Nicole Lundy – Founder of Pretty And Profiting
By: Iman Oubou & Jeremy Hassell - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

We all know that building a business or creating a product won’t go far if people don’t know about it.

Branding is at the core of your success in building a business that makes money, and you need to play a BIG game to make it happen. – Nicole Lundy

Do you want a brand that stands out distinctly from every other business in your marketplace?

Do you want a brand that generates massive attention?

Do you want a brand that creates a waiting list of clients that only want to work with you?

Do you want the opportunity to deliver so much value that you’re now taking long romantic walks to the bankand having #prettyprofits as your reality?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you WANT to meet the lovely Nicole Lundy and hear what she has to say.

Nicole is an exuberant multi-passionate entrepreneur. After leaving her demanding Wall Street and Corporate Finance career in 2009, Nicole went back to school to get certified as a Makeup Artist and launched a beauty consulting company. She used her sharp branding skills to get featured in a HarperCollins published book, work backstage at New York Fashion Week with top designers such as Jason Wu and CZAR by Cesar Galindo, and become the first ever Beauty Professor at two colleges in New Jersey.

Nicole now owns Pretty & Profiting™, a branding and marketing consulting boutique for entrepreneurs and small business CEO’s. She also has a ton of resources on her site including free courses on how to go from a #brokebrand to a #bankablebrand.

Take a listen and learn more about her personal journey as well as tips and advice she has for all of us who are looking to bank on our brand.