Carolyn Rodz – Founder of Circular Board
By: By Iman Oubou, Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Carolyn Rodz On Stumbling Into Entrepreneurship And Hustling Your Way To The Top.

You have to to fail in order to succeed. This is a fundamental truth about entrepreneurship that all of our guests vocalize, and this is because ‘failing’ is the only way to learn! This week on EEV my guest, Carolyn Rodz, lets us in on her lessons as both a failed and successful entrepreneur.

Carolyn is the founder of the female-focused, virtual accelerator the Circular Board. Circular Board is helping women all over the world to incubate their start-ups and to strategize growth, further increasing the scale of women-led businesses. Carolyn has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a 2016 “Woman to Watch”, so you won’t want to miss out!

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