Spring Trends For The No-Frills Entrepreneur

Just in case you didn’t already know it, I’m just going to say it- women entrepreneurs, you are a force to be reckoned with..

This Legendary Actress Went From

’90s Sitcom Star to Renaissance Woman

Supermodel Madeline Stuart

Shares Fitness Tips For Workout Haters

World renowned supermodel, Madeline Stuart is continuing to do amazing things in 2018.

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A Gold Rush for Brands…

Until [the Day] The Algorithm Changed

“You probably remember the fateful day – January 11, 2018,” stated Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner, as he stepped on the conference stage. He went on to say that “on that day,

the man Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, said, ‘we are making a major change to Facebook’.” This algorithm change, like those that are instituted on other major marketing platforms, can have positive, or often, devastating effects on businesses.


Tastemakers Shaping The Future Of Culinary Arts

In the wake of scandals that have rocked the culinary world, March’s National Women’s History month serves as an important reminder...

When Heartbreak Hinders Output:

Managing Work After a Breakup

This Woman Looked Public Rejection In The Face —

And Made A Serious Comeback

It takes a lot of strength to go on national TV, get rejected, and then push forward despite it all..

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Hip Hop’s New Narrative:

Embracing A Culture Of Female Empowerment And Male Vulnerability

Despite still being in its infancy, in the 90s, hip hop was a progressive and groundbreaking culture. It was a period when a multitude of queens reigned supreme, with resiliency and distinction,

and the kings were free and vulnerable enough to growl their way through their pain like a DMX, or pour their hearts out to their mamas like Mr. Shakur, without anyone batting an eye or calling them “soft.” It was a special time. A golden era.

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