Bite-Sized Tech and Gadget Reviews for Women, by Women

Bite-Sized Tech and Gadget Reviews

for Women, by Women

For Jessica Naziri, “technology is like my medicine.” Founder of, a female-oriented site dedicated to updating its viewers on the latest in technology and gadgets, Naziri claims that technology “is my science.”

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Naziri has a unique background for someone specializing in technology; she graduated from USC with a degree in journalism, and worked as a reporter for CNN and CNBC. Her transition into the tech world began when she moved to LA, where she spearheaded the LA Times’ technology video section as a tech news reporter. She eventually left the publication, and started freelancing as a tech writer, content strategist, and social media consultant. One of her main motivations for freelancing was the freedom it provided. “You have the flexibility to cover what you want, though you don’t have the flexibility to have a great paycheck,”  Naziri tells SWAAY.

The innovative thinker then moved from freelancing to launching, a lifestyle website for women inspired by tech. It delivers gadgets reviews, interviews with ShEOs, and tech news delivered in a bite-sized, digestible format. Her inspiration for the site came from noticing an unsettling void in the market – the lack of female-oriented tech reviews and news.

“There were lots of great technologies out here, but they were only reviewed by men,” she says. “So in my mind I was like, I have been doing tech and video for so long for these huge outlets, it’s time for me to create my own outlet. It took a huge huge leap of faith, but it was so important for me because I didn’t really see any other site out there dedicated to females and technology and reviewing those cool millennial products that help you in your life and help you look good and incorporates technology.”

When Naziri first launched the website, she focused on reviewing business’s products. Over time, however, she realized that those reviews weren’t going to pay the bills, so expanded her expertise to cover blog posts and social media posts.

While some may question the ethicality of doing paid reviews, Naziri’s approach to it absolves her of any potential problems. “Being authentic is number one to me,” Naziri says. “I have a journalism background, and in the past, I wasn’t allowed to give my opinion. And as I got more into the tech field, I always give an honest review, I will tell them I’m going to be honest. If you’re not honest, your customers are not going to trust you in the long term.”

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Being authentic is not just a quality confined to her review process – it’s also another trait she stresses is important in the process of branding yourself. “It’s really important to be authentic, and another thing is that you have to remember you’re creating a brand,” she tells SWAAY. “So anything you put out there will remain there. So it’s really important for you to know why you’re doing it, and your mission statement. Make sure you figure out your branding and tell the story for yourself, before someone else tells it for you.”

Of course, her path to making a place for herself in the tech industry was not without its challenges. “One challenge is that there are a lot of tech gadgets coming out. So if you’re not up to date, then you really don’t know what’s happening. A lot of women wanting to get into the tech industry are discouraged, and I find it challenging that we’re still having this conversation and we’re not doing something about it already. It’s a bit outrageous that the pay women get is still not equal to that of men.”

On how to increase her following, this forward-thinking businesswoman has one word: “consistency.” Whether that be with a blog post, an email, or social media, consistency is key. “So emails, you need a quick response, with social media, it’s all about consistency, whether it’s with consistency posting, or with consistently responding to people who comment on your posts.”

Despite her huge success, Naziri still exudes modesty. Another nugget of wisdom she imbues her audiences with is to not be discouraged if someone else has more followers than you. “It’s a very saturated market, and everyone has knowledge. You have to realize what makes you special, and to really hone in on those skills.”

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Kate Chia is an NYU graduate with a degree in psychology and has a passion for all things writing-related. She has particular interest in writing about psychology, health, and creative nonfiction. Outside of work, she enjoys indie pop and folk music, scenic walks, and promoting gender equality.

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