Whether you’ve jumped from one company to another or are dipping your toes in after a career break, starting a new job is as intimidating as it is exciting. Even if you know you’re qualified, many people will have silent reservations about their ability to fulfill expectations and reward the manager for hiring them. These feelings can have a severe impact on your confidence and could affect your performance. This is the last thing you want, so here are four effective ways to start a new job with confidence. 

Look the Part 

Everyone has experienced the feeling of being under or overdressed. It shouldn’t affect you as much as it does, but there is a strange psychological sensation of all eyes directly on you. The last thing you want is to walk into the office looking like you don’t belong, so looking the part and refreshing your wardrobe with confident workwear will do wonders for your self-esteem. 
It isn’t difficult to dress correctly in a professional setting, but you still want to find the right balance. You don’t want to be too bold, but not too basic, either. There's no need to rock the style boat on your first day, but choosing outfits that reflect your personality can help you make a statement.  

Be Prepared 

You’ll be expected to know what you are doing, even though your first week might be a lot of admin and training. Consider it like jumping in a cold swimming pool; the quicker you get it over with, the easier it will be. 
Spend time before you start your new job by researching the company and any current clients or projects. Make notes but don’t consider ways to completely transform the office structure. You can have some ideas to share when you get the chance to prove yourself, too. 

Walk In With A Positive Attitude 

A positive attitude always shines through in the office. People will gravitate towards you; they want to talk to you and get your opinion on things. You have started a new job, you should be happy. But, some employees walk in on their first day looking like they don’t want to be there, which immediately gives people the wrong impression. 
Your positive attitude should help you get excited about your job and give you the confidence you thought you didn’t have, so walk in with a smile and let your brain chemistry do the rest. 

Ask Questions 

No one wants to be that person who keeps everyone behind after a meeting or continuously brothers their manager with questions. However, a little curiosity can go a long way and help clear up any uncertainties. 
You don’t know how things work yet, so questions will prevent you from making a mistake and showing everyone else you’re engaged. This is a great way to improve your reputation, especially if you’ve not had a chance to show what you can do yet. 

Starting the Right Way 

Professionals nowadays are not expected to make gentle steps and grow into a role. Many companies require new employees to hit the ground running and show what they can do. You’ll never achieve this if you don’t feel confident, so these tips can help you find your ability within and show everyone why you were chosen.