How Bilyana Freye Built The Airbnb Of Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is one of many opportunities that anyone can take part in, especially if you feel like you need a change of pace in your work-life... "All of our shadowers today have been women, and a huge portion of them have been minority women,”

Monique Idlett-Mosley's Unique

Approach In Investing In Women And Minorities

Judge Tanya Acker

On Overcoming Racial Barriers & Her Rise To The Top

“There are certainly times when people treated me differently or made assumptions about me because I was a black woman,”

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Combining Eastern and Western

Medicine to Destigmatize Infertility

According to the CDC, one in eight couples have trouble “getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.” Yet for such a common number, the conversation around infertility is still taboo, with a heavy stigma of shame

and neglect surrounding words like miscarriage and infertile. For Angela Le, this stigma of shame is what she works to remove along with the the fear, anger, defeat, confusion and...


Female Founded Companies And How They Won Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, there’s no “one size fits all” or “magic bullet” that results in success. It sounds easy, but some brands do this better than others...

From Vogue Assistants to Startup Founders:

Meet The Mothers Behind Maisonette

Sheetal Sheth On

Addressing Gender and Ethnic Bias in her First Children’s Book

As she prepared to welcome her daughter into the world, an Indian-American, she searched for picture books that offered characters of culture...

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Demystifying Traveling

In Jordan As A Woman

Jordan ignited an insatiable craving in me for the Middle East. When I visited earlier this year in the “Lost City” of Petra—a UNESCO World Heritage site with ruins dating back to 400 B.C.

which included towering buildings carved directly into pink sandstone cliff faces—relit my anthropological curiosity. Jordan is in the epicenter of where civilization began.

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