Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will (Actually!) Love

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Your Mom Will (Actually!) Love

Having difficulty with a gift for your mother? She is the hardest person to buy for – and why? Perhaps because she’s the most important woman in your life. Every year it’s a struggle and every year between birthday, Christmas and Mother’s day – there’s that slight panic in the run up.

Hallmark cards are lining the shelves, Facebook and Google Calendar are notifying you of your imminent responsibility, there’s no running away from it. So instead of sweating over your duty to the ultimate woman, we have some gift ideas for her that will take the stress of the day and make gifting a simple process. Here are a broad range of products that she will actually love this Mother’s Day, and even better, most are from female run or created brands!

Zeitgeist Flower Pot

Julia Drechsler, the founder of Zeitgeist, which means “spirit of the time” in German, has combined her imagination with a passion for creating beautiful things through classic mediums to offer gift-givers eclectic options for any occasion. From a large porcelain flower pot with the Queen of England’s face literally planted on it, to a Bike Bag Lady Carrier to chill your champagne or wine on the way to a picnic, Julia is gearing up for Mother’s Day. For the running mom, a reflective pant strap Flyrider in neon yellow to the tea-drinking mom as the Queen soaks in her teacup in the form of a decorative tea egg.

Papyrus Stationery

Dominique Schurman, who took the family business over when her parents Marcel and Margrit retired from the business they started on their kitchen table, runs PAPYRUS and Schurman Retail Group. Across North America, Schurman Retail Group offers an ever-expanding array of products including custom printed announcements, products for entertaining, greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags, stationery, note cards, journals and unique gift products. Isn’t this Mama Bear Desk Plaque super cute?!

Basq NYC Skincare’s Fresh Face Kit

Basq NYC Skincare’s Fresh Face Kit is the perfect two-step face care routine! Start with the rebalancing facial cleanser, a rich whipped micro-exfoliating cleanser. This celebrity favorite clarifies, tones and clears away blemishes without over stripping. The soft bristle brush sweeps away dead, dry surface skin and prompting cellular renewal. (Hello Mini Facial!). Finish off with the award winning Bright Eyes Cucumber Tea Eye Gel that zaps puffiness and refresh tired eyes (; $48). Long time friends, Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier, found basq NYC. 10 years later, the company consists of only women and caters to skincare for every skin type worldwide.

Golden Door Artisan Food Collection Wildflower Honey

From one of the most luxurious spas in the world, the Golden Door Artisan Food collection Wildflower Honey! This 100% pure, homegrown honey is collected from Golden Door hives tended in their 600 acres of gardens and citrus groves in San Marcos, California. Each jar contains approximately 1.3 – 1.5 million flowers worth of nectar (and love!) Famed, Golden Door Executive Chef Greg Frey, Jr. is an experienced beekeeper that is passionate about raising honeybees to sustain our ecosystem.

Zoella Beauty Soak Opera

Zoella Beauty’s Soak Opera ($9.95, is perfect gift for the mom who works so hard. This bath-time essential conditions the skin while the delicate fragrance calms the senses with soothing notes of Musk, Gardenia and Violet Leaf. It will be your mom’s new bubbly best friend. The brand was created by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, one of the biggest influencers on social media now with over 11 million subscribers on YouTube and 9 Million on Instagram. As a sufferer of anxiety, Zoe wanted to create a bath and body range that would aid the mind as well as the body, allowing consumers who used her products to drift away to a relaxing paradise.

Skin Authority Hydrating Duo

Skin Authority Hydrating Duo would be a good fit because all moms could use more moisture and, even better: It’s a simple-to-use pair at a great price. The duo contains two new products – Instant Perfection Peel Pads and Beauty Infusion Quinoa & Avocado for Hydrating. Skin Authority combined the Instant Perfection Peel Pads to jump -start natural skin hydration and balance oil production with the Beauty Infusion™ for Hydrating to reduce the appearance of fine lines and make skin more hydrated and smooth. The DUO is a special price right now of $49.

2014 Mae's Vineyard

The  2014 Mae’s Vineyard “Running Bare” made with Cabernet Franc + Cot + Tannat from the Applegate Valley AVA ($33): The fruit is totally unlike pinot noir – exotic and unknown. The fermenter smelled different all of the time with notes of raspberries, cocoa, tobacco, kalamata olives, and tomato leaf. It is from Brianne Day, owner and winemaker at Day Wines in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Brianne is one of the rising stars in natural winemaking in Oregon. She was also one of the few American winemakers at the seminal RAW Wine Fair in London and New York City, and one of seven domestic producers mentioned in the recently published book, Natural Wine.

Accent 3D Jewelry

Accent is customized 3D printed jewelry for you, your mom and all your furry friends! Started by former FRENDS exec, Nanci Bergman, this company is soon to be on everyone’s list. Customize your gift for mom today!

