Women Making Waves In the Cannabis Industry

It’s true that cannabis is somewhat of a taboo word these days, since legalization laws make it a pretty controversial topic everyone seems to ....

Billionaire Heiress,

Tamara Ecclestone On Bringing Luxury To Haircare

From Cold Calling To Running a $2B Business

Stormy Simon Talks Overstock

The year was 2001. Amazon sold only books, Netflix was but a dream, and even the smallest piece of furniture was not...

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These Women

Forged New Career Paths After 30

The tale of being stuck in a career you’re not particularly passionate about is a tale that’s told on repeat. It doesn’t have to be a tale that ends in misery or a cloud of “what ifs,” though. Sure, you

might have thrown down five digits worth of cash to secure an educational degree, and you might even have found great success in your field, after pouring years’ worth of sweat into it all....


Luxe NYC Restaurants For Nights on the Expense Account

It’s time. You’ve been gushing after this for so long and now you’ve finally been granted the crown jewel – the company card....

These Sisters are Redefining

the Term “Make-Up Pro”

Kango Drivers

On How They Fuel This Car-Ride App Service For Kids

Kango, an app-based service that lets its users schedule rides for kids from preschool to high school, is a hot commodity among parents and drivers alike....

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Little Sisters Fund:

Fighting the Sex Trade with Education

Nepal is the largest per capita offender of international sex trafficking, with 15,000 to 20,000 girls traded annually. It exists as the cultural side effect to a male-dominated society, which decreases the

access and resources for a girl’s education. It’s been almost 20 years since Trevor Patzer took his first trip to Nepal, only to return to the United States with a sponsee, or “little sister,” and an idea to.....

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