Strategies For More Effective Meetings

Every organization has to figure out how to make meetings productive. It’s a complex challenge. To be effective, each meeting needs to engage the individual talents of the people involved...

Breaking The Mold

Of The Fitness Influencer

Top Tips

To Improve Your Odds With Angel Investors

There are less than 300 angel investors actively investing in startups with only about 60,000 investments happening per year. In fact, angels fund less than a percent of all startups....How do you get to them?

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This Female CEO's Advice:

Market To Humans, Not Robots

hen people tell me they’re doing something for marketing purposes, I often ask what that means; the funny thing is that they often can’t answer that question clearly. This is through no fault of their own. During my time as a CMO for global

companies and now as the founder and CEO of B2B marketing agency, The Ricciardi Group, I’ve discovered that marketing is more or less a generic term applied to a huge sector of business....


Female Only Getaways You Didn't Know You Needed

Tis the season for drafting “out of the office” emails and jetting off to somewhere magical. If you’re still trying to figure out your travel plans...

My Love Story:

45 Days To Healthier Skin

Alexandra Daddario:

Her Broadway Dreams And New Role As Executive Producer

“I’m all about women who are empowering themselves through their work, their relationships, all kinds of things, and I think this is a great opportunity in time to start producing.”

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Female Marijuana Moguls:

Are Solving Age-Old Women’s Health Issues

In 2009, I underwent an invasive hip surgery that left me without the ability to walk for two years. I had spent the years prior in near constant pain and had to rely on pain

medications to help with day-to-day activities and sleep. The surgery unfortunately failed to resolve the underlying issues that were causing me pain, .....

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