Helya Mohammadian – Founder of Slick Chicks
By: Iman Oubou & Jeremy Hassell - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Helya is the founder of Slick Chicks; an innovative underwear solution dedicated to giving women their dignity back. It is our mission to be a brand that can support and empower women through life's daily challenges.

With a hook and eye fastener on either side of the waistband, Slick Chicks allows a woman to slip off her panties without ever lifting a foot. For women with physical constraints that make changing difficult, they can regain their confidence by being able to change easily on their own.

Women of all kinds and at all ages will see a big boost in the quality of their life because of our thoughtful design and sensible approach to women's panties. It is easy to put a pair on after surgery, take a pair on and off for a woman with chronic back pain, during pregnancy or any other condition that restricts full range of motion and mobility.

Listen to our podcast with Helya to learn about how she was able to surpass her goal on Kickstarter which turned her dream concept into a thriving and successful business.