7/7 – This Week in Women: Camaraderie, Tweets and New Photos

7/7 – This Week in Women:

Camaraderie, Tweets and New Photos

In the short week that Fourth of July brought, some were left bitter about working during the holiday, while other hot topics involved Twitter and social perspectives for celebrities needing breaks, taking breaks, and being forced into breaks. Here are this week’s five women to watch.

Maria Menounos is leaving E! News

After three years, the host of E! News announced her exit from the popular network. The 39-year-old host broke the news on Monday, revealing that she had surgery in June, to remove a “golf ball sized” brain tumor – in the midst of her mother’s battle with stage four brain cancer. Although Menounos’ seven-hour surgery removed 99 percent of the benign tumor, she revealed, “I just want to be still for a bit and see what I’m supposed to be in this world.” Menounos also suggested her support for those who may be fighting a similar battle, saying, “I also want to help women realize that they have to put themselves first. I want to encourage people to find some stillness in their life so they can listen to their bodies – and hear what’s going on.”

Maria Menounos Courtesy of E! Entertainment
Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ Wimbeldon journey ends

Thursday’s match between Mattek-Sands and Sorana Cirstea ended in screams that were a first for both live viewers and the tournament’s international television fans. Mattek-Sands was in her second round match when she fell to the ground. Cirstea was the first to approach Sands, as Sands yelled, “Help me! Help me, please!” The reaction from the crowd was unlike anything the sport is used to, resulting in a hushed silence as medics gradually entered the court to eventually carry Sands out. Cirstea responded to the event, commenting on the medical attention that came 10 to 15 minutes later, “Of course you wonder what [would] happen if it was a heart issue or something like this,” said Cirstea. Although they were opponents in the match, Cirstea was the one Sands continued to shout to as she reeled in agony on the court. “Sorana, help me!” she cried.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Courtesy of Bleacherreport

The injury was a knee-related injury that was serious enough to retire Sands from the match, as well as the rest of the tournament.

Amelia Earhart photo sparks speculation
Amelia Earhart Courtesy of CDN

After 80 years, one photo of Amelia Earhart has created a controversy around everything we know surrounding her disappearance. The first female pilot to fly around the world was suspected to be dead in 1937, after a crash on July 2. However, this week, a black and white photo surfaced with historians analyzing the image, taken after the crash, which appears to show Earhart in the background. Due to the quality, angle and shadows in the photo, the figures are still unclear, but experts are suggesting that Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan are in the background of this photograph from the Marshall Islands. The image was found amongst papers belonging to the Office of Naval Intelligence, as part of “declassified” evidence in Earhart’s disappearance. Although various sources continue to weigh in on this discovery, investigators are the ones continuing to check in on the validity to answer the questions that have sprung from it.

Lady Gaga brings the support on social

With today’s social media influence, fans did not react well to musician Ed Sheeran’s inference that he was supposedly “quitting Twitter.” Lady Gaga was quick to jump on the Thinking Out Loud singer’s news, responding to the negative uproar with a social media post of her own.

Part of Gaga’s Instagram caption reads: “What an incredible talented artist I LOVE ED @teddysphotos deserves all our love and respect like all humans do. I wish all people on the internet would be positive and loving and a part of creating an online community that is kind and empowering, not hateful and mean.”

Lady Gaga Courtesy of Variety

Sheeran noted that the online community of Twitter had “nothing but people saying mean things.” Gaga’s further defended, “No reason to tear down an artist simply because they are on top. Work harder to be kinder everybody. That should be your first duty to humanity.”

Nikki Haley reacts to North Korea’s nuclear weapons
Nikki Haley Courtesy of Newsday

As North Korea’s nuclear threat continues to loom over America, this Independence Day, the country’s successful launch of a missile that could reach Alaska probed the United States’ U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to the office – a day at work she was not pleased about. Haley tweeted, “Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea.” Haley’s tweet sparked over 11,000 replies with the basic gist of “this is your job.” After the initial replies, comments continued to erupt over the former South Carolina governor, who was appointed by President Trump and had no prior foreign policy experience.

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