Whether you’re a fish-out-of-water in learning about cryptocurrency or are an old hand at it, it is to your benefit to know about crypto trading platforms with low fees. Unsure of where to do your crypto platform searching? You can start with these. 

Cryptocurrency Platforms With Low Fees 

1. Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin is the OG of all cryptocurrencies. Satoshi Nakamoto (it’s debatable as to whether the said name belongs to a person or to a group of people) started this venture in 2009 and it was, at the time, the first and only one of its kind. 
Bitcoins offer greater liquidity in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. “Liquidity” here talks about how bitcoin values can be retained as close to their original as possible when exchanging them for their fiat currency equivalent. 
Perhaps it has to do with it being in the running for longer than most? There’s no on-the-nose answer here. Nevertheless, it’s a feature which users find highly advantageous.
2. Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that’s just as divine as its name sounds. This decentralized platform does away with third-party organizations so that the latter have no interference, control, nor fraud from anyone and anything within Ethereum’s bounds. 
What this means for the individual Ether user and/or trader is that no matter which country you reside in, you are virtually granted an all-access pass. There are no strict rules regarding having to go through bank channels and government-manipulated entities. A compelling invite indeed. In effect, even those who are stateless can trade Ethers because there’s no need to state-identifications here. 
This also translates to better rates from across the many regions of the planet. 
3. Litecoin (LTC)
Litecoin, much like Ehtereum, was created as an open-source network. And it stands to remain that way since 2011, and from here onward. One of its advantages is that it offers fast transactions in comparison to other major cryptocurrencies. 
Besides this, the list of merchants who accept transactions through Litecoin is growing quite rapidly. This, along with its feature of providing fast transactions for exchanges and trades allows it the leeway to offer economical rates to buyers. 
Ironically, Litecoin belongs to the top-6 list of cryptocurrencies around the world with the highest per-coin value. 
4. Ripple
Ripple has made the e-second transaction popular. It has also pioneered it. Imagine that--- completed cryptocurrency exchanges and trades faster than ever before. In a way, its transaction speed is, in itself, more gain. That’s better efficiency and more exchanges for you to punch in. 
While in general, cryptocurrencies let users wait for up to minutes, an hour, or even days, through Ripple, you can skip all that. As a result, it will be more economical especially if you look at it through the lens of “long-term”.
5. Bitcoin Cash 
As an altcoin, Bitcoin Cash has made its mark indefinitely. Many see Bitcoin Cash as among the groups which split from the OG in 2017. They took their business elsewhere due to wanting scalability (Bitcoins are limited in coin number whereas Bitcoin Cash came up with the idea of having larger blockchains for larger transactions). 
Scalability is Bitcoin Cash’s selling factor and has increased said cryptocurrency’s market value. 


Clara Rose