Signs You're Your Own Worst Enemy

If the question were asked, “Who is your worst enemy?”, some of us wouldn’t have to look any further than the mirror. “You are your own worst enemy” is a maxim for a reason.

Kelly Ford:

Country Music’s Queen of Broadcasting

"I Created A Trending Product

And Everyone Ripped Me Off"

It all started on a Saturday evening. I was in the shower and thought to myself “do I have time to wash my hair and glue on my lashes? Ugh, why do lashes have to take so much time?

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Meet One of the Only

Female Animation Directors in the Industry

Jenna Zona always knew she wanted to tell stories. How she would tell them, though, wasn’t quite so clear. She began by creating comics and illustrating, always imagining that the characters she’d created were actually moving.

Then, while watching the credits scroll at the end of an animated movie she’d just watched, it all clicked. People get paid to do this, she thought to herself, and with that, she made the decision to pursue a Masters of Fine Art in animation...


Fall Must-Haves For Your Work Wardrobe

Women are doing more and more to make their voices heard. They are making bold moves in their careers and at home. More women are entering into fields such as politics, science, technology and they are...

Randi Zuckerberg Unites

Food And Tech in Glorious Harmony

L’Oréal’s Women in Digital Awards

Take Tech to Task

L‘Oréal’s Women in Digital Next Generation Awards have, for five years now, been elevating and encouraging women in tech...

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This Week in Women:

Role Models

From fashion week to superhero firsts, this week was all about the role of women; with a female, and even one male leader, using their talent and opportunity in the spotlight to draw attention to the significance of increasing female roles in society.

Using the runway, comic books and feature films to draw attention to women’s voices, women’s rights and combating violence, the work from these role models are sure to inspire.

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