Role Models Lighting The Path For Women

This week shed light on a variety of issues that face not just women, but those we face as global citizens....

Jordana Woodland:

Envisioning The Boudoir Line Of Our Dreams

50,000 Couples Strong: Coffee Meets Bagel

Co-Founder On Digital Matchmaking

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CEO Of Women Who Code

Talks Silicon Valley Hard Truths

Speaking out against sexism in Silicon Valley is certainly not easy, but the outspoken CEO of Women Who Code, Alaina Percival, is no stranger when it comes to calling out the raging inequality in the tech industry.

Having moved from Atlanta to the Bay Area in San Francisco, Percival was quick to realize the dichotomies between men and men trying to pave their way in tech. She joined non- profit Women Who Code in order to learn more about the intricacies of coding and how to navigate the workings of the valley.


5 Female-Founded Companies Invigorating The Wellness Movement

It's no secret that the health and wellness industry has been booming of late. Veganism has grown by 500 percent since 2014, and Yogis have risen by over 16 M since 2012. People care about what they put into their body....

How Karen Gordon Is Using Technology

To Create Better Leaders

Former Saved By The Bell Actress

Talks Babies And Business

You probably recognize actress and entrepreneur, Sarah Lancaster, from Saved By The Bell: The New Class, and you would be spot on. We tend to look at people in the spotlight...

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Monkey Says, Monkey Do

The Era of Copycat Businesses

Have we invented too many things to have any true innovation today? At its worst, the term copycat elicits thoughts of bottom-feeders who lack imagination, drive, work ethic and resourcefulness, stealing what is clearly not theirs.

The term is anything but pleasant. At its most pejorative, it describes a uniquely disposable creature of contempt. But what’s the origin of the word?

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