16 Female-Founded Beach Bag And Summer Travel Essentials

16 Female-Founded Beach Bag

And Summer Travel Essentials

Summer is officially here and we’re looking forward to long days of sun and lolling by the pool. While we’re there however, we must be mindful of the fact that our skin is a sensitive creature and especially under the harsh summer sun, we need to take care of it.

We’ve spotlighted 15 beauty products that will get you through the heat feeling fresh and fabulous – and they’re all founded by women who have been in your shoes. From moisturising sunscreen to a pedi buffer that will literally blow your socks off, SWAAY has you covered for summer beauty.

Bask&Co Blemish Balm

This Blemish Balm very literally does what it says on the tin, ie. keeps blemishes away. Use this after you've taken your makeup and apply a thin layer of charcoal goodness. Wait impatiently for next morning results, as skin is clearer and blemishes are dulled. Founded by Teresa White, this woman has created a product that will last the ages. 

Spongelle Pedi Buffer 

Elaine Binder created this vegan-friendly line of sponges that have soap within and they are, simply put amazing. We really appreciate dual products especially during the travelling months of summer. So not only does this Pedi Buffer clean your foot, but it also gets rid of that dead-sandal skin.

Robin Mcgraw 50 Fierce

Another dual product we adore is this moisturizer sunscreen. Robin Mcgraw, wife of the famed problem-solver Dr. Phil created this luxury line from incredible ingredients with skin protection as one of her priorities. The dual properties of this product mean that you're protected not just from the sun, but also from UVA aging rays. Take it to the beach and don't fret about your precious face.


Skinowl Neck+

Skinowl's Annie Tevelin has created the perfect soother for your neck area after a long day craning your head over your computer and other mobile devices. After struggling for years to get the right skincare regime to deal with her eczema, Tevelin decided to start her own skincare line, and Skinowl has been a hot success ever since.


Beauty For Real Blush and Glow

Stick make-up is perhaps some of our favorite here at SWAAY, and this is another to add to our summer stock. Founder Leslie Munsell has over 25 years in the industry and thus knows exactly what people want. This creamy highlighter/blush is fabulous - especially on those hot days when foundation is a no-go and you just want some color on your cheeks.


Ranavat Botanics Masques

Launching at the Indie Beauty Expo in August, we reckon Ranavat Botanics Masques and Toniques will be one of the biggest takeaways this year. Made from certified-organic ingredients and inspired by lavish Indian royalty, Michelle Ranavat's brand is the very essence of luxury.


Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

This primer will keep your make-up on all day. Jane Wurwand's mainstay Dermalogica is a safe bet for the summer that will help you avoid a humidity-induced loss of your foundation. Fluffy and light and again, easily portable, this is a must for the hot summer.


TAHNYC Translucent Pearl Luster 

TAHNYC's founder Irene Barsky, has created a line "without unnecessary fillers, slip agents and texture makers," and we love it. The Pearl Luster is a product for over or under your makeup and is made from freshwater pearls. Ultimately aiding your skin's radiance, it also helps wth acne and dry patching.


Original Mineral Surf Bomb

Founded in Australia by CEO Jose Bryce Smith, Original Mineral is one of the cutest haircare brand's that has crossed our desks. This Surf Bomb spray comes alone or in a styling mini minerals kit and we recommend you get it ASAP if you're someone who avoids the hair-dryer in the summer months.


Luzern Crème De Nuit

This night cream is luxury incarnate. Used in top spas and by celebs the world over, Luzern is your answer to night skin heaven. A little on the pricier side, this is a product to treat yourself with. Jen Herbert-Coste is co-founder and CEO of the Swiss brand, founded in 1999, and flying ever since. 

G&H Nourish Hand Cream

1950's brand, Artistry, founded by Edith Rehnborg has done it again. They've created the most supple and rich-smelling hand cream perfect for those that lug around leather briefcases or handbags all day. Coming in packs of three, that again will pass the airplane liquids allowance, these travel sized creams will come with you everywhere and keep those precious hands moisturized all day. 

Shea Yaleen Body Butter 

Rahama Wright's Shea Yaleen body butter is essential for that after-sun skin tenderness. Soothing, rich African shea butter. You simply can't beat it, oh and it's travel size. 

Maxus Nails Adore

Dasha Minina created this nail brand so women could get longevity out of their home manicures. This colour from her empowered collection is the perfect nude and will last you throughout your week. 

Skin Authority Moisturizing Mist

This mist is a really light and refreshing alternative to your typical cream moisturizer, and doesn't go over the airplane liquid limit. Store it in your make-up bag and take it to go, because this is a product you'll want all day, everyday under and over your makeup. Celeste Hilling's San Diego based brand are pros at creating these on-the-go products you won't want to leave at home in this summer heat. 

Stacked Skincare Lip Peel

Kerry Benjamin, skin care expert and aesthetician, has created this Lip Peel for all the women who suffer with an ugly lip after one hour of lipstick-wear. Apply the peel right before you put your lipstick/lipgloss on and don't worry about nasty peeling.

Beach Life Bracelets

What would summer be without a layer of chic beach-babe bracelets on your arm? Founder Glenda Rolle has produced a whole range to choose from with cute charms ranging from gold tree leaves to Yin&Yang. 

Amy Corcoran

Head of Content at SWAAY: Amy is an Irish writer, avid foodie and feminist with an insatiable appetite for novels and empowering women's writing. She has enjoyed calling Dublin, Paris and now New York her home.

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