Tara Magalski – Founder of Divine Lifestyles
By: Tara Magalski - Founder of Divine Lifestyles

Health Warrior. Revelationist. Spirit Ninja. Tara is a trailblazer in the holistic health & healing world leading with grace and compassion. She has the ability to connect to a truth that so many are seeking & speaks with an authenticity only available through experience. Her raw vulnerability challenges us to break the chains of limiting beliefs & self-doubt and re-weave the fabric of our lives.

Tara is a certified holistic health counselor, wellness expert (CHHC & AADP), motivational speaker, author, mental health activist and founder of Divine Lifestyles. Divine Lifestyles is a multi-media healthy lifestyles brand that creates positive, conscious content, creates workshops, transformational programming and retreats to educate, inspire and transform. Through her work, Tara leads others towards happier, healthier, purpose-driven lives.

Her philosophy is that EVERYTHING IS FOOD. Health is more than just eating kale, juicing, and working out. True “health” means looking at the whole picture, including all aspects of our lives: having a career we’re passionate about, engaging in fulfilling relationships, establishing a spiritual foundation, indulging in regular self-care, eating right, exercising, and most importantly giving back.

Our conversation with Tara reminded us how important it is to take good care of yourself and make time for healthy living in order to lead a fulfilled and purposeful life.