Ways To Best Organize Your Apartment’s Worst Spots

Every home has those areas that just never seem to get organized. No matter how many times you try, the clutter just keeps multiplying.

Stylist By Day, DJ By Night:

Sophia Hyacinthe Knows How To Hustle

Time’s Up Now:

The Past, Present, and Future of Sexual Harassment

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A Feminist Fashion Week and Sexist Ads:

Here’s What’s Trending This Week In Social

This year, designer Rebecca Minkoff opted to skip New York Fashion Week and focus on a platform for female empowerment by spotlighting inspiring women dressed in her spring collection.

Minkoff will share the stories of 20 powerful females on her Instagram to support the messaging of the Women’s March...


Companies That Are Shedding The Shame Around Periods

The body positive movement is now becoming a mainstream cultural development, which is revolutionizing body image for women of all shapes, sizes, and colors...

Fashion CEO Nanae Matsuoka

Speaking Out On Women’s Inequality In Japan

Paternity Leave And Dad’s

Evolving Role In Newborn Care

Ever since Ivanka Trump made it her focal point on the campaign trail, parental leave has been a major topic of conversation in the United States..

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From Tech to Whiskey:

She's Taking On One Male-Dominated Industry At A Time

Megan Kvamme has made it a habit of breaking down traditionally male-dominated industries from finance to distilling whiskey to tech. As a female investment banker, in Silicon Valley,

Kvamme was named the first female partner in 115 years. From there she became CEO and Chairwoman of Popcorn Sutton’s Distilling...

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