50 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone- From Your Fab Single Self To Your Snuggle Bunny

50 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone-

From Your Fab Single Self To Your Snuggle Bunny

It seems we just got through the holiday season and now Valentine’s Day has arrived. While Valentine’s Day is a complicated day to celebrate – it makes those of us who are single feel extra single, and those of us in relationships feel extra pressure and often a sense of disappointment – it’s still a celebration of love, and that doesn’t have to be romantic love, either. Whether you want to celebrate your partner, your best friend, or your fabulous self, there’s some great ways – from female-founded companies! – to mark the day.

GRL POWER Phone Case 

This is the perfect gift for all the single ladies on your list. Ilse is the Mexico born artist behind the creative brand Valfre. Ilse’s artwork is rooted in the girls that wear her pieces.($38)

Plated Valentine's Day Dinner

For Valentine's Day, couples can gift dinners to each other – a great way to say "thank you" to whoever does most of the cooking OR a surefire way to impress your significant other (with a cozy night in instead of a fancy dinner out). Plus, it could be a nice "treat yourself" gift if you're tired of ramen and Seamless. 2 dinners for 1 week starts at $55 (one of which should definitely be cooked up on Valentine's Day). Plated's head chef and culinary co-founder is Elana Karp, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef who now leads all of Plated's culinary endeavors (she's young and pretty kick ass). 

Wild Feminist T-shirt 

This feminist AF t-shirt is perfect for you and your friends, say it loud and say it proud! Emma McIlroy Irish born badass, is the co-founder of WildFang, a clothing store dedicated to disrupting the established gender-fashion binary. ($40)

Oh La La Cheri Satin Robe

This robe is for the spoiled AF it's perfect for a girlfriend, best friend, and pretty much any woman who loves to light some candles, put on a face mask and feel fancy. Orit Hashay is the founder of Brayola.com, an online bra retailer that uses smart algorithms to help women find the best fit bra. ($60 ) 

RPZL Pro Hair Brush

When it’s for pampering yourself or for your hair-obsessed galantine, a top-of-the-line hair brush is always very appreciated. Brushes don’t get better than this one. RPZL is a hair extension and blowout bar in NYC co-founded by Lisa Richards and Monica Thorton. ($40)

Sufferfest Beer Company 

When you're single AF, Valentine's Day can be more like a Sufferfest than a Festivus. Invite your SAF friends to meet up at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp or Brooklyn Boulders, then celebrate and commiserate together over Sufferfest Beer, tacos and chocolate.  As an athlete, Caitlin Landesberg, 33, always enjoyed drinking a beer with her friends after a long run. When she discovered she had an autoimmune deficiency and needed to cut gluten from her diet, she began a quest to find the best gluten-free beer. Not satisfied with the options she tried, she took beer-making classes, learned to appreciate beer even more for its health benefits, and found a way to create beer she loved. In 2016, she launched Sufferfest Beer Company, a woman-owned Certified B Corp that now sells award-winning, gluten-removed craft beers and has become a pioneer in the functional beer category. ($2.99 per 16-oz. can)


Treat yourself and your closets gals this Galentine's Day with Billie's premium-quality shaving and body care products. Georgina Gooley, Co-Founder of Billie, is bringing female-first premium razors and body care products to women through a convenient and affordable subscription service. Georgina started shaving with men’s razors when she realized a pink razor was more expensive than a blue one. The idea to start a female-first shaving and body brand was a no-brainer after Georgina switched to a men’s razor subscription brand and wondered “Why is there nothing like this out there for women?” She previously worked in advertising for over nine years, and she brought her expertise to creating a true millennial brand that was engaging, well-designed, and truly spoke to women and their needs.

