Diane Mulcahy – Author of The Gig Economy
By: Iman Oubou - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

If becoming a successful entrepreneur requires anything, it is turning multi-tasking into a masterful art.

Especially in today’s economy where full time jobs have become more scarce, and workers, both young and experienced, are seeking out opportunities in freelance, contract, and consultation work in what is now known as the “gig economy”. Now, even the average worker is an entrepreneur!

In this week’s episode, I have a revealing conversation about this new type of workforce with author, speaker, lecturer, and former venture capitalist Diane Mulcahy. In her new book, “The Gig Economy”, she details her insights on how to be successful in this sector.

Whether you are a young millennial or a seasoned professional you will want to tune in to hear her thoughts on why taking advantage of this new type of labor can be life changing for the better, and what skills you need to cultivate to make the gig economy work for your lifestyle.

Listen to the full episode here: Diane Mulcahy on the Gig Economy, the future of work and the American dream. Make sure to stay tuned in for her top 10 tips for succeeding in this new economy!

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