Ways Women Hold Themselves Back at Work

We face a unique set of challenges and expectations imposed upon us via social media, our families, our cultures, and our religions...

“A Bad Day is Not a Bad Life:”

Star Jones On Reclaiming Her Fifties

Burlesque And Tiger Trainers:

Leslie Zemeckis’ Wild Adventures In Film Writing

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Is VR The Most

Female-Friendly Tech Sector?

Tech was not something that was ever on her radar. In fact, she says, two years ago, working in tech was the furthest thing from her mind. “My fascination with tech comes from my love of movies, TV shows, and storytelling in general. After getting my first job at Nickelodeon,

I thought had it all figured out, but I quickly learned how dated linear television is.” After working on an experimental project internally at Nick Jr., Coghlan says she realized that AR and VR were going to be the next major mediums...


Iconic Pop Culture Hairstyles for Every Personality Type

Hair is an extension of personality, something that will always grow back. So during post-breakup sadness or mid-life crisis, the best thing to change is your locks.

Breast Implant Illness:

What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us

Tatcha Founder On Quitting

Corporate And Shaking Up Skincare

After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world, Victoria Tsai was feeling burnt out..

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How Different Is

The Female Entrepreneur’s Brain?

We intuitively know that men and women must have a different type of brain circuitry given that men have a natural drive to go out into the world and establish themselves professionally, with many enjoying the challenges they need to overcome on their ascent to success.

By understanding the gender-specific patterns in blood flow, it allows us to identify if gender plays a role in susceptibility to mood and psychiatric issues including anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder.

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