Non-Cliché Graduation Gifts For The Future CEO

With the days of gifting a simple pen or tie long gone, these gifts might earn you a social media mention on your loved one's big day...

For Randi Zuckerberg,

The Secret To Doing It All Is Not Doing It All (At Once)

A Supermodel, A Serial Entrepreneur

And A Life-Changing Green Drink

Founded by Andrea Horwood and supermodel Elle Macpherson, Welleco is certainly a business to watch...

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These Women Aren’t Just

Using Diversity As A Buzzword

"Companies that constantly innovate have to realize that building a diverse team is aligned with their interests and vision. A diverse team brings more opinions, richer perspectives, and larger networks...

Having a curious and open-minded team is the solution to having diversity in the workplace. And since curiosity breeds open-mindedness, arguments will morph into an thoughtful debates, at least that’s what we’ve found."


NYC Rooftop Bars That Say HELLO Summer

The warm weather is officially here. Gone are the days (hopefully) of overcast, rain-splotched days that have you holed up in your shoe-sized apartment complex..

How Are These Newcomers

Navigating A Post-Time’s Up Music Industry?

Life Lessons From Heather

Monahan’s Book Writing Process

Confidence is such a funny thing; you can have it in one area in your life and not in another..

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Breaking Traditions:

This Woman Is The First To Run Her Family’s Italian Winery

Cristina Chiomenti lives a life that sounds like the perfect movie plot—New York City lawyer who moved to Tuscany to run her family’s century-old winery. But following in the footsteps

of a family history brimming with so much success and history isn’t all glamorous. With her roots planted in both Italy and New York City, Chiomenti began her career as a lawyer

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