Julia Pimsleur – Author of Million Dollar Women
By: iman Oubou - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Julia Pimsleur Wants To Make You A Million Dollar Woman: Founder Of The Children’s Second Language Company, Little Pim, Gives Details On Raising Capital As A Female Entrepreneur.

Julia Pimsleur has been a documentary filmmaker, a non-profit fundraiser, founder of her own company, Little Pim, and now is an author and mentor for female entrepreneurs. Her book, “Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big”, aims to help women learn to raise capital and grow their businesses while avoiding common missteps. In this episode, she gives powerful advice on how to tackle your financial anxiety and what steps you need to take as a female entrepreneur to raise the capital you need to make your business everything it can be. In her words: have the fear, and do it anyway.