UnHemped - Monthly Box Subscription

If you're not taking advantage of the health benefits of Hemp for beauty, body care, and your home... you should be! Hemp, a variety of cannabis, contains nine of the essential amino acids, and is high in protein, fiber, healthy fatty acids and vitamin E. UnHemped is a new monthly subscription box service that will give you a taste of what hemp products are all about. Each month you’re sent a curated box of products that showcases organic, eco-friendly options for your home, kitchen, personal care, and lifestyle.  It's a sweet gift for your loved one or an awesome way to love yourself in 2018. Lauren Trifunovich is the badass female behind UnHemped. ($29.99 a month, cheaper 3, 6 and 12-month bundles)


Secret Message Mason Jar Beeswax Candle

It's customizable, unique, and great for the Valentine's Day lovers/haters/everyone in between. Lisa Graham started YYC Beeswax in 2015 while she was pursuing a master's degree in biomedical engineering. She has since completed her degree and expanded the business from rolled candles and lip balms to include a variety of hive-based products, workshops, and bees! In her spare time, Lisa performs and teaches flute, travels, and does yoga. 

Latitu Venezia

These stylish yet functional weekender styles make the perfect overnight bag – he can make it sweet by whisking you away for a romantic weekend or cheeky by packing it with all the essentials needed for an adult sleepover that won’t leave you lugging an obvious overnight bag as these styles were designed to take you from plane, to office to drinks, gym and beyond !Tanya Pham, began to form the first ideas for Latitu° while at University of Pennsylvania in their mandatory study abroad program. ($825)

Kikori Whiskey

It’s whiskey, but it’s unique since it’s made from rice, so you’ll impress your man or lady with your knowledge of spirits with something that isn’t the same old, same old. Of course, few things are better than sipping whiskey by a cozy fireplace in your jammies and watching your favorite shows, so Kikori works even if you’re single! Soh Spirits Founder Ann Soh Woods fell in love with Japan on frequent childhood trips there, and that passion evolved from Hello Kitty to food & beverage as she moved into adulthood. She always knew she wanted to share her love of Japanese culture with people, and when she grew tired of her marketing job she decided to take the plunge and develop a Japanese whiskey made from rice called Kikori Whiskey, which has now become the top Japanese rice whiskey on the market.


Tell Him Boy Bye Coffee Mug

Bey said, “Tell him Boy Bye”. She’s not sorry and we’re not mad at her. Coffee, Lemonade or whatever your heart desires – this mug is perfect for your gal pal who has decided to make lemonade out of any lemons she might have been handed (in this case the awful ex). This coffee mug is perfect for your gal pal who needs to be reminded that even though the men in her life may come and go, her girls will always be by her side. Kalyn Johnson Chandler created Effie's Paper , her stationary and accessories company, after quitting her job as a corporate lawyer when she was not feeling fulfilled with her career. ($10)


Kiss Clutch

This cheeky clutch is perfect for the gal in your life who is always swiping right. With the tounge-in-cheek saying, the gift lands itself high on the scorching scale. Although the company is not owned by a female, the brand is socially and ethical conscious. ($116)


Circle Pendant Necklace in Gold

The circle pendant necklace is the perfect base piece to personalize with an anniversary or your sweetheart's initials.  Natalie Wood is the owner and designer of the Dallas based jewelry brand, Natalie Wood Designs.  Natalie founded her jewelry company when she felt that there was a brand missing in the fashion world that united high fashion and faith. ($65)


Over the Knee Socks

Be sexy and stylish in Ozone Over the Knee socks. Laurie Mallet founded Ozone Design in 2000. ($12-35)


Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop 

3/4 Warmup Leggings in Ballet or Mauve 3/4 Warmup Legging ($80) and Slashback Crop ($60): No shade to the oversized teddy bear or uncomfortable lingerie, but this is something she'll actually use all year (and think of you every time she puts it on!). It works for us single AF-ers (Galentine's Day Soul Cycle, anyone?) but also for steamier couples looking to workout together this Valentine's Day.  Tyler Haney is the Founder and CEO of Outdoor Voices, an active lifestyle brand with the mission to free fitness from performance.


Dive In Deck: Cards to Ignite & Inspire Deeper Dialogue

A colorful + hip + creative + unique deck of trendy cards designed to inspire connection, conversation, and community on our planet.  Each card features an igniting question or statement paired with inspiring & vibrant visual art, serving as an access point for inquiry & exploration.  The card deck retails for $20, is available online, and comes in a small, compact tin.   Dive In Deck was conceptualized, designed + created by Chief Executive Officer, Heather Weiss.  As an established Broadway Stage Manager (CompanyRock of Ages,  Avenue QNext To Normal) and current faculty at The Juilliard School, Heather is a multi-talented artist + designer who brought her vision of connecting people in meaningful ways to life with DiD.


