An Oscar Epiphany Turned Meme And The Women’s Political Revolution: This Week In Social

An Oscar Epiphany Turned Meme

And Women’s Political Revolution: This Week In Social

From Instagram to Twitter, these are some of this week’s trending posts to women, from women and about them. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg On the Big Screen

This week, CNN Films released the trailer for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s documentary. The 84-year-old Supreme Court Justice narrates us through challenging the stereotypes to become a lawyer and lets us into her daily routine, including push ups and planks. The trailer reveals moments of determination and laughter and we can’t wait until May 4.

Jennifer Garner’s Oscar-Moment Meme

As she stunned in blue at the Oscars, one of the most viral moments from the night came from the look of concern that came across Garner’s face as she applauded at the Sunday night awards ceremony. As the meme circulated the internet, Garner, herself, weighed in on the meme via Instagram story, suggesting three epiphany-esque moments, the first being–”Congrats to Shape of Water…Maybe I should date a fish.” We may just never know what actually ran through her head, but keep the guesses coming.

Emma Watson’s New Tattoo

At the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, Emma Watson sported a new tattoo supporting the Time’s Up movement. The cursive stamp on her arm drew attention as the apostrophe was missing, before Watson assured fans it was only a temporary tattoo. As a supporter of the Time’s Up movement from the beginning, Watson was able to joke about the spelling mishap on her Twitter page, while also raising awareness around the cause–apostrophe or not.

Angela Merkel Isn’t Going Anywhere

After weeks of protests and political unrest surrounding Germany’s elections, current Chancellor Angela Merkel received the coalition support required to lead the country for a fourth term. Germany’s Parliament will re-elect Merkel on March 14.

Another Girl For the Kardashians

On Monday night’s season finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Khloe revealed she’s having a baby girl come her expected due date in late April. The reality star also revealed that she thought she was having a boy and “had her mind made up” about it, so says the news of having a girl came as a shock. She’s embracing the news and the pink, though, in her various social media posts this week.

What’s Going on With Alexa?

From a random “hello” in the middle of the night, to “evil laughter” Amazon’s Echo–more prominently known as Alexa–has trended on social as users reported their device’s strange behavior. The news made the Today show, where Carson Daly read a few Tweets about the laughter, prompting an outpour of responses from users who reported other strange happenings. Amazon responded to the news saying they are aware of the situation and are working to fix it. In the meantime, many users have unplugged Alexa this week until there’s a more formal fix.

New Genetic Tests To Detect Risk of Breast Cancer


As a “step in the right direction” for genetic testing, this week 23andMe’s tests for breast cancer gene mutations were approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The kits are a prescription-free test and are able to detect the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer gene mutations from a saliva swab. Although there are around 1000 BRCA mutations, the news is progress in recognizing patients who are at increased risk of developing breast, ovarian or prostate cancer.

Betsy DeVos’ Visit To Parkland


After last month’s Parkland shooting, DeVos paid a visit to the school this week to address gun safety and to check in with students and teachers. The US Secretary of Education’s visit, however, didn’t go as planned with students reporting DeVos as dismissive and only there as “a publicity stunt.” Headlines shared the student’s views, while DeVos commented on her experience as “very sobering and very inspiring” to accompany the students on their first full day back at school.

#SheBelievesCup Goes to Team USA


Started in 2015 as a way to inspire young female athletes to follow their dreams, the third SheBelieves Cup wrapped up on Wednesday with the USA Team coming out on top. Team USA beat England 1-0 in the final group pairing, after leading in their first match up against Germany, and tying against their match with France as the defending champions.

Jillian Dara

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