In the modern day and age, there is a lot of value put on the ability to go-go-go. The idea that we all need to be hyper-achieving all the time is one that was born and nurtured in the era of technology and information in which we find ourselves. Largely perpetuated by a growing consumer segment of digital natives. Digital natives are those who grew up in a society that already relied on the internet and smart technology. As such, they have fundamentally different ways of thinking and doing. Add in the ever-growing presence of social media and it’s understandable that people are looking for ways to reduce the noise in their life. 
There are a lot of tactics on which people rely to reduce the amount of noise and distractions in their day-to-day worlds. One recent trend is minimalism. Calling minimalism a trend isn’t entirely fair. Minimalism is more of a lifestyle and mentality than it is a trend or fad. 
By embracing minimalism, individuals have found they’re able to declutter and simplify their lives. People who live a minimalist lifestyle report other benefits as well. 

“Decluttering my home and simplifying my life has been one of the most liberating and impactful things I’ve ever done. Clearing the physical clutter that takes up space in my home to clearing the clutter in my life, in all its shapes and forms, has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs and a huge learning experience.”

Balance Through Simplicity – 

Helps You Focus on the Important Things

One of the best benefits and biggest selling points of working to declutter your living and work space is that it will help you focus. This may sound a little silly, but it is an undeniable truth. By getting rid of the excess clutter in your living space or workspace, there will simply be fewer things that can pull your attention away from your task. This is a huge help for people who are looking to up their productivity at work or are striving to reach a personal goal. 

“This might sound a little alien, but the only thing on my desk now is my monitor, my keyboard, and my mouse. I don’t leave the books I’m reading on my desk, I don’t have any trinkets or pictures. It’s just what I need for work. It’s helped me dial in and be a lot more productive, actually.”

– Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO, OSDB Sports

Even if you’re already a generally focused person, there’s no harm in finding tactics that increase your ability to focus even further. With less clutter, you can turn your attention where it’s needed the most. 

“I’m kind of a fidgety person, if you hadn’t been able to tell, so for me, the decluttering process was really cathartic. It allowed me to open up space both mentally and physically. Now I spend a lot less time bouncing from one stimulant to the next, which has been great for my productivity. Decluttering my office was genuinely a game-changer.”

– Omid Semino, CEO and Founder, Diamond Mansion

Fewer Distractions Means More Productivity

Sort of in the same vein as keeping your focus where it needs to be, less clutter means fewer distractions, which leads to increased productivity. This is true in both professional and personal projects, too. Many individuals who choose to embrace a somewhat minimalist lifestyle are hoping to complete personal projects. In the absence of clutter, these people simply have less to focus on, and therefore find it easier to put their free time and extra energy into the projects and goals that speak to them the most. 

“There were a few things I wanted to get done around the house. I like building things, so these were renovation-type projects. Every time I started in on one, though, I just couldn’t ever get my mind around finishing the darn thing. I read a couple of books on minimalism just by a friend’s suggestion. Next thing I knew I had my whole house decluttered and was 75% done with a project I’d wanted to complete for years. Decluttering works.”

– Tony Staehelin, CEO, Benable

The same is true with professional goals and work projects too. Those who are able to dial in their focus and remain on task when they’re on the job are those who typically find a good deal of success in their line of work. By decluttering, it’s much easier to stay on track and to sink your energy and efforts into project productivity. 

“After decluttering at the beginning of last year, I’ve now been promoted within my organization twice, and am in line for another raise upcoming. I don’t know if it’s all because I started embracing some minimalist practices, or if it’s just coincidence, but I certainly feel more focused and more productive than ever.”

– Ubaldo Perez, CEO, Hush Anesthetics – 

Enhances the Relationships in Your Life

Decluttering is great for productivity in both professional and personal lives. That isn’t the only way in which decluttering benefits one’s lifestyle, though. Decluttering helps individuals really think about the emotional and mental attachment that they attribute to their various possessions. The same principle applies to the relationships in their lives. 
By decluttering, people have more mental and emotional bandwidth to dedicate to their personal relationships. Consistently putting this time and energy into those with which you’re closest will naturally enhance those relationships over time. 

“The relationship I share with my partner has never been better. We agreed to embrace a minimalist lifestyle together just a handful of years ago and I don’t think we’d do anything different even if we could. I mean I noticed it almost immediately. We just felt closer.”

– Sasha Ramani, Associate Director of Corporate Strategy, MPOWER Financing

It’s easy to get swept up in the rat race of 2022. Especially with the constant innovations in technology and information that yield new tech toys, video games, social media platforms, and other products and services. When we practice decluttering, though, we become more aware of where and how we spend our time. 

“When there’s less stuff in my space I feel like I can think more clearly. The same goes with my relationships too. It’s so much easier for me to focus on the person in front of me when I’m not worried about the 150 knick-knacks in the other room.”

– Lina Miranda, VP Marketing, AdQuick – 

Gets rid of Excess Stress

The objects that we hold onto and keep in our spaces are extensions of ourselves. This might sound a little out there for some, but think about it. We each have a very unique and specific atmosphere about us. Oftentimes, our possessions are a reflection of that atmosphere. Furthermore, our moods and emotions can get trapped in these objects and fundamentally change the energy of a space. Therefore, decluttering is a very stress-relieving process. 

“When I first finished decluttering my office the first time, I was amazed. It was like I hadn’t been breathing for years, and finally, I took a massive breath. It was cathartic. Like a 2-ton weight had just been lifted off my chest.”

– Michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT

We often don’t even realize how much of ourselves we project onto the inanimate objects around us. If you’ve been feeling elevated levels of stress lately, try decluttering and see if that doesn’t help.

“I can almost get a sense of my employees' mental and emotional state just by looking at their workspace. When things are smooth and they’re feeling good, it’s reflected in their organization. I send out information on the benefits of minimalism all the time. It helped me so much, I just figured it could help others too.”

– Lydia Boychuk, VP of Marketing, More Labs

Helps you Focus on You

Finally, in addition to helping you focus on the relationships in your life and sinking more time and effort into your levels of productivity, decluttering will also help you focus on the most important relationship in your whole life. The one you have with yourself. 

“I learned so much more about myself in the years since I started embracing minimalism than I ever had before. If you want to connect with yourself, I highly suggest decluttering.”

– Natalia Morozova, Partner, Cohen, Tucker & Ades P.C.

The same sort of theories apply to this as above. By decluttering you have more time, emotional bandwidth, and concentration to spend with yourself and learn about who you truly are. 

“I’ve never been more confident than I am today. I don’t think I cross the line into being cocky, either. I’m just saying I know myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin now. Decluttering helped me get here.”

– Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce, Maxine of Hollywood

Final Thoughts on Decluttering Your Life

Minimalism has gained a lot of traction in the last few years, and it’s because it’s an accessible lifestyle choice that empowers, emboldens, and adds fulfillment to the lives of many. No matter who you are, there are undeniable benefits to decluttering both your living and working spaces.

“The simple act of letting go is about so much more than just “getting rid of old stuff”—you’re also letting go of fears, expectations, and insecurities. You’re creating freedom, learning new ways of thinking, and essentially reclaiming your life.”

– Jennifer, Minimalist and Blogger, Simply Fiercely