12 Businesses Started By Moms Because They Were Moms

12 Businesses Started By Moms

Because They Were Moms

Any successful entrepreneur has a story about their “a-ha” moment. You know, it’s that story about where they were and what they were doing (maybe who they were doing it with), when they realized that this is what the world was missing. From that moment, if they’re particularly enthusiastic, they set a plan in place to make their idea a reality.

If you’re a mom, there’s no doubt you’ve stumbled onto a million (maybe more?) “a-ha” moments of your own. You’re tired, overwhelmed, overjoyed and can barely see straight during the first few months of your newborn’s baby life. But you’re a woman. And therefore, you’re a warrior. You turn the toughest of times into moments of clarity. In this roundup, these moms-turned-entrepreneurs took the most frustrating and difficult time in their lives and turned it right on its head. They created businesses and followed their passion.

Today, we’re celebrating moms who created their companies because they were moms.


One day Lisa Greenwald attended a function where a lot of babies were in attendance. She wore a J Crew necklace and noticed that almost every child tried to grab at. She thought it was a funny coincidence and didn’t make much of it. Years later when she had her son Benjamin, she noticed that he would also try and grab at her necklaces. That’s when she had her “a-ha” moment. Lisa created Chewbeads, a fashionable necklace accessory that looked good on mom and doubled as a teething tool for babies.

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely is a line of underwear and pajamas for expectant and nursing moms. The founder, Deeanne Akerson launched Kindred Bravely because she could not find comfortable nursing wear that was both stylish and functional. She started with the first item, a simple but elegant pair of black nursing pajama’s The Davy, which soon became a best-selling item for pregnant and nursing moms everywhere. We love these nursing pajamas ($50) – perfect for the nursing momma, but so comfortable, she’ll continue wearing it long after!



Samantha Rudolph, having read an article in the New York Times about breast pumps, became quietly annoyed with how dated modern breast pumps are and impractical for the working woman. Two years later and having sat on the idea, she came together with her husband, a gifted engineer, and crafted the idea for a new pump, back in 2015. Their breast pump – Babyation – will launch later this year, and is designed so mothers can pump wherever and whenever they want. A true gem for those women on-the-go. Stay tuned.


Wonderhood Toys

When best friends Andrea Wenner Hollander and Solange Schipani were out shopping in New York City for Andrea’s niece’s birthday gift, they quickly realized all options were stereotypical ‘girl’ stuff. Everything was either pink, princesses, dolls, or fashion-related. Right then and there they decided to create products that would encourage young girls to explore different skills and give them new options when it came to playtime. Wonderhood Toys is an award-winning line of creative building sets to help learn science, technology, engineering and math. Playing with barbies is a great time, but architecting a building? Even better.

Rookie Humans

Gabriela Anggono left her career in advertising when her first baby was born back in January 2013. It was unexpected, but her husband’s career led the family to move to France, where she became a stay at home mom. They returned to New York City when she was pregnant with their second child, but she learned the hard way that it wasn’t so easy to return to the workforce. “The sad truth is that moms are penalized for taking time off to be with their kids,” she told SWAAY. “Despite the fact that my last full time job was at AKQA, one of the best known advertising agencies in the U.S., I could not even land one interview.” During this hard time, Gabriella’s littlest one gave her the “a-ha moment” that led to her business. As she was taking pictures of him on the crib one day, she wondered why crib sheets were not being designed in a way that automatically makes them a backdrop to beautiful moments captured by the lens. Rookie Humans reimagines the crib sheet beyond its basic purpose, working with artists to illustrate each sheet as if it was a page in a storybook where the baby is the star.

Rags To Raches

Millennial Mama Rachel Nilsson solved a problem for herself and created an army of followers after she invented “rags.” The patent-pending stylish all-in-one clothing” are sans zippers and snaps, making it easier on parents to get their kids dressed. She sewed the first one out of her husband’s t-shirt and began by selling them on Instagram. That’s when her business exploded. Her designs are so popular that they sell out in as little as 30 seconds(!). There’s even a private Facebook group dedicated to parents buying, selling and trading the goods.


The birth of Angela Tsai’s little one came around the same time her husband started touring the country as an actor with The Lion King musical. At the time, she left her job and joined her hubby for what she calls a “gypsy lifestyle” ever since. Since the family lived in a different city for about a month at a time, Angela needed to simplify her wardrobe and more importantly, simplify babycare. With that, Mamachic was born. The versatile scarf is chic in design, letting you style it in over 20 different ways. They include styles for mama fashion and for baby convenience, as a nursing cover, burp cloth and even a swaddle blanket.

