Things You Should Immediately Do After That Big Investment Rolls In

Funded startups that suddenly find themselves flush with cash need to know how to put it to good use...

Embracing The Struggle:

What Running A Fintech Startup Taught Me About Life

This Invention

Will Revolutionize Mammography Worldwide

Agnes Berzsenyi is the President and CEO, Women’s Health, GE Healthcare.

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Australia and a Meteor Shower:

Here’s What’s Trending On Social This Week

This week, a bill was introduced to Australian Senate to legalize same-sex marriage and the response was overwhelming.

A non-binding postal vote reflected 61.6 percent of Australians in favor of the proposed legislation with Prime Minister . . .


Things We Can Learn From Bumble’s CEO Who Turned Down $450 M Dollars

Every entrepreneur dreams of reaching a level of success where their business is a well-known brand...

Put Down The Phone:

Arianna Huffington's Mission Of Mindfulness

Can We Program Morality?

8 Mind-Bending Questions For Our Generation

As humanity and technology continue to become intertwined to a point of near unification, the Web Summit in Lisbon this past week...

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How This D1 Softball Star

Is Rallying Thousands of Female Scientists

Although athletics and scientific advocacy sound like they don’t have too much in common, according to Jackie Giovanniello, the two are actually quite synergistic.

“Being part of a supportive, tight knit group of women was always part of my life, both in sports and in science,” says the talented softballer-cum-female scientist. “I’ve always been used to that.”

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