Adda Birnir – Founder of SkillCrush
By: Iman Oubou & Jeremy Hassell - Entrepreneurs En Vogue Podcast

When Adda Birnir was laid off from her job at a high-profile media company in 2009, she noticed that most of the people in the technology department were spared, which got her thinking about the value of their skillset. She began teaching herself basic tech skills, including how to code and build a website. But for Birnir, becoming “tech-literate” was not just about job security – she saw that teaching men and women outside the tech world how to creatively harness tech tools could help them advance their careers in any field. And so, in 2012, she launched Skillcrush, an online series of courses designed to help others – especially women – learn how to code, design a website, and build a digital portfolio.

In this episode, Adda shares her personal story in details: From the moment she got laid off to teaching herself how to code and then going on to launch a successful tech company in a male dominated. She is definitely our #TechWomanCrush!

With her self-taught tech skills, she’s worked on building sites for the New York Times, ProPublica and MTV. She has been named one of the 20 Women to Watch in Media by the Columbia Journalism Review, one of the 30 Most Important Women in Tech by Business Insider, and been featured on the BBC, Fast Company, and Mashable.

If you need a little inspiration or extra motivation this week, then this episode is for you! Adda is the definition of a self-made successful tech entrepreneur and her passion for what she does will make you want to go after your dream career.

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