Julixa Newman – Founder of Stuff4Multiples
By: Iman Oubou - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Julixa Newman’s ​Unstoppable ​Drive and Building a Brand from the Ground Up

Julixa Newman started her career as a hotel housecleaner, and ended up moving up in the hotel industry. While pregnant with "multiples," Julixa saw that nothing on the market was designed for parents with twins or triplets (or more!). Inspired to make these parents' lives easier, Julixa started her own line of humorous t-shirts with only 150 dollars, eventually inventing the TwinTrexx baby carrier and launching her company, Stuff 4 Multiples. Now, it​'​s the web’s one-stop shop for anything that families with multiples need, producing and selling over 1,800 products. Absolutely inspiring, Julixa is a testament that your destiny isn’t written in stone, and no matter what you can always get back up!