13 Cafes In New York For Every Type Of Entrepreneur

13 Cafes In New York

For Every Type Of Entrepreneur

Everyone has those moments – when your work to-do list is piled high, yet you’re hardly making a dent in the tasks in your apartment. Your place is brimming with distractions – Netflix at your fingertips, fridge stocked with goodies that call out your name, and a soft, plush mattress feet away. Who can blame you if you’re enticed to leave your assignment for creature comforts?

Alas, work has to be completed, and we all know most people are more productive in a public space (you feel more judged for taking a 1-hour nap at Starbucks). So we’ve compiled a list of must-visit coffee shops suited for every type of entrepreneur, all with complimentary wifi and plenty of ambiance. 

1. For Pet Lovers: Rose and Basil in The East Village

For the woman who adores her pet as much as she loves her business, Rose and Basil is for you. Pets are welcomed with open arms in this cozy cafe. Decorated with fresh roses, this spot offers a selection of mini-cakes, vegan breakfast jars, and floral drinks. Spend a tranquil afternoon here with your pup as you finish that Keynote presentation while sipping their signature rose latte.

Rose and Basil Courtesy of Yelp User
2. For Coffee Connoisseurs: Coffee Project in The East Village

For the coffee expert who scoffs at Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, the Coffee Project is sure to meet your standards. They carry nitrogen-infused coffee, which one customer describes as “light, smooth, clean and cool black coffee. Maybe it’s the beans that Coffee Project used but this tasted better than all the Nitros I’ve had.” The real star, however, is their deconstructed latte – a wine-tasting-esque order that comes with a shot of espresso, raw milk, latte, biscuit, and sparkling water. The only order where drinking your coffee with a snobby attitude is acceptable, and possibly even encouraged.

Deconstructed Latte Courtesy of Yelp User
3. For the Queens-dweller: Tea Plus Cafe in Astoria
Tea Plus Cafe Courtesy of Yelp User

For those who live in Queens, trekking into the city just for a cafe  may not seem worth the effort. Instead, head over to the delightful Tea Plus Cafe in Astoria.  It boasts a selection of over 40 types of tea, a plethora of comfy armchairs, and ample outlets, making it the ideal spot for working.  Make sure to try their signature Azuki matcha espresso, a gorgeous creation that’ll have you hooked.

4. For Ice Cream and FroYo Lovers: Sugar Cube in Long Island City

Sometimes coffee, even a sugary and dessert-like one, isn’t enough of an incentive for you to power through your work. When caffeine fails, ice cream can save the day. If you’re in a healthier mood, frozen yogurt can also hit the spot. Sugarcube cafe offers an eclectic selection of gelatos, with flavors like black currant elderflower and cucumber lime basil, which will fuel you through your assignments.

Exterior of Sugarcube Courtesy of Yelp User
5. For Chess Lovers: Postmark Cafe in Brooklyn

For chess lovers, the game isn’t just a hobby – it’s an exercise to increase the acuity of your intellect. A cozy spot nestled in Brooklyn, Postmark Cafe offers a quiet, calming atmosphere with ample outlets and its own chess table. Whenever you need a break from those spreadsheets, play a productive game of chess with a fellow cafe-goer.

6. For Green Tea Lovers: Matcha Cafe Wabi in Alphabet City
Sakura Latte Courtesy of Yelp User

Not everyone is a coffee lover – some prefer to get their caffeine fix from milder sources like tea. If green tea is your thing, then Matcha Cafe Wabi is a must-visit. Their Sakura matcha latte is truly unique, adorned with an elegant piece of dried sakura flower resting on a bed of matcha foam. The antioxidants from the matcha are sure to give you a brain boost to finish your work on time.

7. For Nature Lovers: Grounded in The West Village

While you can’t take a break from work, you can find respite from the urban environment you’re constantly engulfed in. If that’s your mood, Grounded will be an immediate haven. True to its name, the cafe exudes an earthy, natural aura – an ambiance created by potted plants and hanging shrubbery.  Complement your visit with a Popeye smoothie and a honey ghost pepper grilled cheese.

Interior of Grounded Courtesy of Yelp User
8. For Caffeine and a Buzz: DTUT

Sometimes alertness doesn’t promote creativity – relaxation does. In such situations, caffeine may not be enough, and a glass of wine or a cocktail may be the remedy. In such dire times, pay a visit to DTUT, a cafe-bar combo serving coffee, alcohol, and coffee cocktails. Its decor is more cafe than bar, creating a quiet atmosphere conducive for working.

DTUT Interior Courtesy of Yelp User
9. For The Muffin-Obsessed: REX in Hell’s Kitchen

Rex, an unassuming cafe in Midtown West is said to have the most delicious blueberry muffins in all of New York. In fact, they’ve been described by one user as: “the best I’ve had in New York. Crispy and toasted on top, fluffy in the middle with tons of blueberries bursting from the center and the edges. It’s firm yet soft, sweet yet filling. It’s perfect.” Use this blueberry-studded treat as a reward for being productive.

10. For Almond Milk Lovers: The Jolly Goat in Midtown West

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or just a fan of this nut-based milk alternative, look no further than The Jolly Goat. This toasty cafe carries is heralded for its almond lattes, which features a creamy, full-bodied taste. One patron praises, “there’s just something about it…it’s creamy and transforms the latte into an entirely new drink. It tastes like an expertly made drink of velvety, steamy almond milk.”

Almond Milk Latte Courtesy of Yelp User
11. For Vegans: Cafe Beit in Brooklyn

Whether you’re vegan for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, you shouldn’t be denied the luxury of enjoying a pastry alongside your coffee as you hammer through your workload.  Head on over to Cafe Beit in Brooklyn for delectable drinks made from their in-house almond and coconut milk, as well as delicious lunch options like the Chickpea Salad Sandwich and house-made soups.

12. For The Organic Foodie: Bean and Bean
Bean & Bean Courtesy of Yelp User

Just because you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, doesn’t mean you don’t value your health. As we know, good nutrition leads to a healthy brain, with translates to heightened productivity. For the health-obsessed, Bean & Bean will fit your palate perfectly. This cafe in FiDi offers organic coffee from over 40 countries, grown with minimal environmental impact. Clean out your work to-do list with a clear conscience, knowing that you’re doing both your body and the earth a favor.

13. For Latte Art Fans: Sweet Moment in Little Italy

If you are what you eat, are you also what you drink? If so, then drinking a latte from Sweet Moment NYC will bump you up several points on the cuteness scale. Their red velvet latte and matcha lattes are the most popular items, and when you see the expressive animal creations on the latte art, you’ll understand why. Also on the menu are a variety of shaved ice dishes called Bingsoo, if you’re in the mood for something chilly.

Latte Art Courtesy of Yelp User
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