Natural Life Wine Tumbler

This 14 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler features a lid with a rubber seal to ensure your wine stays at a perfect temperature so every hour can be happy hour too. Patti Hughes is the founder, CEO and Chief Creative Director for Natural Life, the leading brand for inspiring giftable lifestyle products. ($28)

Suede Mini Duffle Bag

Raven + Lily is the leader in the ethical shopping revolution, offering trend-forward fair trade and ethical fashion, accessories, and home furnishings. This wine colored mini duffle bag is the perfect gift for yourself to update your winter wardrobe. Raven + Lily is founded by Kirsten Dickerson. Raven and Lily partners with artisan communities around the world and provide more than 1,500 at-risk women with fair trade wages, a stable job, sustainable income, healthcare, education and a chance to break the poverty cycle. ($218)


Lambswool Oversized Scarf in Rose Pink & Cream Chevron

Why get her roses when you get can her something that will last a lifetime - and in that same romantic rose pink shade? This super soft oversized scarf is woven from pure lambswool, a sustainable, durable material that will keep her cozy and warm for many Valentine's Days and winters to come. The Tartan Blanket Co. is an independent, family-run business co-founded by Emma and Fergus Macdonald. They specialize in bringing you Scottish-inspired products created from love and delivered with care. ($60)


XO Marshmallow’s Handmade Gourmet Marshmallows

Gourmet marshmallows are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. With flavors like bourbon, champagne, lavender honey, green tea and raspberry, options are endless. XO Marshmallow will also offer seasonal flavors (more information available by request). XO was founded by Lindzi Shanks and Kat Connor just under two years ago after they met at a blogger event and discovered a mutual love for ooey gooey marshmallows. ($7.95/box of 12)


The Drop Wine

These cans are the perfect excuse to put a bucket of ice on the coffee table, put your feet up, and not move until the liter of wine is gone and you've caught up on the Bachelor. The Drop was founded by 31-year-old ​Alexis​ Beechen in April 2016 with a single canned rosé. After the first run of cans sold out within 14 weeks, she brought to market ​a Cali Sauvignon Blanc and a Cali Red Blend. (4-pack of 250ml cans is $19.99​)


Codorniu, Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé

Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé cava is a sparkling wine made in Spain using the “Champenoise” method, the traditional method used to make champagne. Named after the Codorniu heiress, this romantic rose has a delicate cherry color with strawberry tones and a full, rich body with fine, persistent bubbles. Aromas of red fruit, strawberries, cherries and woodland fruits with hints of green apple. Its balance between acidity and sweetness offers a refreshing finish. Good for the hopelessly romantic, great for single women celebrating themselves. Mar Raventos has been President of the Codorniu group since 1998. Under her leadership, the Spanish family company grew internationally and their wines are a staple in markets around the world. ($14.99)


2015 Artesa Pinot Noir, Estate Vineyard

Delicate aromas of raspberry, cherry and strawberry set the tone for this beautiful Estate grown Pinot Noir. The flavors are carried through on the palate accompanied by bright acidity giving the wine superb balance on the palate. There is a hint of classic Carneros rose petals and violets lending a nice floral component. The oak is subtle with a light toasty flavor behind the forward fruit. Complex and elegant, this is the perfect wine for a romantic dinner for two. Under the supervision of Susan Sueiro as General Manager and Ana Diogo-Draper as Director of Winemaking, Artesa Winery’s winemaking philosophy is based on responsible management of land use for future generations.


