A ‘Hickup’ In The White House And A Monumental Female Celebration: This Week In Social

A ‘Hickup’ In The White House And A Monumental Female Celebration:

This Week In Social

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From Instagram to Twitter, these are some of this week’s trending posts to women, from women and about them.

It’s Women’s History Month!


What began in 1981 as a dedicated week for Congress to recognize women, has since turned into a month of celebrations to mark Women’s History Month. The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia all recognize the month that coincides from International Women’s Day on March 8th, to share women’s empowerment stories, and to celebrate women’s role in making history.

Stacey Dash Takes A Stand

After teasing Twitter and Instagram followers with her run for Congress throughout the month of February, Dash confirmed this week that she is in fact running to represent California’s 44th district. The district includes Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach and has formerly attracted the Democratic vote. Although Dash has received some lashback from this announcement, she’s used it as a time to get even more candid with her followers, sharing her opinions and views as a female Republican.

Michelle Obama Announces “Becoming”

I hope my journey inspires readers to find the courage to become whoever they aspire to be,” writes Obama in her Instagram post revealing her memoir to be released in November. A Penguin Random House press release published the news this week, sharing that the memoir, Becoming Michelle Obama, is full of “deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling.” Obama, herself, shared the news on social, excited to share “her story” with the world.


Meet the New Johnnie Walker Label

Arriving just in time for Women’s History Month, the favored scotch brand has released its first-ever female logo, “Jane Walker.” She is pictured with a strong strut and top hat, much like the well-known label that has long been associated with the brand. Johnnie Walker announced this label as a way to show progress in the spirits industry, and to celebrate women who also enjoy sipping scotch. The brand also said it will donate $1 for every bottle sold to organizations representing women’s causes throughout the month of March.

Ivanka Trump Addresses Her Father’s Allegations

In an interview with NBC this week, reporter Peter Alexander took the opportunity to ask Ivanka Trump about the sexual assault allegations against her father. The President’s daughter kept her answer short and defended her father’s reputation, saying she believes him. She also commented on the context of the questions, saying, “I don’t think that’s a question that you would ask many other daughters… I believe my father. I know my father. I think I have that right as daughter to believe my father.”

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Candid with CNN

In her latest interview with CNN, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about living amidst the #MeToo movement, and made headlines with how in her early career she was “treated in  away that I think now we would call abusive.” The actress addressed this conversation after discussing the nudity in her current film “Red Sparrow” as empowering, verses her past films where she was “certainly mistreated.”

Serena Williams Is Back

Following Serena Williams’ maternity leave, as a formal way to celebrate her return to tennis, Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, bought four billboards. The billboards read, “Greatest,” “Momma,” “Of All Time,” “Serena Williams G.M.O.A.T.” and were signed by Ohanian Sr. and Jr. (her son). The internet lit up with users not only celebrating Williams’ return to the courts but also her happy marriage #goals.

Kim Kardashian Is This Month’s Vogue India Cover Story

While some fans praised Kim Kardashian’s new cover feature, many others criticized Vogue India for not using an Indian woman on the cover. The publication featured backlash as the cover trended on Twitter this week, and also when Kendall Jenner was the May 2017 cover. The publication sticks to its statement released to defend the Jenner cover, saying “In the last 10 years, Vogue India has had only 12 international covers… Therefore, statistically, 90 per cent [sic] of our covers are Indian! And we are proud of that.”

This Russian Model Has Our Attention

Anastasia Vashukevich, known on Instagram as Nastya Rybka is a Russian model that quickly trended after she was imprisoned in a Thai detention center for running “sex-training” sessions. But it wasn’t her arrest that drew attention, it was her plea to U.S. journalists to help her get out in exchange for alleged information she has–audio and video–linking President Trump and Russia. The story is still developing.

I appeal to all media, journalists who work using my materials to spread all the information and investigate this strange situation which shed the light on some topic that led to a worldwide political scandal.Russia has already reached  the Thai kingdom where police volunteers are afraid of this affair and afraide to be involved with it. And Thai immigration is dancing to the tune of Russia and in fact will simply kill us if Thailand gives us to Russia. We have no more money – we spent everything  on bail. If there is anybody who can help – please write to those contacts that we indicated.  ______________________________________________ Я призываю все СМИ, журналистов, которые работают используя мои материалы которые не по моей воле пролили свет который привёл к мировому политическому скандалу распространить всю информацию и расследовать это странное дело. Россия влезла уже в Тайское королевство в котором волонтеры в полиции боятся этого дела и связываться с ним. И тайская иммиграция идёт на поводу у России и по сути просто убьёт нас если выдаст России. Денег у нас больше нет – мы все потратили на залог. Если есть те, кто могут помочь – пишите пожалуйста по тем контактам, которые мы указывали

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Hope Hicks is Leaving The White House


On Wednesday, the white house communications director, Hope Hicks resigned from her position, after she was already trending from her admission of telling “white lies” to cover for President Trump. This came out as she was testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee regarding the Russian interference of the 2016 election. Now, Hicks is resigning saying she had been wanting to leave for the past few months after spending three years with Trump, but media is attributing her exit to sexist media coverage.


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