10/6 – This Week In Women: High Stakes

10/6 – This Week In Women:

High Stakes

Sophie Pascoe. Photo Courtesy of Remix Magazine

While this week recognized the start of breast cancer awareness month, spotlighting strong women everywhere, this week also kicked off Baton Rouge’s own celebration of strong women down south. From a dating app’s business launch, to world records and new investments, this week also saw a significant anti being raised by women, who aren’t afraid to keep pushing the boundaries in their fields.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus among stars to speak out about breast cancer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Photo Courtesy of New York Magazine

As part of breast cancer awareness month (October), headlines become filled with everything from survivor’s advice to the importance of insurance for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is stressing the latter, by using her recent diagnosis with breast cancer as a way to re-spark the conversation of universal health care. Along with announcing her diagnosis via Twitter, the actress centered the attention around “the good news,” of being surrounded by a supportive group of family and friends, as well as her “fantastic insurance.”

Dreyfus wrote, “The bad news is that not all women are so lucky, so let’s fight all cancers and make universal health care a reality.” Although Dreyfus released her diagnosis publicly, she did not confirm details, but rather remained focused on the larger picture and grander scheme of the fact that breast cancer, and cancer, are now too common to not have insurance.

Donna Edwards opens Baton Rouge’s Women’s Week

Baton Rouge is celebrating its 200th anniversary in a big way; by dedicating the next 10 days (October 6-15) to how far women have come in Louisiana. The first-ever “women’s week,” kicks off today with a luncheon and keynote speech from Baton Rouge’s first lady Donna Edwards and is officially titled “Women! A Week-Long Celebration.” Edwards has been in office since her husband, John Bel Edwards (D-LA) became the state’s 56th Governor in January 2016. Since then, the first lady has passionately advocated for equal pay, community support and education; from increased teachers to public education, as well as arts education. As part of this week’s dedication to women, these topics are at the forefront of the celebration, largely centered on community and the strength of contributions from women. Hosted by the Women’s Council of Greater Baton Rouge, participants can choose from more than 90 activities across a variety of categories, including arts, career and professional development, health and medical, personal well being, and recreation.

Laurene Powell Jobs. Photo Courtesy of Steve Jennings
Laurene Powell Jobs invests in Monumental Sports & Entertainment

As part of the “Big Four” in professional sports leagues, ownership circles have predominantly been headed by the male community, however, Laurene Powell Jobs’ most recent investment adds to the shortlist of female ownership. This week, Powell Jobs’ invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the $2.5 billion complex that is Monumental Sports & Entertainment. The investment gives Powell Jobs’ rights to 20 percent, the second-largest stake, in the 19-member company complex, which includes Washington’s NBA Wizards, NHL Capitals and Capital One Arena. Powell Jobs is a billionaire philanthropist and President of the Emerson Collective; she is also the widow of the late Steve Jobs. Other women’s names that top ownership in the NBA’s 30 franchises includes Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Lakers; Ann Walton Kroenke, Denver Nuggets; and Gail Miller, Utah Jazz.

Whitney Wolfe Herd. Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail
Whitney Wolfe Herd explains her launch of Bumble Bizz

This week Bumble users may have noticed a new screen on their app dedicated to networking rather than dating–this is Bumble Bizz. Bumble’s founder Whitney Wolfe Herd explained to Vogue that the company had seen users on Bumble solely to network. She says, “People have been changing their bios and saying, ‘Married. Two kids. Just moved to New York from Chicago for my husband’s job. Looking to meet people in fintech.’” With this shift in the way the platform was being utilized, Wolfe Herd “wanted to be able to give users what the wanted” by building out a separate section within Bumble–one where ages aren’t required–to allow Bumble to impact its users past dating.

The founder further explained the motto behind Bumble Bizz saying, “often the best jobs come out of just meeting people and letting one thing lead to another. And so we wanted to really make this more about letting you network with people and letting the opportunity be bigger than maybe you even dreamed of.”

Sophie Pascoe breaks six world records in a week

This week the 2017 New Zealand Short Course Championship was in full swing and headlined by Paralympic swimmer, Sophie Pascoe. The 24-year-old started the week by breaking four world Para-swimming records, and yesterday broke two more in the women’s 100m individual medley (1 minute, 05.01 seconds) and 50m freestyle (27.22 seconds). Put on by Swimming New Zealand, the short course championship is an outlet to support New Zealand’s second most popular recreational activity; and with 15 medals (nine gold) from representing the country at three Summer Paralympic Games, Pascoe is New Zealand’s most successful Paralympian ever in the country’s very popular sport.

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