Ways NYFW Reimagined Itself This Season

How many times can a bird replenish its feathers you ask? Well If you’re an expensive bird dedicated to dramatic displays and the exploration of the modern woman, it appears you will never lose them..

This Company Is Empowering Women

One Vibrator And Menstrual Cup At A Time

No Title No Problem:

How I Created My Own Positions Throughout My Career

With the emergence of the sharing economy over the past few years...

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Why Sexism Remains A Major Barrier

For Women In Tech

This year Nina Garcia, the Editor in Chief of Elle Magazine, moderated one of only two panels focused on women called “Global Dialogue of Connection and Support.” The guests were Glory Cheung, chief brand officer at China’s Huawei;

Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solution, Carolyn Everson and Robin Raskin, a longtime partner of the conference, an original protégé of Bill Gates and one of the first female coders.


New York City Bars To Take Yourself Out Tonight

If you want a chill evening with a glass wine or a wild night out, there are so many places to choose from...

Olympics With A Side Of NYFW:

This Week In Social

From The Ring To The Runway:

This Professional Wrestler's Unlikely Path

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The Art Of Nakedness:

Stripping Away Body-Image Issues With Boudoir Photography

When I picked up my camera a few years ago, I sought out to explore the art of emotive portraiture. I wanted to tell women’s stories through photography while at the same time providing them with an unforgettable experience. I’ll never forget my

first client because our session was full of laughter, self-discovery, and a feeling of empowerment. Since then, I knew I wanted to spread the message of self-love and encourage women everywhere to feel confident and radiant in their own skin.

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