Jordan Kier – Co-Founder of LOLA
By: iman Oubou & Jeremy Hassell - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman met in the summer 2014, introduced by friends. Jordana was in grad school, working on the early concept that would become LOLA, while Alex was at a tech startup. After a drink or two, Jordana asked Alex, "Have you ever wondered what's in a tampon?" Turns out, she hadn't.

That small question sparked a big idea - could they create an organic tampon and a brand that was completely transparent with customers about the ingredients in its products? After all, if we care about the ingredients in everything from our food to our face cream, why should our feminine care be any different?

Listen to our interview with Jordana Kier to learn how they took the idea from concept to business and how they raised over $1.2M in funding without a prototype or a developed product.