Mini Baie Bags

Mina Baie is a line of stylish, modern and dual use baby bags. Founded by Jenna Sa Friere and Gia McFerran. “When my daughter was born, I was overwhelmed with all the baby stuff. I looked at the diaper bag options available and thought none of them suited my style. After carrying a baby for so long and then going through that tough postpartum stage, I really just wanted to feel like myself again- like my body belonged to me (even if it really didn’t!). So my best friend and I began creating versatile, easy-to-style bags that moms would actually want to wear. You can just throw it over your shoulder and head out feeling great!” says Mini Baie co-founder, Gia McFerran.


California Clean Rejuvenator Dry Oil

C2 California Clean’s Rejuvenator Dry Oil Emulsion ($110,, is a unique “dry-finish” moisturizer that repairs the skin and delays wrinkles. Despite being an oil formulation, the skin is left with a matte finish- no greasy feeling. It’s the perfect moisturizer to use under makeup and is a must have for hotter weather. Two strong intelligent females, Dr. Clarissa Shetler and Christine Falsetti PhD, created C2 California Clean. Both females have a passion for spreading awareness about the toxicity of daily skincare products. As mothers, they wanted to create a line that would be safe for not just themselves, but for their kids.

Face The Day From Goddess Garden

FACE THE DAY from Goddess Garden Organics is a mineral based sunscreen company whose CEO, Nova Covington was recently featured on Swaay. (piece attached) Face the Day,  is  a shining star in the new Sun Repair beauty line,  and is already the winner of Delicious Living’s 2016 “Best Suncare” Award. It is a sunscreen and firming primer which repairs and readies your skin for the day, in one easy-to-use step. The sheer and lightweight facial cream protects your skin from the cumulative effects of sun exposure, while ingredients like buddleja and vitamin B3 lessen the look of sun damage. Chicory root provides an immediate lifting and firming effect, making Face the Day ideal worn alone or as a makeup primer for daily use.

The Hairfinity Deep Repairing Kit

The Hairfinity Deep Repairing Kit gently cleanses and strengthens your hair, while replenishing its optimal moisture level. Proven to repair split ends and significantly reduce hair breakage. Does Mom’s hair need to maintain moisture and restore vitality? Discover the incredible value of our Hairfinity Ultimate Revival Kit, which includes Gentle Cleanser Shampoo, Balanced Moisture Conditioner and Strengthening Amini Masque. (; $73). Founded by Tymeka Lawrence in 2004 when she struggled to find hair solutions for common hair problems. In 2005, Tymeka launched a website to guide and inform women seeking out hair help. In 2006, the idea of hairfinity came about with the development of the company’s signature product: Healthy Hair Vitamins.

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Beauty Bakerie, a vibrant, cruelty-free, smudge-proof and vegan cosmetics line, was founded in 2011 by Cashmere Nicole, an African-American female who overcame being a single teen mother and battled breast cancer. The brand gained notoriety in fall of 2015 on Instagram, with one product collection, and five colors. Mon Cheri Lip Whip is a classic red lip, so commit to a whip that stays put that goes liquid and dries matte. With full coverage in just one application, the pigmented classic red is the perfect fit.


Peek Beauty’s Nom Nom Lip Balm

Celebrity makeup artist, Cristina Bartolucci, founded PEEK. Her new Nom Nom Lip Plumping Balms (3 shades) are packaged in cute tins easy for on the go ventures. Nom Nom consists of a kick of chili pepper to let you know it’s working and ginger root, sesame oil and lychee extract. PEEK products are cruelty free and “just natural enough”, placing customers well being first by excluding harmful additives and ingredients but are open to all that technology has to offer.  ($22;

Wander Beauty Secret Escape Kit

Wander Beauty is launching a new Secret Escape Kit ($36, that your mom will love. The brand was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Divya Gugnani and Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson and has quickly become one of the fastest emerging brands at Sephora since their launch in 2015. The new kit has everything you need to look and feel refreshed on the go: Glow Getter Mist is a new multitasking illuminating facial mist with a blend of non-comedogenic oils for a burst of radiance. The ultra-fine nozzle hydrates evenly without feeling greasy or sticky. Beach Balm is provides a hydrating, sheer berry tint with micro-fine pearl pigments to add extra dimension to lips. Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Champagne  provides crease and fade proof, intense metallic color for eyes, cheeks, and lips in just one swipe.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color 

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color is not your typical “home design” book — rather, it delves into the world of self-help, and gives readers a roadmap for using the power of color to transform their lives.  Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color explores the sensory effects of color and encourages readers to unlock their own “color story.”  Moll is a former inspirational interior designer, lifestyle expert, Emmy-award winning television personality, and the author of five books.


Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky is a freelance lifestyles writer based in New York City, who contributes regularly to iVillage,, xoJane, Huffington Post, and The Fashion Spot as well as many other print and web outlets.

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