforms to showcase your goods and services allow you to increase the reach that you have, much more than simply posting your product on ebay and relying on those that use the platform to generate your sales numbers. Using the many online tools you have at your disposal is critical in your online success.

Calculate And Include Shipping Costs

One way to entice your shoppers to buy and purchase your goods is with different offers. If you can weigh and calculate your products to understand how much it will cost to ship them, you can then use those numbers to include in your pricing. Once done, you will list your price indicating that the shipping is included, or label it as free shipping since you have made those calculations. Customers don’t like to pay for additions, and will see this as a way to save. Additionally, if you want to keep prices low, you can simply put items for sale for local purchase. This benefits those that live in bigger cities with larger amounts of people looking for their products anyway. Either way, shipping is usually seen as an added on expense and consumers don’t like to see that, even if it is a fraction of your product cost. You can work around that with the suggestion above. 

Price Comparison Tools

Consumers love getting deals. If you are selling products on ebay and would like to take advantage of that aspect that helps generate sales and shopping patterns, using CheckAFlip and other price comparison tools can provide you with ways to accommodate customer pricing needs to make smart choices. When you are able to view other products and their prices, you can also use this information to adjust your own prices to be more competitive in the market. 

Flexible Pricing

Selling on ebay means that prices will tend to fluctuate more often than that of other retail stores. You can use this to your advantage to adjust prices in accordance with the demand of the markets. If there are a lot of products similar to yours saturating the markets, you can lower your prices to gain more attention. Additionally, as the times on the windows to purchase run down on your products, you can also introduce flash sale pricing to entice customers who are on the edge of buying something to fully commit, with the added benefit of a reduced price. 

Be Professional And Courteous

Ebay is a platform that is built upon the relationships of sellers and buyers. Trust plays a key part in how customers see you. It is important that you treat every customer and transaction with the best service you can provide in a professional manner. A good experience will lead to better reviews and ratings, which will then translate to more business and purchases on your products. Prioritize your customers and they will be more likely to return as well as bring in more business.
Markets will fluctuate, and ebay is no exception to that. It is important to be flexible and accommodating to trends and changes in order to stay ahead of the game. If you dedicate the time and effort, you will have a better shot at success through your online sales.


Clara Rose