Women-Created Apps That Are Total Life-Savers

Women-Created Apps

That Are Total Life-Savers

While we can find apps for chatting, ordering food and getting a taxi – and those are all incredibly important to our daily lives – there are a lot of apps out there that go to another level, and simply streamline our daily activities, making us more productive, more relaxed, and more ready to confront our days. Even better, all of the apps we’re featuring in this piece were created by women!

LaLa Lunchbox 

The best-selling LaLa Lunchbox app eliminates the stress of lunch planning for parents by empowering kids with meal planning decisions. Kids select foods for lunch from a completely customizable library with fun monsters, colors and chomping sounds, and those choices instantly become a handy grocery list for parents. Studies have shown that when kids are involved in their food selection, they choose more variety and waste less, which means a more balanced lunch and grocery money well spent.  LaLa Lunchbox was created by an MBA mom of 3, with a background in public health marketing and tech. The iOS app teaches kids about smarter food choices and helps picky eaters broaden their horizons.  Gillian Fein  is the Founder LaLa Lunchbox, LLC

Virtual Health Partners

Jillian Bridgette Cohen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Virtual Health Partners. Virtual Health Partners is an innovator in weight loss and wellness and offers a comprehensive program recommended by physicians, fitness, wellness and health experts around the world, including live one-on-one nutrition appointments, fitness classes, and lifestyle modification coaching by a team of health experts.  All coaching is done through a mobile app, tablet, or computer, with live support available 7 days a week.  The app has a lot of 12-20 minute videos and classes so people with tight work schedules or an early start to the day can still be active. It enables people with busy schedules to increase energy, metabolism and focus all day long.


It’s time to get with the FLO and Alisa Vitti, the “hormone whisperer” will be your guide! As a functional nutritionist, women’s hormone expert, author and founder of floliving.com, Alisa has “un-tabooed” the topic of menstruation. With her best selling book WomanCode and online hormone health center, she has been helping and inspiring women to tap into their inner wisdom and feel good all month long!

After 15 years of successfully helping women learn about their bodies, Alisa and FLO Living are excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary female-developed period tracker app called MyFLO. It is the first-ever period app that helps users track symptoms and know what to do to become symptom-free! Users track period symptoms in each phase of their cycle, and the app offers food and self-care prescriptions that reduce or eliminate those symptoms. The more use, the smarter the app gets!  MyFLO is for women of varying ages, assisting in the healing of menstrual disorders, optimization of fertility, perimenopause or premature hormonal aging and more.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is a 5 star rated app paving the way to everyday emotional wellness with customized content and activities based on user emotions. It has become a top ranked app for emotional health. Co-founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron, Stop, Breathe & Think has garnered over 2.2M organic user downloads, 6M emotional check-ins, and averages 200K Monthly Active Users. Stop, Breathe & Think was born out of Tools for Peace (TFP), a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring kindness and compassion in everyday life, teaching concrete skill development for at-risk youth and adults. Tools for Peace aims to strengthen and support social and emotional intelligence for people of all ages throughout the world. 10% of Stop Breathe & Think’s net sales work to fund TFP to help further this mission.  Founded in 2015.


This wedding planning platform, Prepaired just launched last month. It was started by a 70-year-old wedding coordinator who is now taking the tech industry by storm. She pulled from all her years of experience and utilized an amazing programming team to make wedding planning easier for the couple, venue and vendors.  The platform uses intuitive tools for messaging, organizing and budgeting. Soon it will have a unique matching algorithm that pairs a couple with options for the best venue and vendors for them (sort of like a match.com for wedding planning!).

Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina is perfect for this story! Authentic and meaningful social connections truly are more life changing than just about anything else and Hey! Vina, a tinder-like app that helps women find platonic female friendships, is helping women from around the world make find their girl tribes. Created by a woman who found it hard to make new friends in her new city while working in the male dominated tech industry, the goal of Hey! Vina is not only to connect women who are compatible in geography and interest, but also to take those friendships offline and into real life. While happy to assist in making these connections online, Hey! Vina strongly encourages users to meet in person and forge true connections and enjoy a variety of activities.


 Email productivity app Boomerang is key both to successfully conquering the work-day and restoring work-life balance as it can help you to streamline work production while in the office and completely disconnect when you're out of the office. Boomerang, which was created by woman co-founder Aye Moah, helps boost productivity through a few different functions including: Inbox Pause - While you're out of the office this lets you disconnect completely by minimizing email interruptions. The feature give you control over what emails hit your inbox and when. Respondable - We all know follow up emails can take some time out of your day. This A.I. feature provides real-time feedback on the likelihood of a recipient responding to your email, helping to write better emails the first time around. Send later - No one wants to be that colleague sending emails extremely late at night. The send later feature allows you to schedule emails to go out at a later date and time.


BWom is the first customized app for managing women's intimate health. The goal is to provide exercises so that women can take control of their intimate health and train themselves - whether that's to have better sex, to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, or to recover post-pregnancy.

Barre Code On Demand

Barre Code On Demand Platform just launched this summer. On the platform, users can stream signature Barre Code classes 24/7 and get a taste of The Barre Code’s comprehensive program from the comfort of their own home or while traveling. Users can take one series, or build a workout as they like, and there’s no equipment required. The Barre Code is not your average workout studio! Both the classes and environment break from tradition by focusing on what there is to gain, never what there is to lose.  There are over 30 studios around the U.S. with more to come. What I love most about the brand is the positive and empowering message for women that is the main mission CEOs Ari and Jillian had in mind since the beginning. 

Jillian Michaels app 

Jillian Michaels’ app is a one-stop destination for fitness and nutrition with its workout programs and various nutrition plans that maintain consistency whether at home, traveling or on the go for maintaining food and fitness routines. Jillian creates the fitness programs and nutritious meals and posts testimonials of the many who have seen dramatic results. "In today's digital age, I'm proud to create an app (Jillian Michaels app) that lets me be a personal trainer to thousands of people, with various goals and fitness levels, every day. The app is completely customizable and regularly updated with new workouts and a huge variety of recipes to reach subscribers everywhere they are. I love being part of their journey and celebrating the transformations app users share,” says Jillian Michaels.


Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky is a freelance lifestyles writer based in New York City, who contributes regularly to iVillage, SheKnows.com, xoJane, Huffington Post, and The Fashion Spot as well as many other print and web outlets.

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