Snapchat Partners With Network Giants To Create Snapchat TV

Snapchat Partners With Network Giants

To Create Snapchat TV

Snapchat signed deals last week with network giants NBC Universal, Turner, Discovery, ESPN, Vice Media, and NFL to produce mini, TV-like episodes for Snap TV. These segments will only live inside the Stories section of Snapchat, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. It’ll feature two to three episodes of original programming, each around three to five minutes long. The mobile platform plans to air these mini series at the end of each day by the end of 2017.

Rather than promo videos, Snap TV will present original content, including things like scripted dramas, daily news shows, animated series, and more. By displaying more original content, Snapchat is encouraging already-existing users to spend more time on the app than they already do. The app currently has 158 million users, some of which spend more than 30 minutes daily on the platform. Original content also lets Snapchat pull in more ad revenue. The company is currently giving its content partners a cut of the ad revenue, rather than paying for the original content itself.

Snapchat via IBTimes
Snapchat Discover via IBTimes

Plans for this upcoming development comes just days after Twitter announced a string of content-partner deals that will bring more live video content to its platform. But unlike Twitter, Snapchat will be featuring pre-recorded shows instead of live content. Snapchat’s goal is to be a complement to existing content broadcast on network TV.

Snapchat may be looking to distinguish itself from competition like Facebook, which is targeted at a wider population and has recently copied Snapchat’s My Story feature. Another way the image-messaging platform is making itself distinct is by actively engaging in content creation for its TV material – its execs sat down with studios to show them how to create content that’s engaging for a Snapchat audience.

It’s unclear if this new addition to Snapchat will change the way people view TV, or if it’s just a transient trend. Attempts to successfully launch content on Snapchat’s Discover channel have flopped in the past. For instance, in 2015, Hearst magazines launched Sweet, its social-only publication created with Snapchat. Its promotion was launched with much hype, but a year and a half later, its success faltered. It started with ambitions to create a daily culture magazine for digital – replete with artist features, author interviews, etc – but has since regressed to generic viral content such as “There’s More to These 6 Candles Than Meets the Eye.”

However, with the ever-increasing trend toward short-form content and listicles, it’s likely that Snapchat’s new development will be met with warm welcome. Platforms that embrace the bite-sized format include Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. In today’s fast-paced world, the benefits of easily-digestible content are innumerable. They take less time and energy to create, are readily shareable, and its ease promotes consistency in sharing content. As users know, consistency increases engagement, and builds the content creation habit. One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website is through a link. A link is a link; it doesn’t matter if it’s embedded in an eight-page article, or in a tweet. Thus, it’s clearly easier and more economical to insert a link in bite-sized content as opposed to long form.

Snapchat TV via Adweek

Another reason for this increased popularity for short-form content is our ever-shrinking attention spans. Inundated with information from all directions, we only have limited attention to dole out. Condensed content fits neatly into our spliced schedules – we can watch a Snapstory during our snack break, instead of devoting an entire hour  to a news or media story.

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