Snarky Tea Bouquet

Flowers die, chocolate ruins resolutions and don't you DARE give her a gift card... Snarky Tea is hilarious and delicious high-quality tea sachets which are packaged in beautiful, brightly colored, attention-getting tins, perfect for displaying in the kitchen and upcycling afterward!  Jenni-Lyn Williams is the founder and self-proclaimed Chief Snark Officer of Snarky Tea, the tea company that aims to arm women with purposeful teas, a good laugh and a strong dose of sisterhood. ($69.99) 


Housemade Dessert-Size Truffles by Hilliard's Chocolates

For the Single AF, Hilliard's, one of New England's oldest artisan candy makers, will customize a decadent assortment of (8) dessert-sized truffles including flavors (both boozy and non-boozy) like Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Raspberry, Irish Cream and Amaretto. Boxed with a clear cover and tied with a ribbon. Because what better way to celebrate (or wallow) on singledom than with booze-infused chocolate truffles?! Hilliard's Chocolates, one of New England's oldest candy companies, is owned and operated by Judy Hilliard McCarthy. A third generation chocolatier, Judy's grandparents founded the company in 1924 in Quincy, MA. In 1950, her father and mother took over the business and in 1981, Judy purchased the business from her father and began to incorporate both traditional family recipes with new innovations in chocolate making. ($23.95)


a. dor'ee Cecile Shoulder Bag 

A beautifully minimalistic design that you will want to wear every day. There is a place for everything inside this bag. 4 small pockets, 1 zipper pocket, and a large padded back pocket that will fit a 13” laptop. Magnetic closure flap allows you to easily access your items. Long sturdy straps that you can wear comfortably on your shoulder. Designed by Ann Huang, a woman who is always working while traveling around the world, a. dorée is a brand focused on delivering classy, chic, and functional bags crafted from premium leather. ($248)

Kindred Bravely Long Sleeve The Davy Nursing and Maternity Pajamas 

Once you feel the softness of this pajama set, you will reach for them time after time to get through those long nights of nursing, work-from-home days, and stay-in-your-pajamas days! Mom CEO Deeanne Akerson set out to create the most comfortable and convenient nursing and maternity line on the market and she succeeded. ($49.99)


Owned by Patty Lund, a former PR Pro that noticed there was not an adequate volumizing product on the market for her own hair, so she developed it. Voloom is the ONLY volumizing hair iron,—and the ultimate date night hair volumizer,  that will keep that volume high for VDAY. ($129)

Heir Atelier

The only vegan and luxury primer, and 100 percent female owned, by Kendra Richards, a makeup artist who sensed there was a hole in the industry when it came to a natural primer that actually worked. Heir Atelier, which consist of vegan lip, eye and face primers. The lip primer has a hydrating formula helps blur, prevent feathering, extend wear and smooth the lips surface with just one swipe to minimize the look of cracking, lines + wrinkles. ($34)


Snow Fox All in One Detox Mask

A powerful mask that moisturizes, brightens and evens out skin tone while tightening pores.  Essential oils work to extract impurities from deep within the skin. Originally formulated for founder Phoebe Song’s hypersensitive skin and severe inflammatory rosacea, the line has been perfected for all skin types – sensitive, oily, and dry. ($30)


Ta-Ta Towels

The Ta-Ta Towel is a patented towel solution that's great to wear while you're getting ready to go out for a romantic night, and just as fab for when you're staying in to Netflix and "chill." Creator Erin Robertson came up with this concept because she couldn't stop the 'underboob' sweat when she blowdried her hair after a shower. Recently, Ta-Ta Towels went viral, and tens of thousands of women's breasts now sit happily in her invention. P.S. Men are nearly half of the purchasers! ( $45 )

Maxus Nails

With names like Adored, Inspired, Admired, and Respected, the Maxus Empower Collection is just that -- empowering. The unique formula combines a strengthener and color in one bottle to pack a punch with a manicure that's shiny, durable, and long-lasting. Founder Dasha Minina believes that every woman is exquisite in her power. ($18)


Vintage Rose Crushed Velvet Bomber Jacket 

Give your GF this bomber jacket and she will totally think you are… the bomb! The jacket fuses the hottest trend (velvet) and the color of roses – Hello Valentine’s Day Perfection!  Threadlust.com is an affordable fashion e-commerce site run by teenage sisters, Maddie and Macy McRoberts. ($54)


Quilted Koala Makeup Bag

For the perfectly imperfect girl, this makeup case shows your love her regardless of her flaws. Definitely high on the sweet scale. Once lawyer, now bag lady, Stephanie Oppenheim is the founder of Quilted Koala alongside her husband. 


