Bars With Kickass Women At The Helm

While we usually go to a bar just to grab a drink and have a chill time, it’s really nice to come across a bar with a story. These bars all have roots with kickass bartenders or founders...

How This App is Building Body Confidence

Through Fashion Intel

A Brief History of Sex Toys

and Female Sexuality

The beginnings of the female sex toy are interesting indeed. As any Master of Sex fan knows, intimate vibrating devices were not created for the sole reason of bestowing pleasure to women, but instead...

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Innovative Wed-Tech Solutions

That Streamline The Planning Process

You’re engaged, now what? Technology is revolutionizing the way business is done, and the wedding industry is no exception. From Pinterest boards of their dream weddings, to following their favorite social influencer

when she gets married, to tagging friends in posts of videos and pictures of their wedding inspirations, you can ditch the wedding planning binders, and simply plan your wedding online!


Female-Run Startups That Defied The Odds

Statistics vary, but in and around 80-90 percent of start-ups fail within the first year. That number is enormous and terrifying for the prospective entrepreneurs...

You Snooze, You Lose:

Why Hitting the Snooze Button Can Derail Your Entire Day

Natalie’s Journey:

From Male CEO To Female Trailblazer

Just a few years ago Natalie Egan was living the American dream, as Nathan Egan, a father of three married to her college sweetheart...

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More Female Venture Capitalists

Doesn't Mean More Money For Women

Laura Behrens Wu, Chief Executive Officer at Shippo, a shipping and data company, voiced a sobering concern: Are female venture capitalists harder on female founders than their male counterparts?

In a Bloomberg article in May, Behrens, who founded her company roughly three years ago, says that female venture capitalists are harder on female founders, claiming....

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