Women Working Towards Inclusion in Entertainment

"Being a black woman in entertainment is challenging given that the industry was historically designed solely around the interests of white men..."

Secrets To Success:

What Landed This Entrepreneur $29M In Funding

Travel Ahead?

What To Bring With You On Your Summer Trips

Don't let your travel this coming season stress you out, we've got you covered...

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A Humiliating Boardroom Experience

While Pregnant Lead To This Business

By this time, she had gained so much weight that very few things fit her, including her shoes. She found that the only shoes that she could wear were house slippers, and so she went to an important meeting,

with the CEO and CFO of a large multinational company wearing her house slippers. She was the only woman in the room, and she was the only one who had to wear slippers. She did not feel confident.


Companies Conquering The Wellness Movement

This industry is booming, and it's majorly due to female founders. Check these ladies out.

Want To Achieve "The Body?"

Elle Macpherson's Got You

Abortions Illegal in Ireland? Yes.

But Not Anymore

Ireland voted to repeal their eighth amendment on May 25th, which deems abortion illegal and punishable with up to a 14-year prison sentence.

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Can Pro-Lifers

Be Feminists?

It was 1989. I was a sophomore in college, nineteen-years-old, sitting on the floor in the living room of my college apartment. I can still remember the sounds of the screams; the feeling of shattered glass as it brushed passed me; and my roommate’s voice asking if everyone was ok.

We were making posters to take with us to D.C. the next day for the Pro-Choice March on Washington. “Keep your rosaries off my rosaries;” “Pro-Choice = Pro-Woman;” “Keep your legislation out of my uterus;” our signs read.

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