Unwinding and relaxing after a long, hard day means different things to different people. While some like to watch a good movie or exercise, others enjoy visiting their favourite online casino venue. 
Every experienced player is familiar with the importance of keeping your online casino account safe. Even though many safe online casinos will guarantee the security of your account and your personal information, there are also ways that you can protect it yourself.
By following a few very simple rules, you can maximize the casino cybersecurity of your account, and in that way, enjoy many carefree online games. 

Keep personal information to yourself

Playing online means that you are constantly under the risk of some type of cybercrime. No matter if you are playing via your desktop, online multiplayer or mobile apps it all comes down to the same - you need to protect your personal information at all costs. Giving out too many unnecessary details online can lead to identity theft, especially if you are gambling. 
This is why it is essential that you never give out any online casino account information to strangers. You must be thinking that you don’t get to have any multiplayer experience when gambling online, but that is not true. When in poker rooms, or playing any other live casino table game you can have opponents and be able to communicate with them via a live chat option. 
So, this rule is simple, never ever give out your personal information or your account information to anyone - let alone, to some stranger you met online. Avoid telling anyone about your nicknames, or other family members’ names online and keep everything private and safe. 

Adding a payment method carefully for safe gambling

Thinking of the most secure way to pay while you are gambling online is one of the main worries of any player. There are e-wallet payment methods that have additional protection and help you keep your credit cards and bank account safe. The users can opt for e-wallet options such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz or any other. Ultimately, by using any of these you can lower the chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime. 
On the other hand, if you are considering sharing your credit card information with an online casino operator, you need to be completely secure of its credibility. One of the main indicators of that is an online casino license issued by a legitimate source and good online reputation. Plus, if the bank issuing the card has additional programs dealing with online financial theft, they might have some extra security levels. These kinds of payment methods are considered safer to use as your casino banking option. In this case, even if you fall victim to financial fraud, your bank should be able to fix the damage done and return all your lost funds. 

Using a VPN can cost you your casino account

Using a VPN to gamble online might sound great, but in reality, it can be quite dangerous. First of all, using a VPN to access an online casino platform not supported in your region might sound fun if you just want to check out the operator’s online content. The ugly truth is that you will definitely try to do some real money gambling or betting if you have a chance. 
On the good side, you probably won’t be facing any legal repercussions, but on the bad side, you will have a hard time chasing out money won. Plus, accessing a website via a VPN might lead you to rogue online casinos which can eventually lead to various cyber frauds and thefts. So, this poses a question: what is the safest online casino? To be able to find the legit one, users can visit homepage with approved casinos and choose where to play.
In addition, if the website operator figures out what you are doing, they will ban your account and your IP address for good. So, you are risking to be banned by a reputable casino site forever, even if they become active in the part of the world where you currently live. This is why the safest option is to stick to the online casinos and sportsbooks considered legal, which you can find at loopx site and pay them a visit.

Stay loyal to shared casino account policy

Most reputable and safest online casino websites have their own shared account policy and for a good reason. Sharing an online casino account with family members, friends, acquaintances is simply not allowed. Each player is allowed to have only one online casino account per operator and no account can be a shared account among two or more users. 
This policy helps online casinos make their members take responsibility for their account and their actions. It is of great importance not to share your casino account with your friends or family members as they can disobey the site’s terms and conditions and cause the deactivation of your account. Moreover, this “loophole” could potentially allow access to online gambling to underaged players - which is by no means considered legal. 

Look for a safe casino with top online casino security

As we already mentioned, providing your personal and your payment information to an online casino site can be risky. The first thing to do is check for the brand’s reputation and credibility and also check whether they have proper security measures. One can start by looking for the lock sign next to the URL of a website. This allows players to see whether that site is a secure internet casino and if it uses SSL or secure sockets layer - one of the most commonly used enterprise encryption technologies worldwide. 
This kind of encryption is used to protect money transactions, social security numbers or any other piece of user data. If you cannot spot the lock next to the URL then that site is not SSL-certified and it offers low-level casino security. All the safe casino sites providers nowadays use P128-bit SSL digital encryption which is used by banks and famous e-commerce. With this level of security, your payment method info, as well as all your casino account info, are completely safe. 
Finance security is as important as identity security when talking about gaming online. This is why keeping your players account protected is crucial. SSL technology makes sure sensitive data is not being exposed and jeopardized, and the secure user-client connection it provides is often called an “SSL Handshake.”


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