5/19 – This Week in Women: Marriage, Politics and Beauty Pageants

5/19 – This Week in Women:

Marriage, Politics and Beauty Pageants

Every day, women worldwide are making headlines. From politics to pop culture and everything in between, SWAAY wants to recognize some of the key headliners each week we feel are important.

This week, wedding bells rang, but representing two very different aspects of marriage: beauty and healthcare came to a standoff, and power moves for women in business were made. Read all about the five women who made this week’s women to watch list:

Pippa Middleton’s wedding is shaping up to be the biggest of 2017

When Pippa Middleton first made headlines, she appeared as the “hot bridesmaid” at the Royal Wedding in 2011, tending to the dress train of her sister, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Now, it is the younger Middleton’s turn to marry, and the spotlight is on her.

The 33-year-old socialite, author and columnist is set to marry her on-again-off-again boyfriend, James Matthews. The two first met almost ten years ago in St. Bart’s, dated briefly in 2012, then officially in 2015. Matthews then proposed a year later in July 2016, with their wedding day to be held tomorrow.

Pippa Middleton. Photo courtesy of The Mirror

Although her older sister’s children are confirmed as a pageboy and bridesmaid in the wedding, it’s still uncertain whether Duchess Kate herself will appear in the bridal party, with people predicting she will stay on the sidelines to keep the spotlight on her sister.

Kára McCullough was crowned Miss USA, then spent the week defending comments made during the competition

On Sunday evening, Washington D.C.-based scientist accepted the 2017 crown for Miss USA. She made headlines as the second consecutive D.C. contestant to earn the title, and was in the headlines for the controversy of what she said during the question-and-answer portion of the pageant. McCullough replied that health care was “a privilege” that one only gets with a job and that feminism should be relabeled as “equalism.”

The new Miss USA has since clarified her comments surrounding privilege and feminism to reflect empathy and maturity, telling Good Morning America, I am privileged to have health care. I want people to see where I was coming from. Having a job, I have to look at health care like it is a privilege.”

McCullough continued, “For me, where I work at with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, equalism is more of a term of understanding that no matter your gender, you are still given the same accolades on your work.”

Kara McCullough. Photo by Ethan Miller. Courtesy of The Daily Wire
Suni Harford was hired as UBS’ new head of investments for asset management team
Suni Harford. Photo courtesy of Twitter

After 24 years at Citigroup, Suni Harford traded in Wall Street for the executive role as head of investments at UBS. The role was previously filled by Dawn Fitzpatrick, referred to by Business Insider as “one of the most senior women in finance,” thus increasing the pressure of finding a reasonable replacement.

As Harford takes her place, it not only reflects a defining moment in her career, it also reflects a grander significance for females in the asset-management world, since few women hold executive investment roles in this industry.

The position will have Harford overseeing $600 billion and 500 New York-based investment staffers.

Nancy Pelosi surprises her party’s call to impeach President Trump

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi addressed a CNN town hall on the history of impeachment and how the order must be rooted in facts rather than personal opinions

Nancy Pelosi. Photo courtesy of US News

It was a direct response to Al Green (D-Texas), and his opinion that Trump should be impeached over the firing of James Comey. Pelosi said, “In other words, again, if you are talking about impeachment, you are talking about what are the facts. Not that I don’t like him and I don’t like his hair and — what are the facts?”

“What are the facts that you would make a case on? What are the rules that he may have violated? If you don’t have that case, you are just participating in more hearsay.”

After her statements surrounding impeachment, the Democratic leader assured her allegiance in her party by describing Trump’s time in office so far as “sloppy” and that Americans deserve “stability.”

Princess Mako’s engagement resurfaces imperial law that controls female succession in the Japanese monarchy
Princess Mako. Photo by The Asahi Shimbun, courtesy of The Knot News

After 70 years, The Imperial Household Law still controls Japan’s monarchy, and under this law women are still not permitted to reign. Upon marriage, women are forced to give up their status and officially leave the royal family. So when the engagement of Princess Mako and Kei Komuro was announced on Tuesday, Princess Mako’s royal status shifted to a scope of scrutiny while resurfacing the need to reform this law.

In a Kyodo News poll from this month surveying the Japanese public, 86 percent supported reformation of the law to permit women to reign. The public has apparently recognized the importance of allowing a woman to remain in the monarchy to bear children as heirs to the throne. 

Currently, the imperial law is being amended to allow Emperor Akihito to retire his reign early. Next in succession is Prince Naruhito, 57, then Prince Akishino, 51, and following is Prince Hisahito, 10 – Princess Mako’s younger brother and the only male of his generation left in the royal family.

The engagement of Princess Mako, 25, is a reminder of the dwindling number of royalty left, as a result of this law, as the princess not only loses her royal allowance and title to become a “commoner,” she also loses the right to bear an heir to the throne – ending her line of succession before her marriage even begins.

Jillian Dara

Jillian grew up an island girl but converted to city style after living in Boston, London, Santiago, and now, NYC. She is a writer, editor and content creator with a desire to share stories in the lifestyle genre. With a particular focus on travel and profiles, she prides herself on sharing the most authentic story for those who aren’t able to share their own.

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