Tastemakers Shaping The Future Of Culinary Arts

In the wake of scandals that have rocked the culinary world, March’s National Women’s History month serves as an important reminder...

When Heartbreak Hinders Output:

Managing Work After a Breakup

This Woman Looked Public Rejection In The Face —

And Made A Serious Comeback

It takes a lot of strength to go on national TV, get rejected, and then push forward despite it all..

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Hip Hop’s New Narrative:

Embracing A Culture Of Female Empowerment And Male Vulnerability

Despite still being in its infancy, in the 90s, hip hop was a progressive and groundbreaking culture. It was a period when a multitude of queens reigned supreme, with resiliency and distinction,

and the kings were free and vulnerable enough to growl their way through their pain like a DMX, or pour their hearts out to their mamas like Mr. Shakur, without anyone batting an eye or calling them “soft.” It was a special time. A golden era.


An Irish Gal’s Guide To St.Paddy’s (Not Patty’s) Day In NYC

It’s here, the day you’ve all been waiting for. Your favorite holiday that, (although you won’t admit it), betters Thanksgiving...

Data Shows Women Won’t Invest In Crypto,

So Try It Anyway

Here’s Why Symon

Is Our Musical Girl Crush Of the Moment

I’s safe to say that she is not your average aspiring pop sensation, especially since she incorporates American sign language in the video...

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This Woman Is Out To Eliminate

Bullying Through Urban Tech

For Pat Bransford, MBA and CEO of Urban Tech, it would be impossible to say that her race and gender have not been a huge part of shaping her life, not to mention her expectations. She explains,

“Both race and gender have differentiated me as a gifted person with responsibilities to give back to society. I have not seen either as an impediment but rather as a reason to give back. I integrated Catholic schools in Washington, DC at the age of eight...

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