If you love fitness and health, then it makes sense that you would want to centre your career around it. Many people who are passionate about fitness believe that there is nothing better than making use of their passion for living a healthy lifestyle by turning it into a lucrative career. There are several career options for those who love health and fitness, many of which allow you to inspire others and make a positive change to the people that you work with. And the good news is that you don’t even need to get a degree for many popular health and fitness careers; all you need is a passion for staying fit and healthy and some knowledge that you can share with others. Here are some of the best career options for those who want to get into the fitness industry. 

Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the most popular careers in fitness and there are many personal training courses for those who want to pursue this path. Personal trainers have a wide range of work options available to them; some run their own businesses from home or travel to their clients’ homes, while others work in health clubs, fitness centres and gyms. Working as a personal trainer means that you will need to be passionate about fitness and in excellent shape, since you’ll be guiding others and leading by example. A good personal trainer course will teach you how to guide, teach and motivate others when it comes to fitness. TRAINFITNESS has a range of personal trainer courses to choose from that you can take online if you need a flexible option to fit around your current work. If you’re looking for a flexible personal training course to take, you can enrol in a personal training course with this link.


If you are passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, then you may want to consider a career as a dietitian. While exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, in order to get the best results, people need to be careful about the food that they eat. Eating a balanced, healthy diet is crucial for staying fit and healthy and dietitians work to help their clients make the best food choices and learn more about what to eat and what to avoid. 

Recreational Therapists

Recreational therapists are professionals who use exercise to treat patients who are injured, disabled or sick. People tend to visit a recreational therapist after they have been involved in an accident or have recovered from a health condition that has left them weaker and more unfit than usual. You could be working with somebody who has experienced life-changing injuries to help them put together a fitness plan that works for them now, or helping somebody who has been involved in an accident use exercise to regain confidence in themselves. 

Massage Therapist

Many people believe that the job of a massage therapist simply involves helping people feel good and relax. And while this is certainly a large part of the position and relaxation is hugely important for good health and fitness, massage therapists do a lot more. As a massage therapist, you may spend time helping injured people to recover with sports massages or other types of massage that treats muscle issues that cause pain when the client plays sports or engages in fitness activities. Massage therapists often work closely with sports teams or professional athletes for this purpose. 

Athletic Trainer

If you’d like to work with professional sportspeople, it’s worth considering becoming an athletic trainer. These trainers work closely with and guide athletes to help them work at their best, and help with preventing, diagnosing and treating any injuries that may occur during the sport. Athletic trainers typically play a big part in setting exercising and training schedules for athletes and come up with a plan that works well. 

Gym Manager

If you are passionate about working in the health and fitness industry but would rather take on a management or leadership position than work directly with clients, becoming a gym manager could be an ideal choice for you. This is a varied job depending on the facility that you work at; for example, you could be an overall gym manager or tasked with managing a certain area of a gym such as maintaining equipment or developing sales techniques for personal trainers. 


If you love a certain sport but would rather simply enforce its rules than run into the field and play yourself, working as a referee or umpire is an ideal choice of career. These professionals are tasked with enforcing the rules of the game, so it’s important that you have a very solid, detailed knowledge about the particular game that you want to referee. Referees are present in a wide range of professional sports games, particularly team sports such as football and rugby, to ensure that teams play fairly and stick to the rules. 

Sports Coach

If you like the idea of helping people stay fit and get better at their chosen sport at the same time, it’s worth considering becoming a sports coach. Some sports coaches work with adults while others prefer to coach kids and young people. Coaches work at all levels of the sport so you don’t have to be working with famous athletes; you could even start your own business with a local kids’ football club and work with schools in your area. 

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help people recover from injuries and illnesses that have prevented them from working. In this position, you may use a variety of different exercises and techniques to help your clients regain their strength and fitness depending on the health condition that they have struggled with. Your main goal is to enable your clients to build more confidence when it comes to their mobility and independence and help them get to a place where they are less dependent on others for doing work and can begin to live a more fulfilling and independent life once again. It is a good choice of career for those who enjoy helping people recover and reach their full potential. 

Gym Owner

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then you might want to consider starting your own business by opening a local gym in your area. There are several different models to choose from; you could start a basic gym and provide fitness equipment and machinery for your clients to use, or offer a niche gym where clients join to get bespoke personal training plans and nutrition support in order to help them meet a specific health and fitness goals. Independent gyms are certainly becoming more popular right now and you don’t have to be a certified personal trainer to start your own; all you need is a passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals by providing them with the right environment and resources to do so. 
Most of these professions will not be difficult to gain for a person who loves sports and leads a sports lifestyle. Further, when the question arises of how to become a fitness trainer and where to realize yourself you have a lot of different routes that you can take. To start, you can registry at hiring platforms and marketplaces that help to find professionals for different services. Such websites can be great opportunities to get your first clients as a personal fitness trainer or massage therapist. There are also health clubs that hire trainers and coaches where you can work to help a lot of people to get fit into a shape. 
If you love health and fitness, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to great career choices in this field. Whether you’d like to work directly with clients to help them reach their fitness goals or get involved in a team sport, turning your passion into your work is always possible. 


Clara Rose