Nikki Warren – Founder of Kaia Fit
By: Iman Oubou & Jeremy Hassell - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Nikki Warren is the founder of Kaia FIT, a women’s focused program that currently has 55+ locations, in six different states. She has coached gymnastics, fitness, running, triathlon training and snowboarding for 20+ years. She brings the same motivation and expertise to her public appearances, giving attendees the tools to live a centered, healthy life. “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal,” she says. “Every single moment we’re given the opportunity to live our best”. Drawing on these years of experience, Warren has expanded from coaching high-level athletes into leadership training. To women across the country on how to run a successful business, in addition to a successful life. Through the teachings of work-life balance, and simple steps to creating the life you deserve, Warren has streamlined her training down to three simple steps to thrive: Get Your Mind Right, Strength for Life, and Gather Your Tribe. With her non-traditional upbringing, young motherhood, and touch and go birth of her youngest, Kai, Nikki approaches all interactions with a positive attitude and wealth of information, both personal and learned. She is an incredibly encouraging role model for any woman, young or old. She currently lives in Lake Tahoe, running three businesses with her husband Ed, hockey-obsessed son Kai & their active pup, Laila. Warren has more than 15 years’ experience of public speaking on health, fitness and nutrition, and has been featured in various magazines, including Fitness Magazine, while also presenting at both TedX and Vistage.