Christmas is a time of gift-giving and generosity, but choosing the right items for friends and family can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of people to buy for.
Rather than trawling through e-commerce sites and trying to work out which of the latest gadgets and gizmos you should add to your basket and potentially adding to the unwanted gifts dilemma, you can make this year’s gift pile much more unique if you opt for products that are personalized to the recipient’s tastes.
To help you find the perfect personalized gifts this Christmas, here are just a few of the top options to look out for.

Custom t-shirts are always entertaining

It is both affordable and easy to order custom t-shirts for your loved ones, so why not get creative with your wearable gifts over the holiday season?
You can choose from a rainbow of colors, ranging from single-tone configurations to tie-dye style schemes. More importantly, you can upload whatever design you wish, whether that might be a logo you have worked on, a message you have written or a picture you want printed on the shirt.
Be sure to order custom t-shirts well in advance, as it may take a few weeks for them to arrive, especially if you are ordering from an online supplier and you want them in time for Christmas.

Personalized chocolate is a treat

There are lots of different edible gifts that you can personalize, and chocolate is probably at the top of your wish list for festive gift-giving; you can leave your fitness goals to the New Year.
Whether you get a more complex and costly confection that has been handmade with the name of the recipient, or choose a personalized chocolate bar with their moniker printed on the wrapper, this type of gift will definitely create a lot of smiles and laughter.

Bespoke photo frames show you care

Plenty of people choose to give framed photographs as a Christmas gift, but did you know you can go a step further by personalizing the frame itself?
Bespoke frames come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles, with different materials available as well. You can then add your message, or simply choose a few unique design features to make it your own.

One-off welcome mats will help you make an entrance

A welcome mat is a must-have for every home, so why not snap up a custom example that lets visitors know exactly whose house they are entering?
A custom welcome mat can say almost anything, although more often than not it will feature the family name and perhaps a short message. You can use your imagination and go further if you wish; that is the joy of personalized gifts!

 Unique jewelry is enduring

Custom jewelry remains the pinnacle of Christmas gift-giving, and there are pieces to suit every style and budget available.
Whether you go for lovely lockets for her, cufflinks for him or an engraved ring for that super-special someone, you will really show you care with this personalized gift option.


Claire Ward