Nicole Cogan – Founder of NoBread
By: Iman Oubou - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

After years of suffering from mysterious ailments and health problems, Nicole Cogan finally got the answer she has been waiting for: she was severely gluten intolerant. At the time, she was working for JP Morgan and it was her job to take clients to the best restaurants in NYC, but after her diagnosis, she found explaining her allergy to waiters and restaurants grating. In order to help herself, and others with a gluten allergy, she started her blog, NOBREAD which provides a guide to gluten substitutions and recipes. After achieving runaway success on both her blog and instagram account, Nicole left her job in the finance world for NOBREAD full time! Now, there are’s restaurant guides help out diners in NYC, LA, SF, and DC, with more cities coming soon!

Take a listen to learn how Nicole transitioned from finance to launching her own gluten-free food blog and expanding to major metropolitan cities across the US..