Kukka Jewelry’s “Be Lovriends” Heart Ring

The Lovriends Collection from Kukka Jewelry  is a play on the words “Love & Friends.” Love and friendship is forever, show her your devotion of both with this ring. The center heart ring rotates around the band to represent eternal love. Located on the “serious relationship” scale of gift giving . Cordovan designer, Conchi Fernandez, launched Kukka in 2016. ($470)


Glitter Clutch

This all-purpose clutch that states “Always Pure Gold, Never Gold Plated” is an extra glam Valentine’s Day gift for any fierce female in your life who loves to make a bold statement whether they are a makeup lover, fashionista, student, mom or #bossbabe. Makeup artist and founder of Breakups to Makeup Angelique Velez used her own personal journey with heartbreak to fuel the creation of Breakups to Makeup (B2M). ($26)


Jemma Sands Clarity Gift Set

Perfect for your newly single friend, this gift set includes a candle, tassel bracelet, beaded bracelet and crystal quartz. This box is curated specifically to help balance the mind, body and soul while promoting physical and emotional healing. Jemma Sands was founded in LA by Jenn Heim, inspired by the ocean and her travels to many beaches around the world. ($175)

Oliver Thomas Blue Camo Wingwoman Tote

The Oliver Thomas founded by Sue Fuller (Oliver T is her beloved Shitzu) became virtually viral a day prior to its official launch, with Fuller blown away by the insta-fame. Yet the secret to her success is hardly a whim – she is a retail veteran with 25 years of merchandising and management experience at Vera Bradley, Carhartt, Ralph Lauren and other top retailers. ($89)

The Dame de Paris

A perfect gift for YOU (treat yourself)! Whether you want to look confident and sexy for yourself or a significant other.

Marlies Dekkers built her company from the ground up and launched her first collection in 1993. She pioneered the trend ‘innerwear as outerwear’ and continues to create beautiful lingerie for the modern woman. (Bra: $109, Panties: $55-$59)


If red is the color of romance, than leopard represents the crazy-wild love between besties. Your best friend should feel the ultimate “treat yoself” on Feb 14th with this plush robe, so she can look good and feel good no matter who is seeing her rock this fabulous print. As Betsey likes to say, "Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other.” Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished and the over the top, Betsey Johnson has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1960’s.

PlantOGram Turmeric Plant

This amazing plant will have not only you loving it but your girlfriends will be lining up at your door for facial masks and that trendy golden latte. This gorgeous shades of green leafy plant brightens up any space in any room, not only will this plant keep you smiling but will always keep you stocked with fresh turmeric on hand at all times. Vicky Popat is the co-founder of PlantOGram a husband and wife team.


This cuff has just the right amount of sparkle to make any woman feel empowered.  Leia Beila is owned and operated by Aimee Oberstein. ($48)

VISAKAI Breathe Tank

For the yoga fiend bestie - a tank that can be worn soft and loose or tied back and fitted in signature pink. Founder Hau Greene has nearly 15 years of retail and merchandising experience working for brands like Chanel, Bloomingdales, eBay Fashion and more. She launched VISAKAI as a love letter for women- creating signature leggings with a flattering fit and patent pending technology that eliminates VPL (visible panty lines). ($38)

We Are Knitters - Happy Cushion Knitting Kit

For the new boyfriend or girlfriend- something silly and affordable, but handmade to show your love. Founder Pepita Marin left her career in accounting to co-found this international DIY brand which sells knitting, crochet and petit point kits, building a community of knitters 700K strong and growing! ($55)

Pondicherie - Aruna Side Tie Cover Up

For the beach loving sister, a beautiful cover-up for your girls' weekend away! Founder Devon Fisher grew up on the beaches of Kauai and started Pondichérie after years of working with philanthropic organizations dedicated to women’s empowerment and gender equality.  The business is founded on a vision to support sustainable employment for women in the places that need it most. ($200)

