When you're just starting as a brand developer, or as we like to call it: becoming a thought leader, it's hard to know what steps to take. Coming up with interesting and engaging content can feel overwhelming, but your business will flourish if you take your time and stay dedicated.
Building your brand from scratch is a risk for anyone, but we'll help provide you with some tips for getting started regardless of how much experience you have. 
We've got the tools and advice to help set you in the right direction so that you develop a clear, memorable brand that represents your focus and mission. 

1. Have A Mission

We made this the number one tip because it's, by far, the most important. So pay close attention. 
Your brand needs a reason for existing beyond you accomplishing your dreams. A clear message is what draws folks in to support your ideas, services, or projects.  
Coming up with this mission on your own can feel a little daunting. We recommend reading What is Brand Purpose? | StrawberryFrog NYC to further understand the importance of giving your business a purpose that resonates.  

2. Understand Your Audience

No business or organization is going to appeal to all people. Your business needs a target audience so that you know who your potential customers are. To get you started, you should look at similar brands in your niche. Competitors provide invaluable insight into the consumers you can expect. 
Research the competition and see how they appeal to their crowd, including: 
•      How they interact with consumers
•      The online platforms that have the best performance
•      Ways they reach their desired audience (i.e., hashtags, keywords, etc.)
You won't always have the time or energy to do the legwork yourself. If you'd rather focus on other aspects of your business, then definitely outsource your branding workload to a reliable team. 

3. Create Your Business Name 

After discovering your brand's mission and having a clear picture of who you want to appeal to, it's time to create an impactful name. 
The name of your business is the first impression. This impression will affect other factors such as your domain, trademark, and logo. You can truly use anything but makes sure it aligns with your image as a whole.
Think about what type of name would capture your target audience while also capturing you.  

4. Design Your Logo

Logos are always fun. They are unique and personal, and they're designed to be recognized. 
Again, think of sports teams, popular trademarks, or your favorite clothing brand. Logos are an essential part of creating a successful business because people can identify a company just by seeing a recognizable logo. You don't have to see the business name to know the golden arches of that big yellow “M” represents McDonald's. 

5. Make a Website and Social Media Platforms 

Nearly every business has a website or some form of an online platform for the public to visit. It's essential to make yourself present across multiple avenues so that your business is more likely to reach an audience.
Creating a website and being present on social media will ensure that your voice is out there and people can easily research your products or mission. 
The easier you are to be found, the more attention your business will receive.   

Bottom Line 

Becoming a thought leader isn't just about successfully running a business — it's also about forming an identity that resonates with a community.  
Our tips are here to guide to in the right direction for your business branding endeavors. The process isn't easy, but your success is worth it.


Iman Oubou