Do you want to become a professional speaker or explore the world of public speaking? More and more people have been turning to public speaking as a way to leverage visibility, grow authority and share their message. As an event host and public speaking coach, this is such an exciting time to witness people overcoming their fear of ‘the stage.’  People want to hear your story, and I know first-hand that public speaking can change lives and inspire people for positive change.  
Ever since I started hosting events for Women in Business back in 2017, I have been able to grow my own social media community to more than 500k amazing women from all around the world. Public speaking and event hosting has allowed me to build new connections, business partnerships, foster long term collaborations; in addition to helping me attract new speaking opportunities and increase my media profile. 
The more public speaking you do, the more visible and creditable you will become to your target audience. 
Here are the top ten things to consider when preparing for your next public speaking opportunity:  
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