Elyse Maguire - A Year on the Cape Candle Set

For mom (take her away to the coast with this chic 12 candle set with each scented votive representing a month on Cape Cod). Founder Elyse Maguire splits her time between Brooklyn and her home and studio on the Cape. She was inspired to create a modern lifestyle brand that honors the spirit of Cape Cod after a successful career in advertising.($95)

The Brave Collection - Gemstone Compass Necklace with Garnet

For someone who you would be lost without. Founder Jessica Hendricks Yee launched a jewelry collection with a bohemian aesthetic for a great cause - supporting fair trade artisans in Cambodia and empowering women worldwide to combat human trafficking. ($145)

Roni-Sue's Chocolates 

Roni-Sue's Chocolates specializes in handmade truffles using direct-trade organic cacao from Belize (where the founder is also a partner in a bean-to-bar chocolate factory). For Valentine's Day, they have a  Aphrodisiac Collection (  Prices start at $26 for a dozen box), a truffle assortment made from ingredients with aphrodisiac properties. Flavors may include Diablo (chile), Frida (coffee & spices), Banana, Absinthe, Dark & Stormy (ginger), Portly Fig, Passion Fruit, Roni's Roses (rose), Strawberry/Rhubarb and Pomegranate. This decadent chocolate assortment hits the sweet spot between naughty and nice and is suitable for sharing, or perfect for a solo indulgence! These sexy sweets feature fruits, spices and liqueurs all said to have aphrodisiac properties. Rhonda Kave (Roni-Sue) is an entrepreneur and chocolatier owns and operates Roni-Sue’s Chocolates on NYC’s Lower East Side, celebrating their 10th year in business.  

 Dermalogica Healthy Skin Besties Kit 

JoJo Fletcher & Becca Tilley are real-life BFFs - so Dermalogica teamed up with them to create a limited-edition set featuring Dermalogica healthy skin besties. This gift set includes travel sizes of Dermalogica's PreCleanse Balm and bestselling Special Cleansing Gel. These two products pair up perfectly to create the Dermalogica Double Cleanse (translation: a deep clean that removes layers of built-up makeup and oily debris help you get ultra-clear, selfie-ready skin)! Since BFFs share their skin care obsessions, Dermalogica is also including free samples of PreCleanse Balm and Special Cleansing Gel to share with your bestie – the perfect treat for both of you on “Galentines” Day. As the co-founder and chief visionary of Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute post-graduate training centers, Jane Wurwand is one of the most recognized and respected authorities in professional skin therapy. ($22)

Lauren B. Beauty in “Love” 

The perfect Valentine’s Day mani shade. A cool, sheer petal pink, that will give your BFF the look of immaculately manicured nails with an extra burst of glossiness. Lauren Berkovitz has always been passionate about making a cruelty free and nontoxic product.

Be My Valentine - Mail Order Naughty Drawing Art 

A signed limited edition print delivered by mail and can be ordered for well under $10 or an original custom request piece of art for about $20. Delivery is Free worldwide. Also 50 percent of the profits go to charity. A beautiful idea for that special someone. The gift is delivered by mail with a certificate of authenticity and the sender gets to leave a message on the website for the recipient. Can be sent anonymously although some people choose to leave their name with the message. The artist is a guy called Brendan Pearce. The website was co-founded by a female friend of the artist and talented web developer - Morgan Kelsie McGuire and Morgan still helps the artist with development work on the website.

Finding Ferdinand Starter Lip Kit

With 22 high-pigment lip colors and 175,000+ possible combinations, Starter Kit  puts an entire lipstick counter in the palm of your BFF’s hands. Even better, each kit comes with a code to redeem a full-sized Custom Lip Stick ($30 value) in their favorite hue and finish. Nhu Le created Finding Ferdinand to provide high-quality, customizable products that allow customers to define their own aesthetic. 

Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky is a freelance lifestyles writer based in New York City, who contributes regularly to iVillage, SheKnows.com, xoJane, Huffington Post, and The Fashion Spot as well as many other print and web outlets.

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