6/9 – This Week in Women: Young Minds, Foreign Policy and Courtroom Controversy

6/9 – This Week in Women:
Young Minds, Foreign Policy and Courtroom Controversy

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From Hollywood babies to teens making pretty impressive strides in science and technology, the youth had a majority on this week’s headlines. Meanwhile, Canada’s Foreign Affair minister announced somewhat shocking news for the typically tranquil territory and controversy came out of the courtroom to round out this week’s news in women to watch.

Susana Cappello, Victoria Roca and Carolina Baigorri invented a straw to detect date rape drugs
Susana Cappello, Victoria Roca and Carolina Baigorri. Courtesy of USA Today

What started as motivation to win a business competition, turned into a patentable product for these three high school students from Miami. Cappello, Roca and Baigorri realized that, although there was always discussion around date rape, there still ceased to be a tangible solution to prevent the problem. So, the three students explored the market for an easy device to carry around that would detect the most popular date rape drugs, gamma hydroxybutyric (GHB), Ketamine and Rohypnol, in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They originally proposed a piece of jewelry as their device-of-choice, however, they ended up with a straw—portable and relevant—that will turn blue once dipped in a drugged drink. Throughout their product development and entrepreneurial journey, not only did these three ladies develop a necessary product, but they became the first students from their school to win the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge High School Track.

Chrystia Freeland announced a shift for Canada’s foreign policy

In an effort to focus on national strength, rather than international allies, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, released that the country would be expanding its budget to increase military “hard power.” Freeland acknowledged the shift as a way to address “challenges that we’re facing right now with terrorism and broader public safety issues.” She also noted the shift in policy as a response to the United States’ unpredictability with global leadership, explaining that Canada shouldn’t be completely dependent on the alliance. This announcement comes as a more aggressive policy for the typically neutral Canadian state, which reflects Freeland’s personal stances on multilateralism and international regulations in moving Canada forward.

Chrystia Freeland. Courtesy of Yahoo
Kamala Harris was “shushed” and the Internet took notice

California Sen. Kamala Harris was in the midst of a line of questioning aimed at Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during Wednesday night’s hearing on Russian intelligence, when Senate intelligence committee Chairman Richard Burr interrupted her by asking, “Will the senator suspend?” This was the first of many interjections by Burr throughout the hearing, which ultimately led Burr to divert questioning to Texas Sen. John Cornyn. Due to the fact that Harris was one of three women on the intelligence panel, the internet responded to Burr’s interjections as sexist. Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed her alignment with this notion when she tweeted, “Silencing @SenKamalaHarris for not being “courteous” enough is just unbelievable. Keep fighting, Kamala! #NeverthelessShePersisted.”

Amanda Southworth was one of the youngest attendees at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference

At 15 years old, Southworth has been coding for six years–self taught–and has built out two apps, AnxietyHelper and Verena that are geared toward helping young users manage their mental health, and to feel accepted as part of the LGBT community, respectively. These accolades are what landed the teenager a WWDC Scholarship; an award that recognizes “talented students and STEM organization members.” Along with this recognition, the scholarship grants winners access to the annual conference, thus, Southworth spent the week immersed in a world for which she left high school to pursue. “Now I do coding about five hours a day and schoolwork for about two hours of the day,” said Southworth, who made the change to be home schooled at 12 years old. “I’m looking forward to meeting people who do the same thing as me because everybody tells me I’m really crazy for like just dropping school and going for this with all of my might,” said Southworth on attending the event.

Amal Cooney gave birth to twins

The human rights lawyer, who managed to lock down the infamous bachelor, George Clooney, gave birth to twins on Tuesday morning. The twins, Ella and Alexander Clooney, were reported to be “healthy, happy and doing fine,” in a statement from one of the Clooney’s representatives. Amal Clooney first announced her pregnancy in February, not only to the surprise of the Clooney fans, but for the news of twins at her age of 39-years-old. Yet, along with the twins, Mrs. Clooney was also reported to be happy and healthy, while her husband on the other hand, was “sedated and should recover in a few days.”

Amal Clooney. Courtesy of Popsugar
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