The Biggest Trends of 2018 (So Far)

The Biggest Trends

Of 2018 (So Far)

With the number of different products and fads currently populating the market, it can be difficult to sift through what’s good and what isn’t and so this is where we come in. Despite the fact that we’re only two-thirds of the way through 2018, the recent good weather has put us in such a good mood that we’re willing to reveal some of the best trends of the year so far. So, get comfortable, find your purse and get your tablet ready because you may just be forced to go on a spending spree when you’ve finished reading this article.

Healthy Pet Food

It’s only right that our furry friends eat as well as we do, right? Right. Thankfully, healthy pet food is all the rage at the moment and there are a number of places you can obtain it without breaking the bank but, in terms of value for money, Castor & Pollux seem to be leading the charge with their organic-based meat products.

Next Level Skincare

Nowadays, our skin needs protection from more than mere sun rays and, thankfully, the new wave of skin products prevents damage from other harmful rays such as blue light from laptops and pollution.

The latest ranges from companies like Allies of Skin and Biossance are using ingredients such as adaptogens and ceramides in order to help our skin build up its own natural barriers.


This tobacco substitute has been on the market for a while but, with around 1 in 5 users now women, there’s a whole new market online here, which includes a much wider range of different flavors designed to target the fairer sex. They’re all imported tax-free from Scandinavia too. What’s more, they’re definitely cooler than e-cigarettes.

Smart Mattresses

In our opinion, it’s about time that technology was brought into the bedroom in order to help us

improve our Zzz’s. Serta Simmons is pioneering a range of smart mattresses which analyze your REM cycles and wake you up via a smart alarm when you’re in your lightest stage of sleep. Apparently, it’ll make us a little less grumpy in the morning. Result.


Moringa is basically a higher caliber version of Turmeric – it allegedly has greater anti-inflammatory properties and has twice the protein of spinach, as well as three times as much iron. What’s more, the veggie seeds have a likable and sweet taste while the ground leaves are a little more nutty, creating the perfect contrast. Delicious and healthy, what more could you want?

💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻👍🏻PER LA MIA MENOPAUSA ☝🏼💃🏻💁🏻‍♀️ La moringa oleifera è ricchissima di vitamine, proteine e sali minerali (contiene ben 18 aminoacidi, di cui 9 essenziali). Possiede un alto quantitativo di vitamina E, di vitamina A (dieci volte più di una carota), vitamina K e vitamine del gruppo B. Il suo contenuto di ferro è pari a 25 volte in più di quello dei tanto esaltati spinaci, il suo contenuto di calcio 17 volte in più del latte, di proteine 4 volte in più delle uova e di potassio 15 volte in più delle banane. Incredibile, vero? Tutti questi nutrienti la rendono un ANTIOSSIDANTE e un ANTINFIAMMATORIO naturale, oltre ad essere efficacissima per salvaguardare il sistema immunitario e la vista. La moringa combatte il colesterolo e abbassa la glicemia. E' consigliata soprattutto come prevenzione ai problemi dell'invecchiamento, dal diabete all'ipertensione. Nell'Ayurveda veniva utilizzata come rimedio contro i disturbi intestinali, le infezioni, l'anemia e la stanchezza. E in effetti la moringa può avere effetti più che benefici per la CIRCOLAZIONE, la DIGESTIONE, la regolamentazione del metabolismo, persino contro il raffreddore e l'acne, nutrendo la nostra pelle e rendendola liscissima. Viene inoltre raccomandata alle donne incinte, soprattutto in fase di allattamento, proprio per la sua ricchezza di sostanze nutrienti.#integratori #moringa #starbene #viviinforma #lifestyle

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But Wait, There’s More

With the rate at which trends and fads become obsolete, there’s bound to be something new piquing people’s interests by the time that winter rolls around. However, for now, it’s all about enjoying the last bits of sunshine before the big red ball in the sky decides to abandon us once again. Most of the items on this list are certainly to be enjoyed throughout the sunny months. Happy shopping.

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