Picnic Essentials: 14 Female-Founded Products For A Sunny Day

Picnic Essentials:

14 Female-Founded Products For A Sunny Day

Sick of the basic red-checkered aesthetic? We were too. To help you out, SWAAY compiled a list of unique picnic supplies so that you can celebrate the warm weather in style. Each product is New York-based and female-founded. Stand out this summer, and head to your nearest park, asap.

Kate Spade's Floral Picnic Blanket

Every picnic is an picture opportunity, so make your outing as photogenic as possible with Kate Spade’s Floral Picnic Blanket. This vibrant accessory comes with an attached, matching bag to make transport and cleanup simple and fashionable. Whether dining on a picnic table or directly unfurled on the grass, this 100 percent nylon blanket will keep away wet grass stains. Plus it's colorful pattern of this blanket will make you stand out among the classic, red-checkered aesthetic.

Bell's Coffee & Design beverages

In a city that never sleeps, a dose of morning caffeine is needed before any excursion, even one that calls for treeside relaxation. Whether your go-to pick me up is coffee or tea, Bell’s Coffee & Design has got you covered. Order a chai latte with oat milk—brewed to spiced flavor perfection, rather than made using powder or syrup—or go classic with their locally-sourced coffee. Tip: Co-Owner, Marie-Isabel Manners (Bell), is environmentally conscious, so if you bring your own reusable cup, you’ll get 30 cents off. 


Down to Earth Tea

Down to Earth tea is just as it sounds, grounded in the natural herbs of Mother Earth, herself. Ginger, rose hips, turmeric, ashwagandha and chamomile are just a few of the “super herbs” you’ll find on the back of the bottle. Learning from their own mother’s magic touch, COO Laurena Patarkatsi and CEO Jonathan Patarkatsi, have crafted herbal teas to rejuvenate and refresh, adding monk fruit as a natural sweetener. There couldn’t be a more fitting drink to sip in the park on a warm summer’s day.

Piccadilly Picnic Basket 

Ready to make picnicking a recurring affair? Piccadilly’s fully-lined red and white plaid willow basket with an easy-access double-lid design, may be a necessity. Featuring a matching roll-up flatware pouch and including two plates, two wine glasses, two stainless steel forks/knives/spoons and one stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew, this picnic basic is the accessory for anyone looking to capitalize on the luxury of picnicking.

Talbott and Arding: Cheese and Provisions

We all know that every picnic is an excuse to eat our weight in cheese and crackers, so you’ll have to get the best. This is easy with a one-stop-shop at Talbott & Arding: Cheese and Provisions, created by cheese lovers and best friends Mona Talbott and Kate Arding. Their products can be ordered online, but if you have the time stop by their store in Hudson Valley and order their Seeded Spelt Crackers, topped with fennel, poppy seeds, and sesame with any of their cheeses. 

Anarchy in a Jar Jam

Yes, cheese and crackers are delicious on their own, but letting jam join the party takes picnicking to a new level. Think of the crunch of the cracker and the richness of the cheese being married with the fruity tang of a good jam. Founder, Laena McCarthy, found her passion for preserves as a kid, making them with her family in the Hudson Valley. She does not disappoint with plain old strawberry jam, she creates radical flavors like Hot Fireman’s Pear as well as Grapefruit and Smoked Salt. Elevate your picnic and give jam a chance. 

PackIt's Freezable Picnic Bag

No one wants their wine room temperature, so this freezable bag, designed by Melissa Kieling. As a single mom, Kieling came up with the idea because she was in need of a solution for unpleasantly warm fruit and drinks in her kids' lunch bags. It will keep your drinks chilled and fresh without the melting mess of ice. 

Dimes NYC Deli sandwiches

A picnic without sandwiches is practically unheard of, as the two are practically synonymous with one other. Dimes NY Deli will check “sandwich” off your list without checking “dull” off too. A PB&J is great and all, but a Broccoli Melt (think: oozing cheddar, preserved lemon, and red pepper) or Figgy Piggy (think: salami, fig jam, and arugula) is exciting, straying from the norm. Co-Founders and New Jersey natives, Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner, curate their menu so that it is healthful, affordable, and beautiful. Get ready to snap some photos of your stylish sandwiches in the park.

Red Duck Traditional Sauce Set

Looking to spice up your picnic basket? Then you must include Red Duck’s Traditional Sauce Set. Created by three female founders, who describe themselves as "pals, pioneers, and flavor fiends", Red Duck is a product of their curiosity of cuisine and sauce innovation. Whether you’re looking to cook with these sauces or use it as a dip, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of flavor packed into one bottle. And for someone always bemused by how unspicy hot sauce can be, crank the heat up with a more fiery products, like their Actually Spicy Taco Sauce.


Pie Corps Pie

Savory or sweet—choose whichever you please from Brooklyn’s Pie Corps, founded by best friends and baking fiends, Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez. An extensive selection of mini pies and hand pies are served fresh, all baked in house and made small enough to fit comfortably in your picnic basket, ready on-the-go. Coconut Custard, Mixed Berry Crumb, S’Mores, Lemon Tart, Croque Monsieur, Curried Potato, the list goes on. Your taste buds will surely thank you for the heavenly flavor trip on which these decadent pies will take you.

Empower Cocktails 

Trying to throw a particularly feminist picnic? Include a cocktail specifically targeted towards women at only 80 calories and 25 proof. Motivated by a desire to empower women, CEO, Tiffany Hall, created Empower Cocktails to fill the missing space in the market for an alcohol celebrating women. These cocktails are delicious, refreshing, come with a variety of recipes and will get you tipsy without that dreaded bloated feeling. Plus Empower Cocktails was selected for MTV’s 2018 Video Music Awards gift bag for nominees, presenters and performers, so serve to impress even the best of guests. 

Cannuka's CBD Hydrating Lip Balm

Skipping a picnic from fear of the sun? With Cannuka’s CBD Hydrating Lip Balm cracked and dry lips are no longer a concern. Cannuka’s lip balm formula uses infused Manuka honey to repair damaged lips, while collagen and CBD nourishes under the lip’s surface to give you a long-lasting moisturized feel. Plus it's certified by PETA as cruelty free, providing you with effective and guilt-free lip protection. 

Levain's Cookies 

A cookie-less picnic is a tragedy that must be avoided at all costs, and Levain’s Bakery does not just sell run-of-the-mill cookies. Levain’s Goliath-sized, gooey, mouth-watering, six ounce cookies will fill you with food euphoria. Good friends, Connie McDonald (first in banking) and Pam Weekes (first in fashion) started their mission to bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookie back in 1994, both craving something satisfying after intense Ironman training sessions; it’s safe to say they’ve achieved their goal.

Third Oak Flip Flops

There's nothing more satisfying than finding cute shoes to match your summer outfits.  And for all the earth-conscious women out there, Third Oak’s 100 percent recycled flip flops are the best accessory to add a pop of color to your picnic. Composed of a unique bio-based material, 45 percent soy and 100 percent vegan, these shoes are the perfect balance of flexible and durable and come in a variety of colors and styles. And the best part, when you’ve worn out your favorite pair of Third Oak flip flops, send them back to the company and they will be reused to create a new pair. Enjoy your picnic knowing your shoe’s entire life cycle is landfill free.
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