LaLa Lunchbox

Gillian Fein, a mom of three, worked in healthcare for over 10 years after getting her MBA. She loved her line of work, but growing up in a big foodie household, nutrition was always her passion. Making sure all of her kids (and her hubby) were eating healthy and well-balanced meals everyday proved to be a struggle with the little ones being so picky. That was until she started letting them pick out what they wanted to eat for lunch. Every weekend, her kids selected what they wanted to be packed in their lunchboxes for the upcoming week. Every lunch had to have a fruit, a vegetable, a protein and a snack. That system evolved into the educational app experience that is now LaLa Lunchbox.


During her pregnancy, Melinda Nicci noticed the lack of information that focused specifically on fitness and an active lifestyle moms. Filling this void, Melinda launched Baby2Body, an app that offers personalized and relevant information and inspiration for pregnant women and new mothers. Whereas a lot of what you read online is geared to the baby, Baby2Body focuses on the mother and whas she needs during pregnancy and beyond. So while other apps show that your baby is the size of a lemon this week, Melinda’s app is sending you workouts you can do with your stroller.


Ten years ago, New York City moms Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier couldn’t find safe and effective pregnancy skincare on the market. Like any smart and resourceful mom would do, they made their own, and introduced Basq to the  marketplace. They worked tirelessly with some of the best minds in beauty, skin science and aromatherapy in an attempt to create products that women would love. They drew from market research conducted with hundreds of expectant, new moms and healthcare professionals to make sure that above all else, their products fell in line with what women wanted and needed. Over the years, Basq grew to cater to women in all life stages, from pregnancy to weight loss, delicate skin to mature skin and everything between. Basq is championed by celebrities Heidi Klum, Molly Sims and Emily Deschanel.


Priska Diaz had her first baby in 2007. She was eager to exclusively breastfeed, but after an initial visit to the pediatrician, she was told her baby would need to supplement. When Priska introduced bottles, her baby struggled with gas, colic, reflux, and overfeeding. Frustrated, she sought out to create her own baby bottle design, and Bittylab was born. After many years of design, prototyping, redesign and testing, Priska created a feeding system that could feed milk without air, in any position, and let the baby control the flow and pace of feeding. In 2016, her bottles were launched in 185 Babies “R” Us stores around the country that led to over $1M in retail sales. Parental feedback was unanimous about their babies ending their digestion issues.  


Vanessa Quigley started Chatbooks (alongside her hubby) to solve an evolving problem in her life. The mom of seven (yes, seven!) children wanted to preserve all of the family memories, but didn’t have the time to scrapbook or make photo albums. In today’s tech-crazed world, most of photos live on our phone camera rolls and really, who has the time to get those printed out? Once Vanessa figured out how to get those images from digital form into a printed album, Chatbooks was born. Every 60 photos you post, you get a photo album of your recently posted Instagram shots delivered right to your doorstep. What could be simpler?


As a family dentist, Dr. Hilary Fritsch knows all too well the struggles that parents have in teaching their children healthy brushing behaviors. “When a 4-year-old needs to have a tooth pulled or get a crown put on, it’s hard to see a parent feeling like a failure,” she says. She has two kids herself and had her share of struggles when it came to brushing their teeth. One day, she noticed her youngest son happily chomping away on a finger puppet and that’s when the lightbulb went off. She went on to create Brushies, a fun and simple to use toothbrush made of silicone that makes the activity actually fun for kids.


When Dana Rubenstein and Tamar Rosenthal first became moms, they found nothing specific for cleaning baby bottles, cups, and dishes. Regular dish soaps left lingering smells and a film that never seemed to come off. If you’re big on super baby-friendly products, then you’ve probably seen and heard about their business dapple. The plant-based cleaning line is tailor-made for households with babies and kids. They’re free from all the “other stuff” that is found in most products. The mom duo’s company has sold 3.4 million bottles of their original dish liquid, a product they launched the company with 10 years ago.

Zlata Faerman

Zlata Faerman is a lifestyle writer with "Zlata Thoughts." Her work has appeared in She Knows, Bravo, ​SELF, ​Conde Nast Traveler, ​STYLECASTER, ​Cosmopolitan and many others. When she's not writing, Zlata is mostly likely creating (and Snapchatting) recipes for her food blog LifeandThymez.com, enjoying time with her family, or catching up on her DVR.

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