The people who are the most unbothered in their lives have mastered the art of living in the present. They see circumstances as they are, not as they want them to be. The people who are most unbothered in their lives acknowledge that people will do whatever they want. They understand that you can plan your whole life down to the last minute, yet everything can change in a moment. 
1. They accept things as they are. Unbothered people spend less time trying to make sense of people and environments and instead decide if they are willing to tolerate them. They will move or create environments they can thrive in. They accept what they cannot change. 
2. They do not try to change people. Unbothered people know that it takes vast amounts of energy to pour into people. They know how difficult it is to modify behavior. They recall how much work they’ve done and continue to do to change their mindset. They realize that most people don’t change unless they’ve reached their breaking point or decide they’re ready. Unbothered people stop trying to change others and accept them as they are, making their life much easier.
3. They don’t try to prove their point to everybody. Unbothered people have no problem letting you think they’re dumb, have limited understanding, or pass judgment on them. They value stimulating conversation and only care to explain themselves to people they believe will understand or logically challenge their point. 
4. They’re more concerned with protecting their peace. Unbothered people are all about living their lives as stress-free as possible. They will remove themselves from drama, no matter the person or environment. They will pass up a high-paying job if it causes more misery in their lives. They will leave a relationship if it’s only serving to break them down. They will make decisions people think are irrational if it brings them more peace because, well, they couldn’t be bothered. 
5. They try to see things objectively. Unbothered people can understand why someone would act a certain way or make certain decisions, even if it isn’t in their favor. In this way, they realize that not everything is personal, allowing them to get over certain situations quickly and move on with their lives. Unbothered people realize that life is short, so they try to enjoy every moment of it. 


Arlene Ambrose