How many people do you know with careers in the fields that they earned their degrees? There aren't too many. In fact, the site Finder tells us that two in five Americans don't see the value in their college degree. But to be fair, there are very few people who enter the workforce that know what they want to do, making finding a fulfilling and satisfying career no easy feat.
According to Forbes, more than half of Americans are unhappy in their jobs. Everything from the rate of pay to feeling underappreciated, more and more workers are suffering each day, being stuck between feeling total and complete misery and needing to keep their job to provide for their families.
People will settle with being unhappy because they've been with the company for a long time or because the pay is good… But are you willing to do this at the cost of your happiness, and ultimately, your sanity? That's no way to live your life.
Trying to find the career of your dream can be a lifelong effort. Some people eventually do find their dream careers while others never do. But just because you may not be working your dream job, that doesn't mean you have to be miserable at the job you're currently working… You can be happy in a position that's not necessarily your dream job. Perhaps you’re skilled in tech marketing but would prefer to be in sales. Maybe you’re great at creating spreadsheets, but you’d prefer to be out meeting clients instead of sitting at a computer screen all day. In that case, during the early part of your career, you probably already acquired many of the needed skills, and good tech sales training will help you obtain the rest, making your career transition a step-by-step success.  
In order to find happiness in your job, you have to first leave the job you're currently unhappy at. This is sometimes not so easy to do simply because it can be hard to tell if the way you're feeling is due to just needing a vacation or if you're genuinely in need of a career change.
Fortunately, there are signs that let you know that a career change is the solution to changing the way you feel about your job. If you're experiencing any of these feelings or displaying any of these behaviors, it's time for you to consider changing your career path.

Biggest Signs That Let You Know It's Time For You to Change Careers

You Can't Enjoy Your Off Days

As the song famously put it, "Everybody's working for the weekend," and in most cases, everybody is! When Friday comes, everyone gets a boost of energy to finish their workweek out strong so that they can unwind and leave work, at work. Unfortunately, when you're unhappy at your job, it's hard to enjoy the weekend or your off days simply because you know the next work week will begin soon.

Work is All You Talk About

If you're like most people, you go to work five, sometimes six, days out of the week, leaving you with one to two days to not have to think about work… Well, when you work a job that tears you down, work is on your brain 24/7, and it's all that you talk about.
This is something you may not even realize you're doing until someone tells you about it. If you're not sure if you're displaying this behavior, try to pay attention to how you contribute to conversations you engage in… If your only contribution to the conversation is complaining about your job, then it's definitely time for a career change.

You Turn to Unhealthy Habits

If you're so unhappy at work that you start to turn to unhealthy habits, that you normally wouldn't, then you seriously need to look at other career options because it's impacting your health in a negative way.
In your mind, your job is holding you back from success and happiness, and initially, it was. But once you start taking on unhealthy habits as a coping mechanism, you're taking on a totally different issue that's impacting your health, in addition to the stress you're already dealing with from your job.

Vacations Don't Give You the Recharge You Need

Vacations are what you need to recharge mentally and physically, and usually, when you've come back from a vacation and return to work, you feel much better and ready to tackle the challenges of your position… When you come back from a vacation and still feel drained and overworked, it's a major sign that your job is sucking the life out of you, literally.
Your job isn't necessarily supposed to be all fun and games, but it also isn't supposed to drain you to where you can't even enjoy your vacations. If you're feeling stressed, take some vacation time first to see how you feel during your vacation and how you feel when you return to work. If your vacation does nothing for you, it's time to look for somewhere else to work.

Your Salary Isn't Enough to Keep You Happy

For most people, if the price is right, they'll bear through the stress and unhappiness at work because they're being compensated justly. But when you're so miserable at work that you don't care about the money anymore, that's when you know it's time to go because at that point, what do you have to lose?

What's Your Next Career Path?

In finding your next career path, there are lots of considerations to think about like skill level, what you're willing to deal with, and whether or not you want to work for yourself or for a company.
If you decide to work for yourself, you'll be able to work your own schedule and you'll ultimately be your own boss. If you choose to run an e-commerce business, the popular website builder Shopify is a great tool and resource to get your business up and running. This route will indeed put you more at peace and able to enjoy all that life has to offer.
If you decide to work for a different company, it's a fresh and new start for you. There's still that potential to face obstacles and work under someone but in that same token, you'll be able to learn new company policies, meet new people, and really let your light shine as a new employee.
Whichever route you choose to take, you can't go wrong with either. The point is to find happiness in your career. But in order to find it, you have to step out on a limb and leave your current position. This can be a scary step, but your happiness and peace of mind are worth the sacrifice.


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