Molly Hayward – Founder of Cora
By: iman Oubou - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

For Women Here and Abroad, Molly Hayward is Building a New Kind of Business

Molly Hayward was searching for her next step when she travelled to Kenya and saw the far reaching consequences of limited access to feminine hygiene products. Girls all over the world miss out on their educations and resort to unhealthy alternatives for tampons and pads. She also saw that almost all period products in the US have a host of chemicals linked to health problems. From these revelations Cora was born; an all organic tampon company that delivers right to your door, while giving sanitary products to girls in the developing world. Molly talks about building a socially conscious company that not only designs for the best user experience for her customers in the US, but also supports social enterprise in the developing world.