Ways To Indulge And Stay On Track During Holiday Party Season

The first snowfall always signals the beginning of 'the silly season'...

Huaraches For Hope:

This Fierce Founder is Providing Clean Water For Guatemalans

How Rhonda Vetere Has Emerged

As One Of The Most Prominent Female Voices In Tech

Whether it’s getting business done on the golf course, traveling the globe, or running countless marathons...

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From Boss to Bestie:

Our No-Fail Holiday Guide For Everyone In Your Life

Believe it or not, the holiday season is already here. And as mad as the year was, its last few weeks are always the most fun. With lots of gifts to get for everyone from your mother to boyfriend, and boss to BFF,

we’ve got you covered on all ends with our holiday guide, and as always we’ve done our best to include mostly female-founded companies. Happy shopping!


Years Old And Radically Disrupting New York's Sushi Scene

It’s an aging concept, that of the male-only executive in the kitchen. Women, who have long been confined to pastry...

How One Woman Is Using Cheeky

Christmas Pranks To Upend The Establishment

Spaghetti Sauce and Hate Mail:

Here’s What’s Trending on Social This Week

From Time's "Silence Breakers" to a Piers Morgan pie, the week was nothing short of entertaining...

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Women in VR:

Out With The Old And In With The New Inclusivity

At a time when male-dominated Hollywood is getting a plethora of bad press for its inappropriate treatment of women, the newly established virtual reality (VR) community is emerging as a place where women are welcomed and are gaining leadership positions.

While not perfectly balanced, females are thriving in entertainment VR more than other areas of Hollywood, where the traditional old-school boys club is par for the course.

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