5 Apps That Help You Network From Your Couch

5 Apps That Help You Network

From Your Couch

The thought of heading to a networking event may be enough to make you want to drive your car back home, drop your workbag on the floor, and get comfy on the couch. Why is that? Networking events can be stressful, and usually they happen after work hours, when you’re tired, hungry for a home cooked meal, and eager to get back to your Netflix binging from the night before. The last thing you may be in the mood for is walking up to strangers, shaking their hands, and trying to see how you can collaborate with them in some way in the future. Plus, handing out business cards may seem a bit old school, since most people accidently drop them on the floor or forget them in their pockets, and never connect with you on LinkedIn or via email.

The beauty of technology and the common cliché, “There’s an app for that”, finally makes networking something that is not only bearable but that can be done on your own time and your own location – including your coach.

Here are five apps that will let you network from anywhere you are and whenever you want.

1. Shapr

Sometimes your purpose for networking is meeting fellow professionals who share your interests so that you can build a core group of like-minded friends. Shapr lets you do that. You tag your interests and then get a suggested list of inspiring profiles daily where you can match with other people who have similar interests and then arrange to meet them in person, if you’d like.

2. Scout

If you’re in desperate need of networking so that you can hire top of line employees for your company or help your boss search for employees without having to meet and greet many different potential candidates at a networking event, Scout is an app that lets you do just that. You send them a job description and their team does the magic for you.

3. Branch Out

For those who are using networking as a way to switch careers, find a new job in the same filed they are already in, or to explore potential new opportunities, Branch Out can help you with all of that while you’re on your couch.

4. CityHour

Rather than scour a networking event to find interesting people to sit down for coffee with, CityHour does all that for you, while you browse from your couch. You can refine your search around meeting goals, location and specific industries so that you know exactly who you’re meeting and why you’re meeting them before your leave your home.

5. Bizzabo

Networking at conventions or large-scale events can be a headache of it’s own. If you find yourself at one, use Bizzabo to help you find out more about the people attending, set up meetings with them on the app directly, and connect with them via social media. You can do this before heading to the event or while hiding in your hotel room for an afternoon break.

Jen Glantz

Jen Glantz is the author of the new book Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire) and the founder of the head-turning business, Bridesmaid for Hire. She can often be spotted wearing old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store or on first dates.

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