April Spring – Founder of Foxers
By: iman Oubou & Jeremy Hassell - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

Have you ever had an idea that was so obscure – and brilliant – that the people with whom you’d dare to share it would either pretend they didn’t hear you or bluntly-yet-lovingly tell you it was ridiculous? For example, there’s this scene in the first episode of “Documentary Now!” in which Bill Hader’s character explains that she wears sweatpants on her head and wraps the pant legs around her neck for practicality – like a “built-in scarf.”

If you’re wondering which product I’m drawing a comparison to, I’ll tell you: it’s Foxers. Sure, they seem like common sense now, but even the creator’s husband wasn’t immediately on board with the idea when he first heard it. The creator, April Spring, had a moment in 2006, when she was at a restaurant with her husband. Before we get to the aftermath, here’s some information on Spring: Spring, who comes from a finance background, has an entrepreneurial spirit. The “always working” mentality doesn’t seem to bother her. She worked with NASDAQ for over a decade, doing financial PR at her own investment relations firm, until her husband was offered a job overseas, in Malaysia. It was in Malaysia, where she had the pivotal dinner that changed everything.
She suggested making a female version of boxers, and being a true entrepreneur, Spring went from idea to prototype in 24 hours.

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-How Spring sold a product when all she had was a drawing of it
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-Services she will absolutely not skimp on
-Which social media platform singlehandedly provided $50k in orders on a single pair of underwear