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The Future Is Now:

12 Goodies For A Tech-Filled Future

If you’ve fantasized about beaming to another century to see what life will be like, these products are the next best thing: Available right now, they are so innovative, they feel like they are from another, more advanced time. However, you don’t have to wait, and they are all created by amazing, brilliant female entrepreneurs!

The Ultimate Cuff

The idea for The Ultimate Cuff came from when founder and CEO Anne Zacharias was getting ready to attend a wedding and felt the look of her Apple Watch wouldn't fit in. She saw a jewelry cuff sitting next to it and thought her watch face could possibly fit into the design of it.  It's a great way to personalize your Apple Watch and look high fashion while futuristic.


TYME is via hair stylist turned entrepreneurial powerhouse, Jacynda Smith. The company was founded in 2012 and it all started with the TYME Iron, a multifaceted straightening and curling tool that allows the user to create a variety of looks from ringlets to loose sexy beach waves. The iron comes with a heat sleeve so the hot iron can be quickly thrown in the sleeve when traveling and on-the-go. Shiny rose-gold accents? Yes, please! Jacynda’s purpose behind TYME was to make women’s lives easier with “ahead of its time” beauty solutions.



oVertone is a color-depositing conditioner for bright hair (think colors of the rainbow) that restores the pigment in your hair every time you use it, to replace what's typically lost during normal washing and heat styling. It keeps hair vibrant every day whether you were at the salon four days or four months ago. You can also rinse with warm/hot water, eliminating the terrible frigid showers associated with the hair coloring process. They were founded three years ago by two truly incredible, badass women: Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar. Both are under 30 and self-proclaimed color fanatics.

One Two Lash

Magnetic lashes feel like a blast from the future, but they are here right now, via female invented One Two Lash ( ). This is first ever magnetic false lash, which uses magnetic technology rather than harsh glues as an eyelash solution. It was invented by Katy Stoka and launched last summer.  

Ava fertility tracking bracelet

The Ava fertility tracking bracelet has been dubbed the "Fitbit for fertility."  The Female Co-founder and CEO is Lea von Bidder. The product is the first FDA-approved fertility tracking device to identify a full 5.3-day "fertile window" within a woman's monthly cycle and all she has to do is wear the bracelet at night while she's sleeping and sync it with an app on her phone in the morning. No peeing on sticks or taking temperatures (and both of those methods only tell you the day or day before ovulation, not the full 5+ day window in which you can conceive.  In the not so distant future, Ava will introduce features enabling the bracelet to be used for pregnancy detection and - eventually - for contraception. The whole idea is bringing technology and innovation to the power of cycle tracking in order to empower women's health and wellness. 


 Leggings are nothing new, but those with a spot for our iPhone? That’s special.  VARLEY's   new collection that  merges the advanced technology used in high-performance activewear with the aesthetic sensibilities of high-fashion apparel and with latest scientifically backed skin care developments with stylish, state-of-the-art packaging - plus, the cell phone holder in their leggings is a game changer!


Sure, you can send flowers to a friend, but what about a tree? The newest addition to the PlantOGram family, an online vendor offers an exotic variety of more than 200 types of indoor trees including avocado, banana, cashew, olive and passion fruit, is the Turmeric plant. One of the most popular plants that you can cook with, create brightening, tightening face masks with and also enjoy a great golden milk before bed. Used by numerous celebrities and Instagram sensation makeup artists. Vicky Popat is the co founder.

Tiger Tail

Tiger Tail, a female-founded business by Spring Faussett, just released their new 24K Gold Body Roller to help relieve muscle soreness and tightness and promote body recovery while looking incredibly luxurious and futuristic. Each body roller is custom manufactured for special customers and includes its own equipment case. Is working out the future? Well, it’s the always. But working out with gold? Now that’s something.

Saved Kisses

Saved Kisses: Beautiful, comfortable and futuristic and in the sense that Alyssa's line is 100% U.S. made and shipped locally to keep low-carbon footprint. Sustainably harvested fabrics and environmentally safe dyes that aren’t dumped into sewer systems or drinking water and all hangtags and packaging made with recycled materials. She's clearly thinking of our planet's future and maintaining its beauty and integrity. 

Crimes of Beauty 

Crimes of Beauty: Dark, powerful and fun, express your obsession with all things makeup and beauty. Featuring clever and creative sayings teasing the “parodies” of the beauty industry, this fashion line speaks to the urban girl who effortlessly pulls together a stylish outfit with a side serving of sass.

Haiti Projects 

Haiti Projects: They are truly thinking of the future! Educating and teaching young women and children in Haiti how to embroider beautiful products (linens, dresses, towels) - they produce over 30 products.  All of them are beautifully hand-made. They are artisans working to sustain their family and send their children to school.  The purchase of one of our products is a win-win for everyone. 

Preggo Leggings 

Preggo Leggings: The old adage is that maternity clothes must be bulky, shapeless and probably an unflattering color, causing some women to feel dowdy and to dread the impending pregnant months. Preggo Leggings exudes beautiful designs and fabrics that will make any pregnant or nursing Mom feel as she should feel, like a glowing queen! Check out their Rockstar Mamacita Black Leather Leggings - what mama wouldn't feel like a MILF in those!?! 

Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky is a freelance lifestyles writer based in New York City, who contributes regularly to iVillage,, xoJane, Huffington Post, and The Fashion Spot as well as many other print and web outlets.

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