Pelosi’s Record-Breaking Speech and Lady-Friendly Doritos: Here’s What’s Trending in Social This Week

Pelosi’s Record-Breaking Speech and Lady-Friendly Doritos:

Here’s What’s Trending in Social This Week

From Instagram to Twitter, these are some of this week’s trending posts to women, from women and about them.

What The 2018 Olympics Means For Women

On the brink of the 2018 Winter Olympics, some commentators are suggesting why this is the most important Olympics for women to date. With sexual assault consuming the headlines of the past six months, in particular, former U.S. Gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar in the past month, the significance of the participation of females in physical activity is more relevant than ever, and arguably, more recognized. As the headliners and new names gear up for the action, one thing is for certain; the 2018 Winter Olympics are getting steadily closer to equaling the playing field with 43 percent of women participation this year, rising three percent from 2014.

Nancy Pelosi Breaks Chamber Record With This Speech

On Wednesday, the minority leader in the US House of Representatives gave an eight-hour speech addressing the responsibility of the Republicans to protect the Dreamers of America. Pelosi used the time to share personal letters from immigrants and references to religion–from the Bible and Pope Francis–as supportive and persuasive devices in her speech, as she made history for the longest continuous speech in the chamber on record. The speech ignited the #GoNancyGo trend on Twitter as Pelosi hit the benchmark of four hours and continued to address the House without taking a break.

Star Wars Latest Leading Lady: Emilia Clark

One of the hit commercials during the infamous Super Bowl airtime came from the debut of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clark among the film’s cast. After the preview, Clark told Rolling Stone, “All I can say is that she’s awesome.” Clark also shared that although her character is a “really glamorous lady, in a really sordid environment, you kind of know the glamor is hiding a few rough roads.” In response to the fan-favorite leading lady, followers shared Game of Thrones memes celebrating her upcoming role. We can hardly wait.

Kylie Jenner Gradually Introduces Us To Her Baby Girl

As Super Bowl fans and Super Bowl commercial fans geared up for the big game Sunday, Kylie Jenner nearly broke the Internet with this post announcing her baby was born on February 1. She followed it up with a link to the video montage created for her newborn daughter (to which we were still not privy of her name at the time) and newsfeeds quickly filled with reactions to Jenner’s posts; many saying she, “cancelled the Super Bowl.” This week, Jenner posted yet again to share the baby’s name–Stormi Webster.

stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Pink’s Night at Super Bowl LII

Speaking of Super Bowl, the “What About Us” singer kicked off the game with the National Anthem–even as she battled the flu. While she faced criticism from the moment she spat out her throat lozenge as she readied the microphone, to the post-Twitter responses, Pink replied to the less friendly comments with strength, while she retweeted the positive comments and showed her gratitude for her supporters.

Spice Girls May Spice Up Your Life Again

Over the weekend, the Spice Girls released a reunion photo and statement of their discussions of “things to come.” For fans of the Girls, this triggered a Twitter explosion around the possibility of a reunion tour–and on Wednesday, TMZ reported confirmed rumors, despite no official announcement from the Spice Girls. As we wait anxiously for confirmation, #spicegirlsreunion continues trending in hopes the UK and U.S. concert dates will be officially released.

Women and Doritos

In a recent Freakonomics interview with PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, a particular discussion on consumer insights stood out–how women perceive Doritos. Nooyi revealed the brand has been in the process of creating a chip that “women love to carry in their purse,” with “low-crunch” and the same taste profile as a way to fulfill what the company viewed as key downfalls for women. This included, Nooyi’s observations that women “don’t like to crunch too loudly in public. And they don’t lick their fingers generously and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavor into their mouth.” As Nooyi’s comments were blasted on Twitter, the company confirmed the “Lady Doritos” are not actually being developed.

Dior Celebrates Women and Art At New York Fashion Week

As a way to celebrate women in the art world, Dior launched their Spring-Summer 2018 collection with the artwork from the face of this season’s campaign–Sasha Pivovarova. The artist and model inspired the show with a series dedicated to Dior’s women empowerment efforts. As the show

The Trend In Uber’s Pay Pattern

This week, a study that took data from 1.8 million drivers in the United States between January 2015 and March 2017 revealed women receive 7 percent less than male drivers. The study sparks conversation around the equal pay gap that even exists in these “gig”-type jobs. In a Freakonomics podcast, it’s noted that expectation would be the pay would favor women in this category, however, this is not the case. Economists continue to evaluate the study, taking into consideration a variety of factors they do know about women drivers and Uber, which may explain the gap. This includes the finding that 77 percent of women drivers quit Uber after six months compared to 65 percent of men; male drivers, on average, pick up more hours per week than women; and male drivers also driver faster than women, which the study found most users prefer.


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