7 Questions This Medium Didn’t See Coming

7 Questions

This Medium Didn’t See Coming

It’s not everyday someone says they’ve seen a ghost. While the majority of us have seen the movie Ghost, interactions like that don’t come to use easily if at all. For Erica Korman, it’s just part of her daily life. Being a medium isn’t something that she chose, it chose her. Popping up one day during one of her psychotherapy sessions, Korman left what she had known in the past and pushed her skills for the future.

We asked her 9 questions that could quench your medium ability thirst. But be careful, you might be reading your own future.

1: When did you first realize your medium abilities?

I first realized my mediumship abilities when I was sitting with a Psychotherapy client in my office in Miami. As she spoke to me, I saw her dead brother sitting next to her and completely freaked out.  I never told her I was able to use the information that he was giving me to help her deal with her situations. After that, I began to receive downloads from people who had passed. I was able to confirm with friends and family members if it was accurate of people that they knew in their lives. They were able to validate what the spirits were telling me. It started happening to me everywhere I went and with everyone I spoke to. I then received support from teachers and my mentor. From this, I began to learn more and more about how to use this ability appropriately to help people.

2.Was it difficult to rationalize them?

It was very difficult and confusing at first. I tried to push it away, but then as I began to really help people, and in a couple of instances save peoples lives, I realized I couldn’t deny that it was so real and amazing.  I was however afraid to tell other people and come out of the closet with it for fear of how they would judge me. Now that is something I don’t give any energy to and it’s become the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I have found my true passion and purpose.

3: How did your previous years in education serve to inform or detract from these feelings/thoughts?

My previous experience as a psychotherapist helps me so much with my new business and abilities because I am able to be grounded in this work, while also ethically and responsibly taking care of clients. I won’t work with people that I don’t feel are mentally stable and ready for this experience. Thankfully I’m able to hold space, care for, and counsel the people when they come to me using my old psychotherapist abilities.

4: Can you share your definition of what it means to be a psychic medium?

A psychic perceives energy/information and a medium receives energy/information. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychics are able to read peoples energy and perceive information about the past, present, and future. Mediums are able to do that as well as connect to spirit – being loved ones that have passed on or other energies in the spirit world communicating with us.

“It was very difficult and confusing at first. I tried to push it away, but then as I began to really help people, and in a couple of instances save peoples lives”

5: How often do you now get messages? Does it tend to happen more when you’re with or without clients?

I mostly receive messages when I’m with clients because I want to turn off the ability so I can lead a normal life with my family, friends, etc.  However, there are instances where I can help people out in my life and I receive messages for them randomly. When it’s appropriate, I share the information with them.

6:  How was moving to Florida helped with honing your skills?

When I moved to Florida, it was the first time that I was finally relaxed in my life. I had dealt with a lot of my own personal issues and traumas up until then. Moving to Florida was a new beginning for me and a beautiful peaceful place where I was finally relaxed.  I began a certification program holistic health and nutrition. I immersed myself in the holistic and meditation lifestyle, which was when my abilities began to come out.

7: How do you help your clients find peace / mindfulness?

I talk to my clients  about many different spiritual topics such as self love, gratitude, forgiveness and many more. I teach them mediation and mindfulness practices. We focus on different breathing techniques to help them find peace and joy in their lives,  as well as help them find their inner passion and purpose so they can light up and feel good.

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