Are you considering a career in beauty therapy, but not too sure if it is for you or not? 
Are you passionate about cosmetics and wellness, helping others, and learning new skills? Do you want insider access to all things beauty, including trying new products before the general public? 
If you said ‘Yes’, then a career in beauty therapy could be for you! 
1. Rewarding and Passionate Work 
Beauty therapists need to be passionate about their occupation to really flourish in the field. Having a passion for beauty and wellness is one thing, but having a passion for client care is another. 
If you are a helpful person with a caring touch, this will make a big difference in the lives of your clients. Clients will come to you to feel better, it is called beauty therapy for a reason! 
You need to treat them with the tender care you would a friend, your presence is calming, positive, and receptive. If you like helping people feel good about themselves and being a happy part of their day, then this is a highly rewarding career for people with these passions. One way people get started in this field is by taking a course provided by sites such as Train Smart.
2. Variety in Activities
Beauty therapists have a diverse skill set, with opportunities for ongoing training and development.
If there is one field of beauty therapy that particularly interests you then you can specialize and engage more clients in your preferred field as there is always a high demand for all of them. 
Of course you can specialise and go into one field, however the opportunity exists for you to explore a range of different beauty therapies within your day-to-day. 
For example, a qualified beauty therapist can do the following:

Nail Technician 

Nail technicians do a range of different things, from acrylic nails to shellac and gel, as well as doing both manicures and pedicures. 
Nail technicians can specialize in nail art, with many emerging trends to keep up with! 
These services can be stock standard or more deluxe, spa-like experiences, depending on where they are done. 
Experiences can be tailored to the individual client, so it is good to have open ears and attention to detail to ensure you provide the best service possible, matching their needs. 

Hair Removal Specialist 

Possibly the most painful service beauty therapists offer, but one that clients feel great about afterwards is hair removal. 
Beauty therapists can be specialized in a few methods of hair removal, including waxing, threading, microneedling, and laser hair removal. 
Each therapist is different, one might not do all while others do. If you have your own business, you can choose what services you offer your clients.  


Beauty therapists often offer facials on their service menu. 
One of the more relaxing services, facialists are very personal and depend on the individual client’s skin type and needs. 
If they have dry skin, a hydrating and moisturizing facial is the way to go. If their skin is naturally oily, a more gentle facial would be better suited. 
Listen to your client so you can blend the perfect concoction of products so they feel as radiant as a rose afterward. 


This is one of the most highly-sought services beauty therapists offer, pampering clients with deluxe massage treatments. 
Beauty therapists can learn a range of different massage techniques suited to their ranging clientele. 

Make-Up Artist

Beauty therapists are often dual-qualified as makeup artists, as this qualification is not always included in all beauty therapy courses. 
Makeup artistry is a fun way to explore your artistic and creative side, helping clients look fantastic for their special occasions!
1. Exciting Career Opportunities
Being a beauty therapist is one of the most diverse professions, not only with activities mentioned above but also with the vast career opportunities available.
Beauty therapists can work for businesses in salons, spas, resorts, on cruise ships, and even in hotels. Many beauty therapists decide to be their own boss though and take the self-employment route. 
Self-employed beauty therapists can work from their own private studios or from home. This is appealing to people who want to work flexible hours and set the desired amount of weekly working hours. 
Beauty therapists are needed all around the world, so you are not confined to a particular area with this profession - You can travel wherever you want and your job prospects will still be good! 
2. Steady Industry 
The beauty therapy industry is steady, with very strong future growth expected within the next five years. 
The industry has continued to grow over the past decade, especially with more courses becoming accessible for people to obtain necessary qualifications. This has resulted in more beauty therapists becoming available to offer services. 
3. New Products
One of the perks of working as a beauty therapist is trying new products first hand. It is important to use products you believe in yourself, you would not offer a client a product you would not use on yourself. 
Authenticity and genuineness are core values of being a beauty therapist, your clients trust you and product knowledge is absolutely essential. 
Testing new products ensures your product knowledge is up-to-date and you can provide the best products and services possible to your clients. 
With ongoing training and professional development courses and conferences, beauty therapists can network with their product partners to receive the latest information and sample products from upcoming public launches. 
It is important to build strong relationships with not only your clients but your suppliers as well, so you don’t miss out on beauty industry exclusives! 


Daria Brown