These Entrepreneurs Share The Moment They Knew It Was Time to Quit That 9-5

These Entrepreneurs Share the Moment

They Knew it was Time to Quit That 9-5

This is that big, defining moment – when you can feel in every cell of your body that it’s finally time to take the plunge and step out on your own. It has been bubbling inside you for as long as you can remember and what you have been waiting for every day as you hustle through life.

Leaving your full-time paycheck is both liberating and terrifying, but it also means that you can put all that creative energy into what you really love and (ahem) finally work for yourself. The following entrepreneurs have all been there and remember that pivotal moment like it was yesterday.

When you know that you hit the nail on the head

Lisa Binderow, founder of nicepipes, had such an experience upon realizing that her brand would become highly sought after once launched.

“I was inspired to create the first pair of pipes on a chilly morning walking to the studio. Teaching yoga and running around the city in the cold weather required some seriously warm layers and my cropped yoga pants were not cutting it. I didn’t want to buy a new workout wardrobe but I also didn’t love the feel of wool or acrylic legwarmers after a sweaty workout. I thought that if I had this problem, others must, too – I wanted to find a solution.”

This lead her to develop nicepipes – leg and arm warmers made from the same sweat-wicking fabric as yoga pants – perfect for before, during or after class. “When I wore my pipes to the studio, so many teachers and students wanted a pair, and asked if they could buy pipes for their friends. Eventually, I decided to leave my job and start my own business! After only a month I sold through most of my inventory!” Binderow exclaims. 

Sometimes, you know that you just can’t do both

Stephanie Abrams Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, co-founders of Socialfly, had been growing their agency while they both worked full-time jobs, pushing through their days and working nights and weekends. The lack of breaks and grueling schedule were taking a toll on the duo. “Over time, we realized if we were going to do it, we had to go all in.  There was no way to be great at our full time jobs and also great at running an agency. That’s when we knew it was time. We worked on a plan for what we would do once we quit our jobs. 

I was going to focus on sales and marketing and was going to go out and pound the pavement to bring in new business and Courtney was going to focus on the operations of the business and servicing the clients. We then decided to hand in our two weeks notice to our respective companies on the same day. We both walked out of our corporate jobs on May 4, 2012 and never looked back.  We did go out and celebrate on May 5th… which also happened to be Cinco de Mayo,” Spritzer shared.

Often times, we do it to inspire others

Melissa Papock, owner of Cabana Life, a company specializing in rashguards, bathing suits and apparel that protects your skin from the sun, was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma, which played a defining moment for her business. “Unfortunately, I learned about the dangers of the sun the hard way, and wanted to provide a fashionable solution to help other people better protect themselves and their children. I researched, trademarked and dreamt about bringing Cabana Life to market for almost three years. It was the birth of my first child that finally motivated me to chase my dreams, quit my job and throw all caution to the wind. I wanted my daughter to see her mother passionately pursuing her vision, taking risks and making a positive impact through education, awareness and socially-conscious business initiatives.”

Throwing caution to the wind requires taking a huge leap, but you have to go with your gut in business. Trust your instincts and the rest boils down to hard work and perseverance.

Allison Cooper

Allison Cooper is a full time blogger at Project Motherhood and freelance writer. You can find her balancing her time equally between writing, spending time with her family, running, or sipping on strong coffee! Connect with her on twitter for daily chit chat and mama musings!

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