5 Brutally Honest Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following On Social Media

5 Brutally Honest Entrepreneurs

You Should Be Following On Social Media

Aurora James. Photo Courtesy of Into The Gloss

More and more women have taken a risk in order to make their mark in the world and in turn, female entrepreneurs continue to dominate the fashion, tech, and beauty industries. Hundreds of stories are shared each day talking about failed business attempts, perseverance, breakthroughs, stubbornness and (of course) success, but what publications don’t tell us is that 80 percent of what’s written is carefully crafted to relay only what we want to hear – or rather what they think we want to hear. For those who don’t have first hand experience running their own business, the word “entrepreneur” is romanticized and promises long lunches, client meetings at five star restaurants and the freedom to make whatever schedule you want. But, as most of us know, entrepreneurship is no easy path. It’s more or less like jumping off a cliff with no parachute, hitting every rock on the way down and somehow coming out alive at the bottom with only a few scratches and bruises. So, what happened to being candid and telling the whole and honest truth about running a business? Social media- that’s what.

It’s been said it takes 10 seconds to form a first impression but now with social media, it only takes 5 minutes to figure out someone’s entire life history. You can see where they’re from, what their style is, who they’re friends with and what they’ve done over the past week, month or year. Though having this insight may make us feel like we know each person intimately, it’s always a constant struggle trying to distinguish what content is honest and authentic and what pieces distort reality.

Whitney Wolfe Herd. Photo Courtesy of Racked

Most of us scroll through so many social media posts a day, that we become numb to the bullshit content that some people are posting -we accept it as the norm and continue on. When following an entrepreneur, we watch closely for wise words, tricks of the trade and to (hopefully) see the inner workings of the business, and though that’s often times what we get, we’re often sheltered from the harsh reality.

The moments of doubt, sleepless nights, home office nightmares and work/life balance lies all seem to be swept under the rug. But, through all background noise, there are a few incredible trailblazers that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and give an honest opinion every now and then.

These five female entrepreneurs are kicking ass, taking names and keeping it real on social media.

1. Whitney Wolfe Herd (@whitwolfeherd)

Founder of Bumble

Starting one of the most successful dating apps that put women in power of their left and right swipes is an amazing feat, but what’s even more refreshing is the app’s Founder, Whitney Wolfe on social media. She gives her followers an inside look at her life and whether it’s a selfie with her friends, a picture of her dog or a funny text her mom sent we see it all – unfiltered. It will be imperative to follow along with this queen bee, especially now as she expands the Bumble empire out to business networking as well.

Linda Rodin. Photo Courtesy of Grey Magazine
2. Linda Rodin (@lindaandwinks)

Founder of RODIN olio lusso

Linda Rodin is known for breaking boundaries in the fashion and beauty industries and now she’s breaking the internet. At a glance, her Instagram account looks like something straight out of Vogue. Her vibrant wardrobe, eclectic home décor, and her gorgeous poodle (yes, we’re all suckers for any furry friends ) could all easily be in the next Anna Wintour-approved spread, but the powerhouse entrepreneur still manages to keep it real. She’s never been one to hide her true self and it’s helped her come out on top, not only in her career but in the digital world as well.

3. Christina Karin (@christinakarin)

Designer & Creative Director of Christina Karin

Life of a Fashion Designer may seem glamorous and most of what we see on social media validates that notion, but what we don’t see is everything that happens behind the scenes. Thanks to Chicago based Designer and Creative Director, Christina Karin, that’s about to change. As her self-named ready-to-wear label continues to grow and become more successful, she’s not afraid to give a little insight on what it’s like to run a business and a household. She often posts pictures of her clothing (naturally) but scattered throughout her feed you’ll find any family vacations, truth bombs about mother-hood and downright honest captions about life.

Christina Karin. Photo Courtesy of Fashionista Chicago
4. Aurora James (@aurorajames)

Founder & Creative Director of Brother Vellies

Known for her cool-girl style, cultural influence and incredible accessory label, Brother Vellies, Aurora James is a true inspiration. Her first collection, launched in 2014, was created entirely by artisans in South Africa. Now expanded out to Kenya and Morocco, she has been able to provide multitudes of jobs for locals in what seemed to have been a dying art. Aside from her incredible company story, she’s also honest about what running a business looks like and some of the challenges that come along with that (even if it can seem like she lives a charmed life). Inspirational captions, makeup-free selfies and peeks into her personal life at home are pretty common for this boss babe not to mention she takes airport style to a whole new level by making the most of her travel and those awful security buckets.

Moj Mahadra. Photo Courtesy of Smallz & Raskind/Getty Images
5. Moj Mahadra (@mojism)

CEO of Beauty Con

Running the entertainment strategy for Airstream at 25 was just the beginning for Moj Mahadra. With a Ted Talk, multiple articles out about influencer-driven engagement and being named CEO of Beautycon all under her belt, she’s paving a path for all women in the digital media industry. This entrepreneur isn’t afraid to share her personal feelings with the world either. Through her feeds she posts about politics, feminist movements, and behind-the-scenes footage of shoot days. She’s unapologetically herself in every way – showing other women that they don’t have to fit into society’s standards of what a female entrepreneur should be.

Brittany Hinrichs

Brittany Hinrichs is a multifaceted entrepreneur. As Founder of BH Creative, a body positivity activist, speaker, and Founder/Digital publisher for Honestly Unfiltered she looks to change the way people look at digital branding and social media.

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